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How to Really Love Your Children

How to Really Love Your Children

All parents love their children unconditionally. But, many forget that just loving is not enough it is also very important to express it. Read on to find out how to really love your children.

Children need love more than anything else to develop into well-balanced individuals. Parental love is very important for boosting their self-esteem and confidence. Parents can shape their character and raise them into good human beings when they love them just the way they are. So, why don’t you give such precious things to your children in abundance? Love can not only help them grow-up into confident individuals but also boost their physical and emotional well-being.

All parents love their children but many forget to express it or miss the opportunity to express it. Love is all that they need to live a happier life. You will be surprised to know that children who grow in lot of love, care and attention of parents do well in academics as well as in all of the other walks of life. So, learn to respond to them with love and see the magic that love creates. Here is what you can do.

Thing Parents Can Do to Really Love Their Children

If you really want to shower your love on your children, you must do the following things.

Always Be There for Them

Your children need your presence during all the happy and sad moments of their life. They feel loved when you are around and their moral is boosted. So, make sure that you do not miss any of the important events of their life.

Let Them See the Love

Make sure that your children always see the gleam in your eyes. The gleam in your eyes will surely increase their soul power to do well in life.

Do Silly Things

Do silly things that make both of you happy. Go out and have Golgappas or WadaPav. Have a Bread Pakoda party at home. Party for no reason and enjoy to the fullest.

Let Them Feel the Love

Simple gestures like hugging, kissing, giving a pat on the back etc. are very important for making children feel loved. Make a routine to give a hug to your children every day before you leave for work or before your children leave for their school.

Treat Them Like Children

Always remember that they are just children. Talk to them in the language and gestures that they understand. Most importantly remember that they only understand the languages of love so use these languages in a best possible way.

Always Say Yes to Them

Avoid using the word ‘No’. When you have to say ‘No’ for something to them, try to divert their attention. Try to make things understand to them with love. Do not yell or shout at them.

Let Them Create Memories

Do not restrict them from playing in your backyard with their friends. Let them create fond childhood memories. Creating memories while playing with friends in an open ground or backyard is a part of growing-up. So, do not restrict them. But make sure that they are playing in safer settings.

Entertain Them

If you find that they are being crabby, try to entertain them. Involve them in something that can help to sooth their mind. Get colouring books and craft papers for them and you will be surprised to see how their creativity can get fueled immediately.

Laugh with Them

Tell them silly jokes and see how they burst with laughter. Laughter is the best medicine for everything. Make them laugh often. It will not only help your children get refreshed, but also will help you to get rid of all the stress and tension.

Read Stories to Them

Enjoy story-time with them. Get story books for them and read with them. This activity will also help you to inculcate love for reading in your children. Through this activity you too can also learn many interesting and new things.

Do the above mentioned things and also do the little things that can really enhance the love between the two of you. Always point out the positives in them, appreciate them for the good work that they do, reward them for their achievements, hang out with them just like their friend etc. There are many more things that you can do to strengthen this special bond. All you need to do is just intend to give them love in all forms, things and situations that come your way. Visualize only lovely things for your children and you will be amazed to find that they are truly miraculous.

What are the ways to express love? How to make children feel really loved? How to teach children to love life? Discuss here.

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Swapna.3 years ago
Very nice article.
Swapna.3 years ago
It is necessary to love children always because all that they need is love.
Arushi.3 years ago
It is very important to shower love and affection on children. They really need this to grow into happy individuals.
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