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Without doubt, your feet are the most active part of your body, even more than your hands. In fact most of the time they are definitely overworked. Especially in today's day and age, the big metros are so widespread that one has to cover long distances to get from one place to the next. Even if you have a car and are in the driver's seat, you know how tiring driving can be. Life is just not easy anymore.

In this scenario, what do you do for your feet A pedicure once a month is not enough. You need to take care almost on a daily basis. E.g. simply relaxing your feet for ten minutes in a bucket of hot water can do wonders for that aching tired feeling. You may also add a little salt to the bucket for better results. Epsom salt is a good remedy for a strained ligament or a muscle pull. A footbath is also an excellent way to restore circulation in case you feel numb or cold.

What do you do about those painful corns

Do you have patches of hard skin, bunions or corns Just in case you do, here is a word of advice. Never, ever handle these problems by yourself. Because seemingly simple problems tend to worsen if handled in the wrong way. Always consult your doctor or a chiropodist and get the right advice.

Until you get to the chiropodist, you can get some relief for a painful corn by using a cornpad or a cottonwool dressing to protect that area from pressure. It would also be a good idea to use a hand and body lotion on your feet regularly in order to prevent scaly skin or help heal small patches that have started forming.

Do you have chilblains

People in countries with very cold winters often face the problem of chilblains. So it is best to dress as warmly as possible in such cases. But you should avoid wearing very tight stockings, shoes or boots as these are extremely constricting. You could try using a good ointment that is available in the market for a little relief. But do consult your doctor or chiropodist for professional advice. It is quite possible that your body is lacking calcium or vitamin D. Whatever it is, your doctor is the best guide.

Ingrown toenails, athlete's foot or verrucas are other similar problems that require a doctor's attention. So it would be worth taking an appointment at least once a year to keep your feet in the best of health. A simple tip to prevent ingrown toenails would be to cut them carefully. The right way is to cut them straight across without clipping off the corners and then bevel with an emery board.

Take time to pick out the right shoes

Are you ruled by what is in fashion or are you the type who emphasizes comfort. A good combination would be ideal. But it does not always happen that way. Sometimes shoes that look good are not always good to your feet. So choose your shoes carefully and pick only the best quality.

Firstly, check out the fit around the heel. If it is not right, it will cause unnecessary strain and fatigue. Next see that there are no awkward inner seams that rub the foot the wrong way and cause calluses and corns. Comfort should be the priority. Make sure that the shoe is the right size. If it is a size bigger, you could get sloppy and cause your ankles to weaken.

Always change your shoes as frequently as possible and vary the size of the heel. If you constantly live in high heels, you might strain your calves and your back in the long run. Also do not live in soft slippers continuously as they offer minimum support to your feet.

If you like wearing stockings, always buy the correct size. Very tight ones would hurt your toes and be very constricting. Always change them daily and use foot powder or talcum powder between your toes to avoid any problems.

Exercise is good for your feet

You go for a walk every other day and you probably indulge in an exercise routine. It is time to include a few for your feet so that they remain flexible and carry you all your life.

Remove your slippers and sit in a chair. Now press your toes down hard on the floor as if making knuckles with your toes. But do not let them curl under. Relax and repeat a few times.

Sit on the edge of a chair with your heels resting on the floor. Spread the toes wide and then relax them. Repeat 10 times.

Simple home remedies

Soak feet for 10 minutes in warm water to which salt has been added. Remove and scrub dry, especially between the toes. This is the easiest way to relax tired feet. In the case of a sprain add Epsom salt to the water for best results.

Alternatively add a shampoo to warm water and soak your feet for 10 minutes. This will also improve the texture of the toenails.
Mix a few drops of lemon juice in vaseline and apply gently on cracked heels.
Scrub heels with a pumice stone while bathing.
Use a good hand and body lotion on your feet too.

If you look after your feet, they will look out for you.

