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Sex:Sexual feelings with a Girl Frnd
Name: Bikash
Sexual feelings with a Girl Frnd- Part 1

As earlier I mentioned my emotion with my college female friend as this happened without knowing at all but I enjoyed much, I am still traveling with her to college and more often we r enjoying in this way. I observed the same thing, at first accidentally it happened a we are first going to college in train but crowded train make me stand on her back and then I feel the sex but thought she is not aware but after my unknown friend XXX Girl in this forum told that she is aware and she expects that and later I understood as what u said is every thing matched.

Let me explain in more, at beginning I only gave a little touch on her shoulder and she aroused then I placed my hand in my pocked pretending to protect my mobile and my hand touched on her butt, then I noticed some changes in her behavior, at first she is talkative with me at starting of our journey but when passenger filled d compartment and I goes near her and started pushing her from back then she become silent and when my penis erected and touched the crack of her butt then she puts her head downwards and tightly hold the handle or pretends to listen to music in mobile.

She always choose her position, and allow me to touch her butt, at first she makes sure that no one in train notice this as she is asking my bag and keeping on her side hand shoulder which guards our waist position and another side is the wall which is also guarding us. When my penis grows hard into her butt she slightly bent her butt towards my penis, and when I put my foot between her foots she stretch her legs as I can easily put finger below her butt from behind, and I noticed previously she wore jeans but now she is wearing slacks or thin salwar by which I understand that she indeed ENJOYING.
Last week when we travel again then as usual the compartment was crowd & I again stood her behind and as she usual bend her butt & this time I am too confident about her feelings and I noticed she wore a short salwar and inside a slacks, as my bag is hiding our waist so its easy for me to lift salwar little bit and after pushing her from back my penis becomes hard and I open my pant chain and bring out my penis which I stuck on her butt & then gradually she pushed me back and my penis entered below her butt which also touches her V area and after 10 min I can’t hold myself & my sperm ejaculated on her slacks, I feel so pleasure as I am in heaven then but I feel some sticky so feared and put my hanky on my penis and quickly inserted my penis and closed my chain, I noticed that she is sweating and her breath grows rapidly as 4 me also got down in station after 20 min. I am traveling almost 4 – 5 days in a week with her and experiencing sex feelings.

Name: Sandeep
Subject:  Desperate
I am assuming she is a willing party. My suggestion - Get a room, a pack of condoms and bang to your hearts content. Don' t act desperate in public places.
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Name: Ashis
Subject:  How to do that?
hi surya

thanks!!! is it possible to touch her V area? do you have any experience like this? and how i will put my legs between her legs? if she don' t stretch her legs then in that situation what shall i do?
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Name: bikash
Subject:  all girls need sensual feelings
Dear ashis….

Plz if u can control then plz don’t touch her vagina area during crowd, I have some experience when I did to my college girl frnd in train, though she enjoyed when I pressed her vagina area but I also noticed she felt very unrest & uneasy, that is a very sensitive area so after that day I left that idea but as usual I am travelling with her & pushing her butt from behind, last Friday on 22.09.2010 I enjoyed with her, I hold her hand tightly & forced her butt, I even put my finger below her butt, I fell the round portion of her back , I even pinched her butt & girls are liking this….

I have another experience recently that happened with my another college girl frnd, her name is dipannita, last week I & Dipannita travelled in a crowded bus & as usual girl will stand in front. While talking with her I decided to taste her desire so I touched my bag on her butt & she aroused, I forced my erected penis on her butt & I noticed some changes on her & yet she liked the act…. I touched her butt, feel the inner garments & pinched her butt, thigh but never touch in front portion V zone, that is sensitive & she may not bear the sensual reaction in public. And this is our duty to also protect them so we can enjoy & give girls pleasure but not pain & put her in uncomfortable situation… so enjoy but take her care in public….
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Name: Suraya
Subject:  Ur comments
Hi taruna and sujata ...can u give ur comments on this aswell as on the other topic posted by me.....
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Name: surya
Subject:  Its possible
Hi Ashis,

