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  Sex: Do girls like to feel soft penis through pants?
Name: smart
Date: 2010-08-21
Do girls like to feel soft penis through pants?

last month I was travelling in a crowded general compartment of train. it was a two hours journy and i was standing at the end of long seat facing the window side holding the luggage stand which is at my shoulder level. A girl aged around 20 was sitting at the end side of the seat holding a medium sized luggage bag on her lap. Due to rush my crotch was being pressed to the side of her bag and after sometime I sensed something and looked down to see that she moved her left hand to the side of the bag so as it is between the bag and my crotch and placed head on the bag like sleeping. Thinking it was an accident I somehow moved a bit to my left side so as her hand is between the bag and my right pocket side. But after a few minutes she again moved hand forward to position it between crowtch and bag. I liked the touch of her hand on my penis but didnt get erection in that situation. For the next 30mins we were in that position and she didnt do anthing further! I liked it but didn' t get erection all that time bcoz it was my first experience from a girl in public. I know girls like to feel hard penis but not soft one. But this girl was feeling my soft one all the time so do girls really like to feel soft one also? really confused now!!!
Name: sunny
Subject:  hi
Date: 2011-11-09
ya u are rite anitha,, most of the guys they touches and relaxes the penis,, if u like it enjoy,
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Name: sherrin
Subject:  sex
Date: 2011-10-24
i love soft penis (most) to suck n lick. i lov hard penis only for inter course
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Name: anubhav
Subject:  adsa
Date: 2011-09-15
can i get your id anita?
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Name: kingston
Subject:  personnal ques
Date: 2011-09-09
hi anita
shall i ask some ques to u.
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Name: Anita
Subject:  Both
Date: 2011-06-22
i like both soft and hard penis. When the penis is soft, i like to lick it and suck it, and i like the way it slowly gets erect in my mouth.

Once its fully erect, i proceed to intercourse.

There have been incidences with me in trains when men push their penis on my butt and i can feel it getting erect.
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Name: aman
Subject:  sherrin n anita
Date: 2012-11-30
contact me dear both of u can enjoy. I m waiting for ur reply
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Name: vishal
Subject:  chat
Date: 2012-11-29
pleses anit i want to chat with u pls give me ur id my id
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Name: g
Subject:  cool
Date: 2012-08-05
anitha can u give me ur id
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Name: anubhav
Subject:  reply
Date: 2011-09-07
hey anita,i wana ask u something personally wich i am shy of asking in front of everyone,can u help me?
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Name: anubhav
Subject:  reply
Date: 2011-09-07
hey anita..hw r u....u sound really hot... )
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Name: ready
Subject:  do you like it
Date: 2011-08-01
hi,If you really like it wants soft and hard ping me readytoanything at g ma il
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Name: Bikash
Subject:  may be they likes!!!!
Date: 2010-08-21
i think girls like soft penis but they expect hard erected penis
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Name: Surya
Subject:  Yes
Date: 2010-08-25
I had many experience in that bus...there are lot of college girls used to come in that bus. during crowded time girls used push their butt on my butt as well as on my d---. it was a great pleasure that time and they too enjoyed my hard d---..while getting down they just smiled on me and went.. so enjoy boys..but dont indulge more than that.. cheers boys and girls
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Name: surya
Subject:  Yes girls do liek it
Date: 2010-08-25
I too had similar experience in bus. I was sitting in the window seat and a girl was sitting int he adjacent seat. she was smiling at me and had a chat. my stop came and i tried to come out of the seat during that time my part touched her hand by accident but she pinch my D--- and squeezed was great pleasure and surprise for me...she felt great abt my soft penis...

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Do girls like to feel soft penis through pants?

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