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Name: boomaram dear all

my hubby's mom dad granny and grandpa are having diabetics. its of sure that heridity will be their for my husband too.

can i start using zero calorie sugar for him will there be side effect for it. how can i prevent him from diabtics.

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Name: verneforchat
Subject:  yes
its true that your husband is at high risk and your kids too, and even you.
Diabetes depends upon hereditary factors, diet , physical lifestyle, and obesity.
Please do resort to sugar free products, reduce cholestrol promiting foods, use healthy foods, use multvitamins.
My dad is a diabetic, and my entire family has switched on to sugar free, i have been using it since years.
Please dont use Aspartame, use other other sugar free products.
And please make sure your husband doesnt become obese, keep his lifestyle less stressed.
Best of luck for your crusage against diabetes, it trully is a evil disorder because of our unruly lifetsyle.
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Name: boomaaram
Subject:  thank u
thank u dear, my husband is 30 abt 77kgs and we are vegetarians some time he used to take fish or chicken while he goes out with his friend. he is medium built and abt 5'9" height. does that Sugarrite consist of aspartame? he is under no medication.

waiting for ur reply
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Name: verne
Subject:  diet charts
are to be made by nutrionists, who take into account everything, even family case history, i can give you some pointers though.
I am using SUGARITE right now, and it is a good product.
About your husbands diet, it depends upon his age, weight and height, and ofcourse his daily activities.
I am not sure, but we can alot a diet of 2500 kcal right now, but if your husband is tall, or a bit on the obese side, or works very hard, then we can use more calories on him a day.
vegetables and fruits are of optimum importance, use very less oil, use the cooker to cook your food, as it uses less amount of oil. Normal kardi oil or rice bran oil can be used.
Junk food should be avoided most of the time, even on festivals you can resort to healthy foods.
Salads must be included, preferably rotis can be given to him instead of rice.
Less spices are a good option. Once a while, if you eat meat, you can have lean meat, like chicken or fish.
Let me know more about your husbands food habits, the kind of food you eat at home, his age, weight and height and i can give you more pointers. And tell me if he is on some medication right now, or if he is suffering from any other diseases. And if his family has any history of diseases.
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Name: boomaram
Subject:  thank you
thank u very much... can u pls give me the name of the product so that i can buy from the market. and can u pls give me a diet chart for my husband he is working in IT field.

thank you
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