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Pregnancy Topics..

You are here : home > Pregnancy > The Normal Pregnancy > Correct Sleeping Position

Correct Sleeping Position

Due to the changes which are taking place in the body, many pregnant women are unable to get good sleep at night. Learn about the correct sleeping position during pregnancy and find tips for getting peaceful sleep at night.

Expecting mothers have a number of questions and anxieties arising in their mind and one of the most common one is, what is the correct way to sleep during pregnancy. As pregnancy proceeds you might find yourself restless in bed and trying to get comfortable before you fall asleep. There are a number of reasons that create such discomforts, but there are some sleeping positions that can help get the rest you need.

Why do doctors recommend that I sleep on my side? I am not very comfortable that way

Get used to it now, before your belly starts expanding. You wouldn't be able to turn on it in any case. Although, sleeping on your back may be more comfortable to start with, it leads to backaches and haemorrhoids, and inhibits your digestion, breathing and circulation and could cause low blood pressure and hypertension. This is because the entire weight of your uterus, intestines & inferior vena cava is on your back. Whereas, stretching out on your left side, allows maximum flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta, enhances the functioning of the kidneys, which leads to better elimination of waste materials (which in turn would cause oedema). So this should be, technically, the most comfortable position.

Causes of discomfort in normal sleeping positions during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body of the woman goes through a variety of changes. These changes have a tendency to disrupt usual peaceful sleep. Reasons for disturbed sleep during pregnancy may include:
  • Heartburn

  • Increased size of the belly

  • Aching back

  • Insomnia

  • Shortness of breath

  • Frequent urination

Why is it better to sleep on left side during pregnancy?

It is it better to sleep on left side because it increases the amount of blood and nutrition to reach the placenta and hence to your baby. It also helps your body get rid of the wastes and fluids easily. For more comfort, you can keep your knees and legs bent and put a pillow between your legs. You can even put a pillow under your abdomen if you still find some discomfort.

If you are used to sleeping on your back or stomach, you might not find these positions completely comfortable immediately, but you can try them out and they may work for you. However, during pregnancy you may not lie in one position throughout the night and rotating positions is moreover fine as well.

Disturbances during early pregnancy

Have quick look at the disturbances which make it difficult for pregnant women to sleep peacefully during pregnancy.

You need to lie-down often

Early in your pregnancy you will feel sleepy during the day. You may feel worn out while carrying out simple day to day work also. You may find getting good sleep at night not possible. So, take a nap whenever possible.

Constant need for pee

The growing size of the uterus puts pressure on bladder will send you to restroom more than often. If you want to avoid this parade during night, drink plenty of fluid during the day and lower down the consumption of fluid from late afternoon.

Difficulty getting comfortable

Your bust line increases and breasts get tender which disrupt comfortable sleep. However, this is the right time to start training yourself to sleep on your sides.

Second trimester pregnancy sleep

This is the best time of your pregnancy because most of the expecting mothers sleep more peacefully during this time. Morning sickness has probably passed by now and you have a better sleep schedule as well.  The sleep problems that are usually seen during second trimester are
  • Leg cramps

  • Restless legs syndrome

  • Sleep apnea

  • Snoring and congestion

  • Vivid dreams

If you find problem in sleep, you can consult your healthcare provider who will suggest treatment that is safe during pregnancy.

Third trimester sleep

Studies show that the third trimester is the worse period of pregnancy when considering sleep and comfort for the expecting mothers. The causes of less sleep are similar to that of the first trimester.

Tips to get better night’s sleep

  • Cut down on caffeine

  • Avoid heavy meals and spicy food during bedtime

  • Lower the fluid intake in late afternoon and evening

  • Practice relaxation techniques

  • Take a walk for some time and a warm bath before going to bed

  • Take nap during the day

  • Do not work late night

  • Let go your worries

  • Make a sleep schedule and stick to it

  • Go to your bed only when you have to sleep

  • Sleep on your left side

If you wake up at night, do not worry. It is perfectly natural to get less sleep during pregnancy. Follow a healthy lifestyle and stay happy and cheerful during your pregnancy period to prevent all the health issues related to pregnancy.

Why do pregnant women find it difficult to get good sleep at night? Which is the best sleeping position during pregnancy? How to get good sleep at night during pregnancy? Discuss here.

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Annu.9 years ago
i was having vomitting and morning sickness after i missed my periods. the urine test for pregnancy was positive. but after two days no signs of vomitting and morning sickness is there. is it ok or harmful?
Kumud.9 years ago
we are planning for are second baby.i had iud for 4 years are there any side effects of that?
Anu.9 years ago
i am about 6 weeks pregnant. i don't get morning sickness but i sometimes feel light abdominal pain, i had my ultrasound and the doctors siad everythign was normal. i also get a heaviness/ stretching feeling right near the pelvic it safe? i read that having tea/coffe is bad and leads to miscarriage. i have 1 big cup of tea in morning. is that bad?
heena.9 years ago
hi anu form usa. iam in the same position as you . i do not also have morning sickness but feel slight cramp like pains will soon be meeting my doctor and will ask him in case you come across something please keep me posted
Stomach ache.9 years ago
hi dear friends,

i am 15 weeks pregnant. i have severe gas problem and it causes headache. my diet has improved a bit but i feel very uncomfortable in the morning due to morning sickness i have developed back ache for last one week. is it common??
kedu.9 years ago
tell me pregnancy postion
Hi Kedu.9 years ago
from what i read, the best position to sleep for a pregnant woman is on her left side with slightly bend legs. the second best is on right side. avoid to sleep on your stomach and back.
nandini.9 years ago
i am unable to sleep plz give me some tips for bettersleep
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