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India Parenting
You are here: Home > Message Boards > Expecting Parents >  Due Date Club May 2007 >For Hetal about Dr Sangeet Shetty (Mulun
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Due Date Club May 2007:For Hetal about Dr Sangeet Shetty (Mulund)
Name: Chikupie
Hi Hetal...
Met Dr Sangeeta Shetty yesterday. She has a very cool hospital with 15 beds on LBS Marg in Vikas Paradise.. Dominos Pizza is also in the same bldg. The ambience and hospital was very clean. She went thrugh all my reports and did my physical examination. She was extremely pleasant to speak to and answered to all our queries patiently. I am extremely impressed. One of my friends recently delivered (Normal) out here and she was also all praises for the doc and the hospital.
Name: Hetal
Subject:  thanx
thanks chikupie for feedback,,in case i need a second opinion for nething in future,,i might consider asking her never know..
thanx alot for your feedbacks.
you can try iskon temple in mumbai for great books to read during pregnancy about krishna childhood,birth and as to how soul is connected spiritually and all those stuffss,,same books available on krishna dot com.the link which priya gave you..
in iskon they also have posters of baby krishna,,they are so sweet, you will love to see them again and again..during my first preg i hanged them,, where ever my eyes reached..also look for krishna dot com downloads for baby krishna screen savers..they are beautiful..
you might get the baby book by dr.william and martha sears,,in crosswords,,not sure has everything from wat to eat,during pregnancy,preparing for delivery,and post delivery and also how to work with other family members with taking care of new baby,,and also the details on childcare to toddler upto 2 years!! i couldnt finish it yet,,but i was able to read until 9months,,and it helped me alot..i m not sure whether you will get in crosswords or not though..worth a try..
good luck and you have a safe and wonderful pregnancy ahead.
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Name: Chikupie
Subject:  Thanks
Hetal thanks a lot for providing all this info. I will definitely visit ISKON and check out the books and posters. Also will chk Crosswords for the baby book by William & Martha. They have a complete section on Pregnancy & Child Care. If I get anything else I will post it for all friends out here. You too take care and All the Best.
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For Hetal about Dr Sangeet Shetty (Mulund)

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