As u already said u have pressed her butt with erected d---- in the train and she also enjoyed ur reaction. So its quite easy to approach her face to face aswell. just hold ur hand firmly in the train handles hanging so that the distance between both of you will be meager. During crowded time juts keep ur leg between her legs and keep some distance first and approach her slowly. just touch her thighs with ur thigh first and move forward ..she will surely enjoy ....and have ur day :)....all the best young man.....
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Name: Taruna
Subject:  Great ...... Keep it up Bikash.
Really great job done. all the best.
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Name: Taruna
Subject:  You r right Sujata
Hi Sujata....
I am agree with u. i too believe that it happens. i also understand that this not going to stop. but as a guardian we must deter it. to keep the social balance we have to create some level of deterrence otherwise the system may get derailed. this is what i believe. be in touch.
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Name: surya
Subject:  my experiance
I had many experience in that bus...there are lot of college girls used to come in that bus. during crowded time girls used push their butt on my butt as well as on my d---. it was a great pleasure that time and they too enjoyed my hard D---..while getting down they just smiled on me and went.. so enjoy boys..but dont indulge more than that.. cheers boys and girls
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Name: sujata
Subject:  i understood but its is balanced
in teen age this is common, & every teen is curious to make fun like this. this is not harming the balance as they are not having sex at all. this is known as incest among them, now ages are changing. even when i was a teen i also enjoyed this fuss but it didn´ t harm me at all... so this is a physical balance which a growing teen needs
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Name: Taruna
Subject:  Target ur study not her.
Dear Bikasha and of course Ashis...
pls pls target ur study and be innovative in ur study. You will get enough time to play with vagina and all. and that time you will come one the same forum and ask that how to increase size of tool and how to make my wife or girlfriend satisfied. so to ensure a proper growth or ur mentally as well physically right now u just concentrate on study and games. absoulutely not on what...u r doing now a days. is that clear.
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Name: Bikash
Subject:  We need this in teen age
I agree with you sujata, we all should experience this in teen age…..
Taruna I think sex dosen’t appeal to u much but in teen age this happens & I learnt this from a girl about this desire & feelings

….. so here my suggestion for Ashis.

At first observe her mood & then take chance, make sure that she doesn’t feel embracement & avoid you. Try to stand her behind in bus or train & guard your private area with bag but don’t directly touch her. When crowd fills then go closer to her & just give a soft touch of your bag on her thigh or butt, repeat it twice or thrice & see her movement if she moves her position then that means it works, do it once or twice then you can be sure that she will love it.

Now you can go further, give soft touch of your finger on her thigh (not on her butt as she may feel embraced), rub little on her thigh & you will see that she will change her standing position, now this is the time to go forward. After confirming that she likes this act then you can touch your erected penis in her butt & you will notice another thing of her that is she will hold tightly the handle or holding rod & most of the time she will pretend to fix her hair, then she will try to concentrate on mobile & also she will put her head downwards, so in this time you need to go further & believe me this is the time a girl expect this from you so take a chance. Now position your erected penis between her butt & when more crowds fills in the compartment then stuck 2 her back & then push hard from behind but do remember to hide your waist position by your school bags. This time you will notice she will bent little forward to fix her butt crack with your penis & I am sure she will enjoy this so for better pleasure for both of you try to put your finger on her butt & pinch twice or thrice but don’t pinch hard & if u can then put your finger below her butt. I think she is wearing skirt as you all are in school so from behind if possible lift her skirt little & hold her thigh….

