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Labour:Waiting on labour
Name: Hema_mommy Hi mummy team,
I am an expecting mother and completed 37 weeks 1 day as of now. But there are no signs of labour to me as of now. Seems my baby wants to stay another month in my womb.
can anyone tell me how to get labour pains. Are tehre any recipes or fruits or any pills or any excersise help me in getting pains????

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Name: Rahul
Subject:  Don´ t worry there is still some time.
Hey Hema,

Don' t need to worry. There is still quite some time. It only your 37th week. You are due in first week of feb right. I suggest Don' t go for any medicnes or similar. baby is not over due untill 42 weeks. So wait patiently. They only this that is good and harmless to both mom and baby is excercise. So situps and any excercis where u need to sitlow on floor is good to induce labour. Simples one is mop all ur house twice a day and very soon you will deliver a baby normaly. 1 more suggestion for would be moms like you. You look very desperate to feel labour pain. Problem here is . Even false labour pains will be enough for you to get excited and run to hospital and once u are there they will convinve you you with a dozon reasons that its inevitable to have a C-section else babies life is in danger. SO trya an understand difference between false and actual labour pains. Both of them could be equally pain full. But false ones are irregular. Once you start expirencing make sure you time them. 2 or 3 in an hr at irregular rate is Braxton Hicks not actual labour. Once you start getting 4-6 at a regular intervals og 10- 15 mins. You should decide to move to hospital. Coz thats actual ones. Good luck, have a happy, safe and less painfull delivery and a wonderful time ahead. Take care.
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Name: richa
Subject:  labour pains
i do get a lot from what rahul has wrote here. i wan know if one is doing KEGAL regularly , will it help or i need to mop the floor, i wana nomal delivery.
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Name: poonam
Subject:  labour pain
Hi rahul...

ur reply helps a lot, i am in my 33 rd week. was wondering if i can bend down & wipe the floor?
if i can walk continously for 30 mins..

& on labour part--
how long the contractions shud last & how much shud be the gap between each contraction when i shud go to the hospital?

then 1 more Q- contractions start first or water will break first?

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Waiting on labour

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Waiting on labour

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Waiting on labour

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