Tips For Helping Kids Have Healthy Skin - by Editor

Right care is essential to help kids have healthy skin. Read on to learn how to help kids have healthy skin.
Not all are born with clean and flawless skin. Skin covers the entire body and that is why it is susceptible to many kinds of problems. Skin of a child is very sensitive and that is why it is mandatory to take good care of it. There are certain tips which parents as well as children must follow in order to have healthy and glowing skin.

Regular Bath is a Must

Parents must give regular bath to their babies. Warm water and gentle soap will make bathing enjoyable for the child. In case the child's skin is extremely dry, glycerine soaps can be used to keep the skin moisturized. While bathing, the skin of the babies should be rubbed gently. Parents must wash the hair of their babies on regular basis. Mild shampoo can be used. Cleaning the hair regularly will keep the head scalp clean. Regular massage for the infants is also good for the skin. Baby oil can be used for massage and it should be done at least 30 minutes before bath. After bathing, moisturizer should be used on the baby's skin to keep it moist.

Changing Diaper on Regular Interval is Helpful

If the baby is using diaper, parents must check it on regular basis otherwise wet diaper may cause diaper rashes on baby's skin. Before new diaper is put, the area should be dried. Baby powder can also be used on the dried area so that the child feels comfortable.

Avoiding Sunburn

Babies have sensitive skin so they get sunburnt easily. It is important to use sunscreen lotion as prescribed by a paediatrician to prevent sunburn. Early sun rays are good for babies but if it is scorching sun, it is better to keep them inside or use right kind of clothing while taking them out in sun.

Tips to Buy Baby Skin Care Products

The skin care products for the babies should be bought with care. The skin care products for the babies should be mild and should not have chemicals. Such products should be free from fragrances as fragrances could irritate the baby's skin. Skin care products for babies should not have any colouring agent so that any risk of skin problem could be avoided. Certain ingredients like citrus, peppermint and menthol can trigger irrigation in the skin of the babies so parents must avoid buying products which have such kind of irritants. Parents are advised to buy products that have herbal ingredients.

Skin Care for Preteens and Teens

It is very important for the children in preteens to take proper care of their skin. Following healthy skin care habits on regular basis will keep their skin healthy and glowing. Healthy skin care regimen will help children of preteen and teen age group to prevent having pimples and black head on the skin which is very common in them.

Washing face properly is very important step. Preteens and teens should wash their face every morning and at night before going off to bed. The cleansing agent should be a gentle soap or medicated cleanser. The face should be dried with a dry cloth by gently patting on the skin. Warm water should be used for washing. If the child has got pimple or acne and is using a medicine, it should be put on the affected areas and the surrounding places. The final step is to moisturize the skin. It is advised to use oil free moisturizer.

Whether the child is an infant or a young one, taking care of his or her skin is important. For a child it is not possible to understand the importance of having healthy and glowing skin but parents should never neglect this aspect of childcare. Healthy habits can be inculcated into a child from early childhood days so it is important for the parents to follow and make their children follow healthy skin care regimen.

How to help kids have healthy skin? How to prevent skin problems in kids? What kind of skin care regimen can be followed for taking care of kid's skin? Discuss here.

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