On another day try this trick with her, make her stand face to face and put your hand near her abdomen & gradually touch her vagina, then see her reaction, its like electric shock in teen age & believe me the feelings is enormous for both.
At beginning of my journey with a girl to college I don’t have any knowledge that what is happening so I posted a question in this forum that is she noticing or just ignoring the fact as this is happening in a crowded train but my unknown friend xxx girl cleared the query & as suggested by her I did the same thing & she really enjoyed, there is nothing wrong in this as we are in teen age & we need this
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Name: sujata
Subject:  this is d time to enjoy & learning
Dear Taruna

Bikash & Ashis is not doing anything wrong, in this teen age the sexual desire is growing so their curiosity to experience & in education there should be some fun. This happens with almost every students in co-ed schools & colleagues even in corporate offices. even when i was in teen age age my class mate sandeep used to do this & i enjoyed much, he thought i didn´ t notice his mischief but i remained silent only to feel sex, he pinched on my back several times. so carry on Ashis as u r new to this age....good luck
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Name: Bikash
Subject:  Sexual feelings with a Girl Frnd- Part 2
Sexual feelings with a Girl Frnd- Part 2

I strongly observed her mood, emotions, sexual feelings and reaction

At first when I touched her back shoulder and pushed her butt she reacted and I observed that she is silent and expressed as nothing happened which means she likes which encourages me 2 go further and points my erected hard penis on her butt, here she changed her standing position and she put her side bag on her shoulder which hides our waists & then crowd fills more in the compartment and my hard penis pushes her butt hardly again and then I noticed she switched on her mobile to listen music and hold hardly the handle(bar) of compartment and bent that my penis pointed her crack of butt. I observed she is not listening 2 music and often she is changing her position to feel my penis in better way. Once I put my finger below her butt from behind to touch her V area and also put my foot between her legs and she stretched her legs soon and in the whole journey she didn’t utter a single word. I some times pull her hair to make her feel easy then she looks back and laugh but soon again she becomes silent.

On another day of our travel I made her to stand face 2 face & as usual she is talkative at the beginning of journey but when crowed pour in the compartment I goes little close to her and my hand is holding bag which is hanging from my shoulder above her stomach and I gradually put down my hand near her lower abdomen (belly) but touching her sensitive is difficult as she may react or could not bear that in public so to check her control power I just gave a soft touch of my finger on her abdomen & I noticed her reaction she became little shy but I removed my finger quickly, again I gave soft touch near her pubic hair pretending to lift my bag then my finger touched her vagina & I feel her reaction, she jerked little bit & became unrest then put her head downwards and hold tightly the handle of compartment and she continued 2 move her position & she closed her eyes then I forced hard in her vagina I also feel her vaginal muscles contracting & expanding and became wet & she liked it…..

Now she always insist me that we should travel by train
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Name: surya
Subject:  great job ashis
Finally u attained the pleasure. keep posting your comments. she too got the pleasure it seems. May be ucan try face to face next time when u get chance. keep ur leg between her and rub her private will give her more pleasure. and also try to press her tits.....keep going ...u rock maa :)
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Name: Ashis
Subject:  i did it
thank you bikash for helping me...

Yesterday evening i take pleasure with her while returning from school in a crowded train compartment. We both stood face to face but to take opportunity I turned her forward and I stood closely her behind but we chatted all the time, after 1 station crossed people rush to the compartment so I shifted closer to her backside and I kept my bag on shoulder in such a way that no 1 could notice our waist. I touched her thigh as I make believe her that I am struggling to hold my bag then I noticed little changed on her but she continued to chat with me but after another station more passengers throng into the compartment & she was stuck between me & the compartments partition with her face towards the wall so I took the opportunity. I fingered her thigh yet for a second time and rubbed & she jerked like thrilling pleasure & I recount this forum’s suggestion by bikash & without loosing moment I promptly stroke my erected penis to her butt, then I experience like my warm blood force into my penis & she quickly grip the compartments handle & put her face downwards, I gave hard stroke & I put my finger below her butt, she once only turned back to see but after that she enjoyed. I again hard-pressed her into her butt like doggy style but she remain calm and after 20 min my sperm comes….
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Name: Ashis
Subject:  shall i do d same?
Dear Bikash.

i am in class XII, recently i am started traveling with my class mate name Piyali, she use to stand close to me and sometimes her private body parts touched my body, at beginning i feel nervous but couldn´ t read her so can u tell me if i should take a chance like u did or what is the best way to create her attention towards me?
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