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  Love Stories: intercourse... how many tms guys & girls both repl
Name: sarika
Date: 2008-02-18
hi all,

i am in very confused state of mind.... I am married for 6 years and with my husband I had intercourse once in a day 9most of the time before sleep)... some how i was not satisfied with only one time (although i satisfied in that particular act in terms of orgasm) but urge for more intercouse but my husband alwys said that it only happened in male for once in a day..... even in our honeymoon we had intercouse only once in a day...

i met with a guy and our realtion became very close and i had 3 times intercourse in a day first time and 4 time intercouse when we met next for a day....

i normally discussed with my hubby abt 3-4 times intercouse in a day ... he said for that guys take medicines.... now i cant ask abt medicine thing with my boyfriend...

so pls help is there any prob in my hubby or my boyfried has taken any pills or it depends on persons desire.... i never had intercouse before marr so in all those years i was thinking my husband views is correct.... i would like to mention that i caught my husband doing mastrubation while watching prone..

pls. give ur views and clear my doubts

Name: vani
Subject:  sarika
Date: 2011-09-17
Sarika.... i need to tell u some of tha things...
1) the affiar can not be continued more bcz one another day if it come to know sure u will loose ur affection and the RESPECT from ur husb and other family member then no meaning on life....

2) as a common man once in d day only can be give sex since they r working and finally coming home evening...

3) Its not ur problem how a teen age girl getting love feel same way the age of from 32 to 37 is the more difficult for womens where more sexual feel and affire will come in then u will not get thoes feel...

4) UR Bf can do u more than 3 / 4 in a day bcz its a fantacy to him...if u marry him he will also can do one per day...

Now its up to ur maturity level top tackle this issue than going to out for sex...what kind of ppl we are to do like this....and what lesson going to teach our childrens where we are not right.....this is how socity contaminating...and loosing morel respect of parents....
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Name: Kavya
Subject:  cool it
Date: 2011-08-19
i totally agree with Arianna...better stop fooling ur husband by satisfying your needs elsewhere n b happy with what you have
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Name: Arun Kumar
Subject:  depends
Date: 2008-04-17
Hi sarika,

it depends from person to person. there are many things in life which satisfies us and makes us happy. sex is just one of them. those who find greater satisfaction elsewhere (like friendship, career, food, entertainment etc) may not wish for too much sex. those who wish for excess sex are those who have less satisfaction in other areas. just engage urself in some other activities as well. one round of sex a day is pretty fine.
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Subject:  Intercourse
Date: 2008-04-02
Intercourse should have quality, not quantity, always go through foreplay, and love your hubby. Do not involve in extra marriage affair. Please be honest all things will happen automaticaly in your favour.
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Name: Ariana
Subject:  cool it
Date: 2008-03-06
I think the problem is with you and not your lovers, there' s nothing wrong with enjoying sex, but don' t let it control your life.Cheating on your husband just because of your demands, is wrong.Talk to your husband about your needs instead of getting your needs satisfied somewhere else.See a sex therapist or counselor and figure out a way out of your troubles.
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intercourse... how many tms guys & girls both repl

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