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What woman wouldn't love to have soft, smooth skin silky to the touch? However, thanks to body hair and various methods of hair removal, silky skin is not easily achievable. Here are some tips on how to keep skin soft and smooth.

Unless you have a very hairy back, don�t wax it. Surprisingly women who have barely discernable body hair on their back still want to wax it, with the result that their backs get getting rough when the hair starts growing back. Soon in-growths or a rash starts developing causing further roughness. If you wear clothes that reveal your back, consider bleaching your hair on the back instead of waxing it.
Massage oil on your body once a week if possible, or at least once a month. Try and organize a massagewalli to come in and give you a body massage. Over time your muscles will get more supple, circulation will improve, and your skin texture will smoothen. After getting a massage, don�t take a shower for at least fifteen minutes to half an hour. Give your body time to absorb the oils. If you have access to a steam room, make sure you get some steam so the pores open and the oils get absorbed better.
Drink at least ten to twelve glasses of water a day. Your skin needs water to remain free from toxins. In addition, water heals and cleans all impurities from the inside out.
As far as possible, shower with cold water. Showering with hot water causes pores to open, with the result that your skin absorbs more of the chlorine in the water than it would if you were to shower with cold water. In addition, cold water increases circulation and cause blood to rush to the skin, infusing it with oxygen and minerals.
When taking a shower, after applying soap scrub your legs well with a pumice stone. This reduces in-growths. Scrub gently though � you don�t want to get bruised.
If you live in a warm, humid climate, in all likelihood you will perspire more. In addition, dust, pollution and dead skin also contribute to blocking pores. You need to exfoliate skin regularly in order to keep it healthy and supple. Invest in a loofah and scrub your body well while showering. While the pumice stone can be used on the legs, feet, arms and underarms, use the loofah all over the body, taking care to scrub your back well.

Soft Skin Mask

Here's a great mask to put on your skin for instant softness.

You will need:

1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup oil or vegetable glycerin
A healing substance like Vitamin C crystals or aloe vera gel
A few drops of essential oil like lavender (optional)
Mix these ingredients together until you have a paste, and apply it all over your body. Leave on for five minutes until the mixture tightens. Wash off with cool to lukewarm water. You will feel the difference in your skin texture almost immediately.
Don�t try this just before an important even as it may leave a little redness on your skin depending on how sensitive it is.

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Name: Susane
City:   London
Comments:   I want to have a fair complexion. Wheaten like colour, how to have a fair complexionNULL
Name: bhavana
City:   11000
Comments:   i have fair complexion but my skin but no glow. Lots of Blemish are also there. How can i get a beautiful skin.
Name: jamuna
City:   bangkok
Comments:   my sons skin (5 years old) looks dry . how to get smooth and oily skin.
Name: rim
City:   delhi
Comments:   my skin is dry, dull and not glowing how to get gowing shiny skin
Name: miriam
City:   lahore
Comments:   my age is 21 i have combination skin but i have scars on my cheecks and my pores are open from cheecks i want shiny and clear skin with closed pores please help me out i shall be very thankful to you
Name: Raya
City:   Gary
Comments:   How do I get rid of the blemishes on my face and the scars on my body from falling when I was a child.
Name: christina
City:   harlem
Comments:   how do i get rid of blemishes and close my pores and i want to have a fair complexion and a healthy glow to my face please help me!!!!
Name: raj
City:   hyd
Comments:   hi.i am 24 yr old. i have stretch marks around my belly and lower areas.i am unmarried. plz do something for me.thanks.
Name: VK
City:   Ahd
Comments:   Everyone here is just asking questions....knock knock...anyone there to answer these questionsNULLNULLNULL
Name: sumasudheer
City:   bangalore
Comments:   susane,if u want to become fair,just try this facepack.soak one tbs white mustard seeds,4 almonds over night.grind it with milk & apply on face after 2 hours.u have to do this atleast for 1 week.
Name: cuti
City:   other
Comments:   hi pooja it is the hair around your mouth that makes it kooks black - get it wax and you will see your true complextion. that how i got rid of mine. let me know how it works.
Name: sumedha
City:   Los Angeles
Comments:   The best lightening and fairness cream I have ever tried are from Blossom Kochhar's Aroma Magic. They are 100% natural, and made from all kitchen ingredients. My face became radiant and glowy in just one application of their Green Tea Mask. Check out their products at: groupdishadotcom
Name: sangeeta
City:   Delhi
Comments:   I had a beautiful & glowing complexion but now after my sec child I have a pigmentation problem ... on my cheeks .. Pl help i hav tried so many things but could not get rid off these
Name: simran
City:   delhi
Comments:   i have reduced my weight, so because of that i have got stretch marks..pls tell me how to get rid of them as soon as possible...thanx
Name: Nish
City:   EKM
Comments:   I have dark marks on the upper surface of my foot. They tend to itch very often. It makes my foot look very ugly. Though I apply cream very often, my legs look dry & I start scratcing. Please suggest a remedy to get these marks off.
Name: joey
City:   New York
Comments:   If you have dry skin, it´s best to apply sugar scrub and apricot scrub while taking a shower. The dead skin will be scrubbed away, leaving you with a more soft feel to your skin. After you´re done taking a shower you should apply Aveeno. It helps lock in the moisture.
Name: radhika
City:   planatation, florida
Comments:   hi sumedha(Los Angels), i would like to know how much u paid for (Blossom Kochhar´s Aroma Magic) green tea mask...and where u bought it as i couldn´t find any price and store details in the site ......please reply soon ...thanks in advance.
Name: Elvyn
City:   Goa, India
Comments:   How to prepare wax at home?
Name: young money
City:   Berlin
Comments:   Hello! Good site! I´m From Khazahstan! I´m doing well! Thank you!
Name: michellle
City:   bangalore
Comments:   i want to have fair complexion.suggest some ways through which i can have fair skin

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