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Psychological Problems
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My daughter is very attached and dependant on her mother. Even if her mom is busy, she will not sit with anyone else at home. She is five years old now. What should we do?

Pramesh (Gujrat, India)

A: Your daughter is too young to be confident and completely disciplined. Do not discipline her too much. Wait till she grows up. She will be okay.

Dr. Balasubramanian

Q: I have recently started working as I lost my husband. Earlier I was a house-wife and used to give full attention to my child. Due to this, my son has become very lonely and misses his afther a lot. As I am out most of the time, I keep him with my maid, but he just does not stay with her and throws tantrums on her. He is too scared with the sudden demise of his dad and feels that he too does'nt have a desire to live. He is very good in studies, but most of the time is lost in his own world.

Anamika (Maharashtra, India)

A: I think you should take him to a paediatric psychiatrist. Having feelings of not being interested in living can be very serious. Obviously he wants you to be happy. So, make sure you are happy first. There is no point in thinking about your past. You have got a job now. Concentrate on your new job and make your career a successful one. This will make you to forget the past. If your son sees that you are happy, he will be happier as well. Try to engage him in other extra curricular activities to take his mind off. You could consider sending him off to a boarding school. He will meet new people, have new friends, and be in a livelier, new environment.

Dr. Balasubramanian

Q: We neighbour keeps comparing her child with mine. My son is extremely good in studies and extra cirricular activities and her son is average in studies and does not take keepn interest in other activities. Due to this comparision, her son is become an introvert. How can I advice her?

Ashita (Mumbai, India)

A: Its good to see that you are such a caring neighbour. You can tell her that comparing children is always a dangerous game. There may be so many good attributes in your child which may go un-noticed by you. Each child has her or his own genetic inheritance pattern which comes from both father and mother. And the child will grow and behave as per the genes he or she has inherited. So long as a parent understands this basic philosophy, he or she will be able to bring up the child in a peaceful manner. Ask her to stop putting the child down and stop comparing. Advise her to praise her as often as possible. You can do that too. Only then will she grow up to be confident.

Dr. Subba Rao

Q: My son is an intelligent child. But these days I find that he lacks concentration. He is unable to stay focussed on anything for a length of time. He urinates frequently, and invariably his panties get wet by the time he returns from school. His friends keep teasing him a lot as his panties are always wet. Please help.

Marlina (Bangkok, Thailand )

A: Your son is definitely under some stress and his self-confidence is decreasing. Do see the psychologist soon, as delay will only worsen the problem. If there is any discord in the family, that too can have an effect on the child as she begins to feel insecure and stressed. Request the teacher if he or she can send him to the bathroom before the class starts and also during the breaks. Give him some award or praise her when he comes home with a dry panty. Give him a change of clothes, which he can use in case if he wets himself in school, and a plastic bag to put the spoiled clothes in. For a few days, go to his school at break to remind him to go to the bathroom before the class starts.

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