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Adoption:want 2 adopt a girl child-
Name: s.k. patna we both are working people . it is badluck 4 us that despite of all medical treatmment available we are yet to blessed with a child . we decided to adopt a new born child preferably girls . plz help us to give detail of adopting agency who take in lesser waiting time anywhere in india. plz help us
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Name: tara
Subject:  adoption
please contact immediately
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Name: Dr Harish Anand
Subject:  reply to Mr Patna
Dear Sir,
Read your mail and found ignorantly you have written that you have bad luck for not having a child. Pls donot feel so . If you go for adoption and a loving baby come in you life , you will find that infact this is your goodluck and you would not have wanted any other child than the child you got through adoption. The duality of mine or somebody else will vanish .

Coming to point where you can souce a child, pls note that you can go to Missionary of Chairty Home in your area . They will guide you
1. You have to give certain documents( like your marriage proof-even marriage photo is ok , a doctor letter that you have taken treatment and some proof of your income to see that you can support your child. They ask for property paper but do not worry adopting a child creats no charge on your property.

2. Will ask your preference as you have sought daughter, it is far more easlier to get daughter than boy(Typical mindset , but it vaining)

3. It is on your luck when you got a baby of your choice. Sometime it takes about 4-6 months and sometime in the first visit you can have. I feel the adotpion home take some time to see your seriousness/strong urge to have a child.

Once you selected a child(infact, it is the child who select you though we see that we are selecting him) , some legal formalities is to done and child will be given to you instantly without any delay.

The age of the child will be at least 3 months.

For legal formalities to complete, it takes about 6-12 months more but it is legal formality only the child remained with you only.

In case you are near Chandigarh then I can give more details if so desired by you.

Any query on this is very welcomed.

With best wishes
Dr Harish Anand

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Name: Ansh
Subject:  Adoption
Hello Dr Harish,

We need help reg adoption. My email id is: anshsoni195 yahoo co in

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Name: Bk
Subject:  Adoption
Hello dr. Harish
We are interested in adoption too of a healthy baby with no gender choice please let me know if you can help us thanks regards

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Name: Lisa
Subject:  Love and Luck
Hi Doctor.

What you wrote in your mail is so true!! I was just like this lady with no child and was willing to have my own or to adopt.

I wanted a baby girl. But deep inside I had wanted a son so I can manke my mum and my sister happy since we are only three girls in the family.

From nowhere, God sent a lady on this very site said she was willing to give me her unborn SON. I never believed it until she and I went shopping and got items for my soon to be born son.

Now I have a baby son and I never think of him as anybody else's son except my own!!

I owe God and this lady all my happiness. I believe she was sent by God, and yes you are right again. MY SON CHOSE ME, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!
And he brought all the luck in my life!!
All he ask for is for all my love and attention ONLY!!
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Name: Ravi
Subject:  would like to adopt a baby ~ 8-12 months old
Dear Dr Anand,
We are married for 6.5 yrs now. We are 32 and 31 yrs of age.
Unfortunately, despite trying all the medical options (including IVF) we are yet to be blessed. Now we have decided to adopt a baby ~ 8-12 months old to give real meaning to our lives.

We don´ t have any gender preference.

We have couple of questions -

We are Indian citizens, currently working in USA and would plan to visit India to adopt a baby. Normally how much time does it take to get the baby home? Is it possible to start the initial process now and what are the requirements? And in initial stages can our parents (who live in India) visit the adoption centers to meet with the prospective babies? Will it be allowed?

We have our own home in India and would return after couple of years.

We are looking to adopt from Punjab/Harayana/Jammu/Delhi regions only. Could you please give us the address and phone numbers of the centers there?

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Subject:  ADOPTION
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Name: TanujW
Subject:  planning to adopt a girl child

I need to consult someone in a good adoption center where they know all about legalities of adoption for a hindu, who is just getting divorced.. Its abut me.. my wife wants divorce to fetch money in the name of marriage & girl child..its all because of her wrong decision..

After divorce I am planning to adopt a girl that i can teach her good thing in life & upbring her in right environment & right education, and wont let her make the mistake which my wife did..

please let me know the possibilities of having a child in my life.. my age is 32 as of today..
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want 2 adopt a girl child-

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want 2 adopt a girl child-

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want 2 adopt a girl child-

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