Are You A Sacrificial Lamb - by Editor

Are you a Sacrificial Lamb
Do you find yourself constantly giving up things and making sacrifices for your familyNULL And are you the only one making these sacrificesNULL

Most women tend to lose themselves in their family, and in their eagerness to make sure everything and everyone is well taken care of, they lose sight of their own needs. In your scale of priorities, are you last on the listNULL
How often do you find yourself giving up the best portion of the pie to your husband and children, while you settle for the crumbsNULL Sure, you do it out of love, but will your children suffer if they don't get that pieceNULL What's worse is seeing how little importance you place on yourself. This will automatically lead them to follow suit, and although they will certainly love you, they may not take you or your needs very seriously in the future.

Why do women so often believe that they cannot be good mothers unless they sacrifice something for their children and husbandNULL

Yes, no one is denying the fact that when you are a new mother you will need to sacrifice sleep, work and time for your baby. But once your child is a little older and of school going age, there is really no need to continue being the sacrificial lamb. Respect yourself if you want others, including your family members to respect you. No doubt earning the love of your family and keeping them together is topmost on your list of priorities, but sacrificing yourself is not the only way to get them to love you. And while missing a hot chapatti every now and again may not seem like a big deal to you, in the long time all these little sacrifices will add up, and will drain you physically and emotionally.


A need to sacrifice for others shows a need to be loved and needed for what we can do for others, and not for what we are. This stems from a lack of self-esteem. Be strong, have your own agenda, and certainly help out when needed and when you can spare the time without allowing yourself to be walked all over. In addition, a mother with a low sense of self worth is definitely not the best role model for kids, especially for daughters.


Don't rush to do everything for everyone. Again, if there is a real need, by all means, do help. For example, loving relatives who live out of town may require that you do certain work for them every now and again. If you refuse because you are too busy with your own life, don't be surprised if your relatives are not around when you need them. But doing something for someone in need is different from doing your child's homework, cleaning his cupboard or helping your sister wrap all her diwali gifts when she didn't help you wrap yours!


Keep some time aside for exercise, and don't let anyone encroach on this time - unless there is an emergency. The cook taking off does not count, especially if you have grown children that are very capable of pouring themselves a glass of milk and some cereal in the morning while you do your Padmasana.
In your eagerness to look after your family don't forget you first need to look after yourself. Only then will you be mentally and physically fit to contribute positively to your children's upbringing.

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Comments on Article

Name: Megha
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Great article...Very true...Even my mom does it always...
Name: shobha
City:   mumbai
Comments:   Very true. When the child is small this type of scenario occurs i.e sacrifice but should not be always. If a women tend to do so then she will be taken for granted all the time.
Name: radhu
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Its very down to earth facts and truths that are depicted in this article.
Name: pari
City:   jalandhar
Comments:   hii i dont agree completely witht this article... y coz i feel ok that we need time for ourselves,ie mothers... true that we forget ourselves for our hubby and children and thats what the greatest quality is found in a mom... who can even kill herself so tht her beloved remain happy and prosperous... may be ppl wont agree to my view point... but i think that i must have time for myself but at the same time sacrifice anything for my child.. and hubby.. y will my child prepare breakfast when i m doing nothing except thinking abt myself and my figure
Name: vijshy
City:   chennai
Comments:   Yes, it is a very important aspect which many of us fail to notice. First of all, we should be well motived and energetic to motive our whole family.
Name: midhuna
City:   chennai
Comments:   There is a very thin line between sacrificing and being there for your husband and children when they need you. It is here where most women fail to identify thier role and overdo it or underplay it, confusing themselves and thier folks at home. As a result husband and kids dont know what to expect nor do we get the satisfaction of having given up so much for them.
Name: xyz
City:   santa monica
Comments:   hi after redaing this article i am trying to change myself little bit. i am always helping people all the time and feel miserable. definately i have low self esteem. i cannot talk when 3 ladies are there. i forget things and now i am realising everybody somehow making fun of me by calling me a foofl indirectly. can any one help me as how to have respect and get respect from family husband kids friends. thanks
Name: Sanam
City:   South Africa
Comments:   The idea is managing your time well and setting up a routine where you have enough time for yourself as well as your husband and children. Sometimes, it is ok to put your feet up an let your children do things for themselves or your hubby can chip in. It brings the family close because all are sharing tasks, it makes your children independent and respect your time and the woman doesn´t always feel like she is the ´martyr´ in the house.
Name: Garima
City:   mumbai
Comments:   I am totally with this article. i feel that woman is another name of sacrifce. But one should not take it too emotionally to loose her self esteem, respect, confidence and identity. although tough to follow but easy to start atleast.
Name: anindita
City:   Delhi
Comments:   Very true and timely...maybe much of this is ingrained in us by mothers who were sacrificial lambs...Time to snap out and take ourselves more seriously, so go get that "me time" now...
Name: fathima
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   i liked this article because i have been doing this helping every body but when i need help no body has time but now iam stoping that because it always not me to be scrape goat. i will try new things for my self . hope so it works.
Name: koko
City:   Q8
Comments:   The best always goes to number one so whom ever you are putting on the top of that list he or she will get the best of it , so if you wanna be the best be #1 .
Name: Geethika
City:   USA
Comments:   Easer said than done !
Name: Geethika
City:   USA
Comments:   Easer said than done !
Name: Ritu
City:   Chandigarh
Comments:   This is what I have really experienced after letting my desires overrun by my loved ones. Trust me, one can never do good to others if one is not happy from her own self. This is duty of not only women but every individual to first cater to your needs before making an effort for others.
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