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You are here: Home > Message Boards > Parents of Babies >  Feeding >sleeping medicine for babies
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  Feeding: sleeping medicine for babies
Name: gauri
Date: 2009-02-11
how far it is correct to give sleeping medicine to babies...i never used for my first daughter 2nd one also troubles me ....but still i dont belive in giving sleeping medicine ..but i have a new friend ..she is working in IT...which means lots of work and no holiday n 1 year old baby who troubles a lot...she gives her pedicloryl ...quite often infact most of the time...

anybody who has used this or any other medicne help sleep...

i have never used nor i will ever use coz i know its quite normal..that babies give problem till they are 1 year...

but i want to know every1 opinion on this...

Name: jana
Subject:  Sleeping medicine?
Date: 2009-05-29
Better You can ask your doctor. But there are montessories, playschools, pre-nurseries which are giving seductives for the crying kids...You can ask with them also.
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Name: jana
Subject:  Sleeping medicine??
Date: 2009-05-29
Better You can ask your doctor. But there are montessories, playschools, pre-nurseries which are giving seductives for the crying kids ( which ar eharmful for the brain) careful..
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Name: gauri
Subject:  thanx to mel and aradhana for ur rpls
Date: 2009-02-16
to aradhana how are u? howz ur doughter? i am good my both the babies are doing well...yes i have resumed my work life is all well....touchwood i have no prob with my babies...they sleep well...but in the beginning 2 motnhs were like a hell for younger one use to harass me alot..since i was athome there was no times she would be awake whole night n sleep at 6 am..horrifyiong it elder daughter touchwood never harassed me...anyways all the babies trouble u..its jsut a part of growing up...i too dont believe in giving sleeping medi...
i hope all' s well with ur baby...
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Name: Aradhana
Subject:  hii
Date: 2009-02-16
hi gauri..

Firstly, how are u and ur babies doing. Are u back to work?

Well, abt medicines for sleep. I am really not sure if u shuld go ahead with it. Yes a lot of parents do that so they can have some peace. Infact, i was even aprrehensive abt giving colic aid to my daughter, who is 2 now, as that causes drowsiness. Infact , my ped simply put it, want a good nites sleep..give it to ur child.. very sacastically. Though i longed for some sleep in the first 8-10 months of Anushas life i realised that i wanted a healthy child and not just a lil sleep. Today she is 2 and knock on wood, Sleeps at 9:30 up at 08:00 and sleeps thru the night.
SO i dont think u really need it, all u need is patience.Think about it as an investment towards ur childs future and health. After , i believe, all we can give our children is health : physical, emotional and mental health.
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Name: Mel
Subject:  Hi Gauri
Date: 2009-02-15
Don' t use it. Don' t even buy it. My son is almost 2. And I can tell you that I have not had ONE NIGHT' S proper sleep in the last 2 years. First, he would wake up for feeds, now he still gets disturbed because of gas or because he feels hot / cold.

But, I' d rather that he is conscious enough to wake me up if he is in pain or uncomfortable, rather than sedating him so I can get a good night' s sleep.

I know it' s tough not getting proper rest, while caring for children and doing work during the day time. But, hang in there. You' ll be proud of the mother you' ve been. Don' t get influenced by your friend.


Even the appetite boosting multi-vitamin drops that the doc prescribes has to be discontinued after a month, so HOW CAN ANYONE GIVE SEDATIVES TO A BABY ???
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