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Diet Food / Low Calorie Cooking:shld i hv a crash diet
Name: tiara hi.. i m healthy... but plp tell me i m thin, i hv developed strech marks on my arms n stomach, adding tht i hv cellelite on my stomach with 28 waist.. my frnds tell me i shld try for modelling as i m 5'7 n with gud features..i m hving crach diet..n wht ever i eat i puke it out coz i dnt want unwnted extra weight, i hv a tendency of puting on weight very fast,
i m a addicted smoker, wht shld i do?? i m 18 yrs old..shld i continue with my crash diet.. can u suggest me any diet idea.. exercise reallt dont help me..
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Name: Sakhi
Subject:  Indian diet tips

Hello friends,

I have lost 29 pounds in last 5-6 months following simple diet tips. Being indian, i couldnt follow any market diets and had to find something that helps me lose. I am located in US so few things are not available in india, but one can find substitutes.

Here is what i follow:

8:45 am: Morning:
1 cup skim milk with
1/2 packet quaker oats regular flavour oatmeal + 1/2 cup total whole wheat cereal + 1/2 tsp grounded flax seed

11am: Mid -morning
If i am hungry i take
-- 1/2 cup coffee, with 1/2 cup skim milk
--1/2 cup fresh fruit juice
--1 fresh fruit

12:15 pm: Lunch
-- 3/4 no ghee thin chapatis
-- 1 cup moong/chana/veggie
(Please note, i cook my veggie for 2 people/ 3 days and i use 1/2 tsp oil for all of that. Whereever there is need for oil, i substitute with water ,using minimum oil)
-- 1/2 cup fat free yogurt
-- around 15 red grapes
(this lunch really fills me up_

2 pm :
5-6 almonds

1/2 cantaloupe
20 strawberries
1 full papaya

6 pm:
1 whole grain toasted wheat bread (100 calories)

8 pm:
1 veggie burger/ 1 whole grain bread/spinach/ and 1 plate raw boiled veggies

Please note , I do 30 min of cardio daily. I varied between elliptical/walking

Forgot to mention few other things

-- I drink 2-3 cups of green tea daily
--Except the diet i mentioned, i dont eat anything else, except 1 low fat carrot cake on sunday
as a treat.
--If i crave for sweet, red grapes and watermelon works the best.

hope this helps,
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Name: Well wisher
Subject:  Please stop it!!
I really don't know if you are for real or you are just making up stories. Because all the things that you say you're doing to yourself, can only be done by a person who does not love himself/herself. First of all, please stop puking out the food that you take. Don't eat it in the first place, for God's sake. What do you think you're doing to yourself by doing this?? Very soon you will not have those beautiful features that you're talking about and will end up looking 28 at the age of 18. If you are really really interested to mantain your weight, I'll help you!! I have lost 27 Kgs myself. No jokes.. really. Write a reply to this message if you actually want to lose weight. About your smoking, exactly how many cigarettes do you have in a day?
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Name: roop
Subject:  help me
plz mail me at balroopz at yahoo dot com and help me to reduce waight
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Name: Needhu
Subject:  weight lossing
Dear well wisher,
I would like to know your special secret diet. Pls forward to me the diet, bcaz I want to lose 15 kgs.
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Name: bsait
Subject:  reply to well wisher(dated 2005-05-03)
Hi WellWisher,
its wonderfull tat u lost 27kgs...
u mentioned tat u would help if anyone is willing to loose weight. i would really appreciate if u would help me. ihave tried almost everything but no use. ifeel helpless about my wt. i have a marraige to attend in 5 months .. and really would love to loose some pounds
so plssssssss let me know how did u do it i am willing to try anything and everything ......
pls reply i really need ur help
ill be waiting eagerly for ur reply

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Name: Kavitha
Subject:  weight loss secret
Hi Wellwisher,

It is really nice to hear that you could shed 27kgs, could you please let me know how you could do this, because I want to loose weight very badly as I have got thyroid problem due to my excess weight..
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Name: thulai
Subject:  weight loss

How did u lose so much weight. Any advise. I am goingto start treatment so I want to lose some weight.

THank you
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Name: Hima
Subject:  Secret in Losing Weight
How did you lose that amount of weight and how did it take you to do this? I'm trying my best to lose weight but hmmm.....
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Name: sun
Subject:  diet
i really want to lose 10 to 20kg.If any diet i can take.Plz tell me hw u lose the weight.

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shld i hv a crash diet

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shld i hv a crash diet

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shld i hv a crash diet

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