Trimming Those Legs - by Editor

All the oils, waxes and massages cannot make stocky legs look slim. You have to exercise. Here are a few simple exercises to improve calves, thighs and leg muscles. 

1. To improve calves stand absolutely straight with your hands on your hips and your legs together. Now keep your spine straight and bend only the knees until you assume a squatting position. Hold it there to the count of four and rise slowly, keeping your spine as straight as possible. Repeat this exercise at least ten times. 

2. To slim your thighs firstly lie flat on the floor and then draw your knees up towards your chest. Now push your legs up in the air and keep them as straight as you can. Slowly start moving your legs as if you are riding a bicycle. Do this about 5-6 times and then repeat the movements at a fast speed for another 5-6 times. Repeat the whole routine 5-6 times, including the slow and fast movements. 
3. To improve leg muscles firstly sit straight in a chair. Your back should be absolutely erect. Keep your feet on the floor and slowly stretch your legs out as far as is possible. The feet and knees should be together. Now raise your legs until your feet are off the floor and your knees are completely straight. Keeping this position, bend the feet towards you, pushing your heels out as far as possible and then point the toes down as much as you can. Do both these movements about six times each. Now relax. For the next step, raise your feet once again, and keeping them together, turn them outwards until the soles support each other. Then turn them inwards until the ankles and big toe joints touch each other. Repeat each of these movements six times and relax. 

Before you know it, you will have the best legs in town 

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Name: harini
City:   USA
Comments:   i have a big hips!! caz i have to set on a chair for 12 houres so plssss tell me something that i can do for my hips i have to do something so let me know as soon as posble so i can do something right a way .....
Name: Veena
Comments:   hi i have the same problem as harini and can you suggest some exercises for the hips and thighs which i can do to reduce them thanks for your help
Name: carmelogrl
City:   Andover
Comments:   Wow
Name: ruchisabharwal
City:   india
Comments:   i have heavy hips &thighs ,i am teacher & runing around kid but still not reducing below knee also legs r fat
Name: amy
City:   covington
Comments:   I just had a child one month ago. I am really depressed about how slow I am shaping up. What are the best exercises for a womens rear end, thighs and ab area.
Name: crazed evanescnce fan
City:   longwood
Comments:   i have leg muscle i dont want please help me to slim it down a little so it is not so big and will stop making my legs look fat
Name: Colleen
City:   Everett, WA
Comments:   I have been walking a lot and haven't noticed a change. But when I ran uphill once it burned in all my problem spots! So I think you have to feel the burn to get results, and not do the same old exersise everyday.
Name: tela
City:   khi
Comments:   i hv thigh prob how evr i am slim n smart ..give reduce their size plz some how faster reply me
Name: bowie
City:   birmingham
Comments:   i can show you a way that i lost my hips. you'll need some ankle weights. lie on your left side take the leg on to your (right leg) and lift it in to the air hold for about 20 seconds. then bring your leg back down then do the opposite side.
Name: anne
City:   ny
Comments:   hi! i have like a spider/varicose veins in my calves..and it really looks so badddd!! do you know anythin that could help me get rid of those veins without using lasers or injectionsNULLNULL pls helppp!!
Name: anne
City:   ny
Comments: only 17! it doesnt look good on my legs!!
Name: charlene
City:   bangued
Comments:   i have a big legs what can i do to lessen it
Name: Alisha
City:   suva
Comments:   Hi can u tell me as to how can i trim my hips. gosh they are so huge.
Name: Jai
City:   Chicago
Comments:   Does this place have a moderator or something. There are some things around here that REALLY need to be deleted. I understand this is the internet and all. But there are plenty of young 12 and 13 year old children that come around here. And that's beyond even the adults among us that don't want to read such unrelated things. I understand that some people seem to be so ignorant that they don't care who reads their random thoughts and outbursts. But can those that run this site do something about such things? So far I'm really enjoying the tips. It's really not fair that some classless people have to come around and mess up an interesting read. *~Peace and Blessings~*
Name: Missh0ang
City:   sj
Comments:   is the "To Improve Leg Muscles" tips for people with large muscles in their legsNULL I have that problem, but i don't understand how working them will make them any smaller. Thanks!
Name: udeni
City:   toronto
Comments:   I'm slim. and my legs are really skiny , specialy my ankle area. please help me
Name: c.c.
City:   usa
Comments:   i have dark underarms,knees,and elbows and i am not even a teen!! what can i doNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULL PLEASE help me!!!!
Name: tina
City:   ny
Comments:   can someone tell me how to make my butt big,nice,round, and in a very beautiful shape...tell me the excersies and the food that i have to eat and if there is any pills...plz tell me so.
Name: kristi
City:   USA
Comments:   sometimes you need to lose weight to lose the fat. try doing that plus exersizing
Name: Heather
City:   Gainesville
Comments:   I am a runner and i have large legs.. They are not fat but i have a small fram and they look weird.. is there anything i can do to slim them down a little if there isn't any fat?

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