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Comments on Article

Name: rajani
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   Actually iam fair complexioned, but coming to my feet they are dark and also very dry. Though daily I apply body lotions, still they look dry and dark. Wearing new sandals is also a problem for me. The area where it holds my feet is becoming painful for a few days and there it becomes a dark patch. Please advice me.
Name: Shikha
City:   NOIDA
Comments:   Rajani, Please apply lime with glycerine on your feet for minimum 15 minutes and wash it with luke warm water every day. Then apply some coconut oil on your feet. This will help. If you get shoe bite from your new shoes, apply some mustard oil on your shoes and keep them in the sun for 2-3 days. I hope then they will not trouble you. Take care, Shikha
Name: faria
City:   dhaka
Comments:   i have got a very ugly feet with dry and dark skin. the skin is not smooth at all and there are wrinkles in it. i feel very bad by wearing open sandles. what can i do to give my foot a smart lookNULL
Name: Mary L. Stokes
City:   New Yourk, NY
Comments:   I can not ware open shoe my feet is ugly
Name: ambreen
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   Actually iam fair complexioned, but coming to my feet they are dark and also very dry. Though daily I apply body lotions, still they look dry and dark. Wearing new sandals is also a problem for me. The area where it holds my feet is becoming painful for a few days and there it becomes a dark patch. Please advice me.
Name: carolyn ballard
City:   houston
Comments:   hi'my name is carolyn ballard.first you have some very good ideal's on things for your face@skin.keep up the good work.i need help with my feet,they have been displaying a very very dark color.i dont know what it is cause from,but it is very scary.i have tryed everthing i have even bleached it a couple of times but it has not work.please help me find a saloution to this ongoing problem .thank you
Name: hi
City:   Bowie
Comments:   i am medium complexion. the reast of my body is expect for my toes on my feet. it's sorta of black..wat can i do
Name: Ivory
City:   Columbus
Comments:   I have dark patches of peeling skin on the inner and outer regions of my feet. The skin is irritated and itchy. Even though I have been treated with several topical agents none have seemed to work. I am of African American decent and the pigment is very dark in the infected areas. Thank you for your help.
Name: hey use clenser
City:   malaysia
Comments:   hi once i had bad skin on my legs like having pimples real bad ones s i applied a good brand but also very cheap lemon cream clenser n after a few days my legs became better.well to let u guys know feets turn black when they r dry n when we keep pression on the skin
Name: mhk
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   My feet look darker b'coz there are lots of black marks on my toes especially and the footwear doesn't suit me. I h've applied glycerine and apply nomarks but still no effect. Pleae help me out.
Name: SB
City:   new york
Comments:   For dark feet, I would advise you to seek the advice of a demotologist. He/She can give you a skin-lightening agent (hyrdoquinone). While using this product, you MUST use suncscreen(SPF 30 or higher) otherwise your feet will get darker. As a rule, you should apply sunscreen (even if you are of African descent) to your face, hands, and feet. They are exposed to the sun more than any other parts of your body. Let me know how it goes.
Name: Fahad
City:   multan
Comments:   the problem is that my feets are very dark then my complexion, i hav medium comlexion but feets are very dark with dark patches on toes , wat should i do plzzzz advice my soonn, waiting
Name: tabassum
City:   karachi
Comments:   there patches on my whole body some areas are white some are dark in color what shud i do for making its complexion fair.thankU
Name: Maretta
City:   Newburgh, NY
Comments:   I have white and light spots all over my body. I was told it is called age spots. Do you have a remedy for thisNULL Thanks
Name: malsi
City:   KL
Comments:   at night..massage ur feet with castor oil..and soak them in warm water with lime juice added to helps to remove toxins frm ur body ..then..add pebbles or round stones into the water..and press your feet on it..after that,pat dry and apply a good moisturizer for ur legs..all the best !
Name: Ugly toes
City:   Pontiex
Comments:   I have extremly ugly toes my little toe nails are really short and my whole to is stubby, i don´t know why? And to add on to that my big toes have really hard skin around the nail... it doesn´t hurt or anything but its really ugly and it bothers me when i wear sandals. I really need help! Plezz
City:   MUMBAI
Comments:   My feet hurt all day ,caused by a burning sensation.I feel electrfied nerve sensation ,burning. Can anyone suggest some help What could be the cause & where to seek help ? thx
Name: zara
City:   manchester
Comments:   I have fair skin my feet are fair but i have dark patches on my toes i hate them pls help me
Name: Asma Shahzad
City:   Peshawar
Comments:   Plz listen,and try this i hope tht will work, wear shoes without socks when going out like for shopping or any work like joggingexercise,after that u´ll find ur feet sweat, take out ur shoes and cut the lemon and rub on feets, after 23 days u´ll get amazing result. Stay happy
Name: UglyToes
City:   UK
Comments:   Hi i have very ugly feet with dry and dark skin on the toes, the skin is smooth but dry and i just wear socks to prevent showing my feet. Please help me

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