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You are here: Home > Message Boards > Planning a Baby >  Infertility Solutions >Homeopathic treatment for PCOS?
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Planning a Baby  Discussion Forum
Infertility Solutions:Homeopathic treatment for PCOS?
Name: Smita
I have PCOS problem and we have been trying to conceive for around 4 years now. I have tried all treatments like IUI, Laproscopy and IVF but without any success. Does homeopathy stand a chance in such a case? Also, i think only those women have successful IVF who have conceived naturally but were not able to sustain the pregnancy...........any comments?
Name: Hi
Subject:  Yes Homeopathy has a solution to it!
My mother had this problem. She took homeopathy treatment in Delhi by Dr. Puri at Aurobindo Center on Qutub Rd, opp. MMTC.Don' t think Dr Puri would be still consulting there, however you can check. even I have been diagnosed with the same problem & I am taking homeopathy treatement. I have seen some improvements in my cycles & health. However, I am consulting Dr. Sahni in Mumbai. He is an old doc with lot of exp & degree in homeopathy from Germany. Let me know if you would like to consult him.

Always remember one homeopathy the doc should not be expensive and should have a feeling of serving the mankind. Homeopathy works on 2 principles - Sc. & good intentions & faith

God Bless You! Have faith...if things are late then it just means that god is preparing something worth waiting for..:)
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Name: raveena
Subject:  Hi Smita
Hi Smita,

in order to start their treatment u need to visit mumbai at first visit.cause they need to take case which take around 2 hrs.this thing cannot be done on phone.dr tries to know u .your physique,color of the hair,skin,way u talk,walk.everything is recorded.thats when they can give u perfect Rx.
otherwise u speak with them what is to be done.they have many many patients who come from outside mumbai for first time and later on they get their Rx thru mail.
better u consult with them on phone.maybe they can guide u properly
take care
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Name: raveena
Subject:  yes it may help
Hi Smita,

yes homoeopathy can help u to conceive.its treatment which cure root cause.but u should visit experienced dr.if u are in mumbai i can tell u 2 famous homoeopaths .one is rajan sankaran and other one is praful me they have turn many miracles in peoples lives.many people continue treatment from germany,italy,usa and all over.i am not exagerating but its of my friend had pcod struggling with infertility .with his treatment she conceived within 6 she is mother of one baby boy.
if there is any thing i can help u please let me know.
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Name: Rajshree
Subject:  Address of the HOMEOPATH

could u be requested to provide me with the address of the homeopath doctor pls

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Name: Esther
Subject:  Help
Hi raveena, Can i get the address or telephone nos. of 2 homeopaths that u´ ve mentioned, i.e.Rajan sankaran & Praful vijaykar. Pl help me.
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Name: hope
Subject:  contact coordinates
Would you have the contact coordinates of the homeopaths you mentioned.

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Name: Smita
Subject:  Thanks for a reply
This is the first time i have tried to talk about my problem on net and believe me i m overwhelmed by ur response. it really means a lot 2 me. my age is 29 yrs and i min delhi. is there anyway that i can start ur doc's medicine in delhi? actually i m undergoing homeopathic treatment in delhi from a good doc for the past 6-7 months, but my ovaries have not responded and there has been no growth in follicles. i m disheartened and thinking of going back to ivf...
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Name: Madhu
Subject:  Hello
I empathise with your situation but dear do not get disheartened. Try to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise to control your pcos problem and yes no stress at all as it increases the number of cysts. Please continue with metformin (glyciphage) if prescribed for pcos.

I do not know about homeopathy but have heard a lot about acupuncture. Maybe you can try acupuncture as I too am going to begin with that in another 2-3 months.

Its not true that IVF IS SUCCESSFUL only in women wh0 have cnceived naturaly but failed to sustain pregnancy.

I do not know about your age and other medical history but i have seen women in their late thirties with high pcos conceive thru IUI etc.

Meanwhile if u come t know about homepathy pls share with us too.

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Name: Smita
Subject:  Hello
Hi madhu,
thanks. u have talked about ur ur prob same as mine?
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