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You are here : home > Sex Education > The Female periodic cycle > Fertilization


How does fertilization take place

During each month of the female sexual cycle, there is a cycle increase and decrease of FSH and LH.

Pre-ovulatory Phase:
The pre-ovulatory phase is the time between menstruation and ovulation. During the first few days after the beginning of menstruation, concentrations of FSH & LH increase several fold. These hormones cause accelerated growth of 6-12 primary follicles each month. When under the influence of FSH, the group of follicles continue to grow and secrete estrogen. One dominant follicle becomes mature graafian follicle i.e. continues to increase it's estrogen production under the influence of increasing level of LH. Small amounts of progesterone are produced by the mature follicle a day or two before ovulation.

Ovulatory Phase:
Estrogens liberated stimulate repair of endometrium and thicken it. New ovulation occurs on the 14th day i.e. there is rupture of mature graafian follicle. Post ovulatory is the period between ovulation and next menses. A single ovum is expelled from an ovarian follicle into the abdominal cavity in the middle of each monthly cycle. This ovum then passes through one of the fallopian tubes into the uterus and if it is fertilized by a sperm, it implants in the uterus where it develops into a fetus.

Menstrual Phase:
If fertilization does not take place, this ovum gets released in the mentrual phase. During the menstrual phase, follicles in each ovary begin to enlarge. Menstrual flow from the uterus consist of 50-150ml blood, tissue fluid, epithelial cells derived from endometrium.

When is fertilization and pregnancy most likely to occur?

Fertilization of an egg can only occur if you have intercourse around the time of ovulation, the so-called 'fertile phase' of the cycle. If you are ovulating, this takes place l4 days before the onset of a period. This is a reasonably predictable event if you have a regular cycle but may be very unpredictable if you have a very erratic cycle.

What is necessary in order for pregnancy to occur

  1. Ovulation is essential;
  2. Intercourse must take place during the fertile phase of the cycle;
  3. Your partner's sperm count must be adequate to ensure that a sufficient number actually reach the egg;
  4. The mucus in the cervix must not be unfavorable and/or hostile to the sperm;
There must not be any mechanical barrier preventing fertilization from taking place, such as blocked fallopian tubes or adhesions around the ovaries preventing the egg from gaining access to the tube and sperm.

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Name: Kabs
Country: India

Hi. I am having regular intercourse during my ovulation period . Some times the semen comesout or there is a white sticky substance peeping out from the Vagina. Does this mean I have less chances of getting pregnant
Name: dev
Country: India

want a sex
Name: Aakash
Country: India

Please tell me can I have my baby if I am not able to intercourse with my wife...I mean Is there is any way so that My semen can insert in my wife vigina to get Pregent...please help me..please...
Name: Anth Bna
Country: Maldives

how to get pregnent
Name: joy
Country: Philippines

tell me sumting about fertility period
Name: shalini
Country: India

tell something about getting pregnant because after nine month i was pregnant but that was miscarrage
Name: meg
Country: India

my menustral cycle is 45 days. can u tell me my correct fertility days of being preg?
Name: jyoti
Country: India

the problam of fertilisation
Name: princess
Country: Nigeria

intake of salt can it prevent pregnancy
Name: kakori
Country: India

does the use of condom delay the chances of pregnancy?
Name: bebo
Country: India

Name: bebo
Country: India

most effective position for pregnancy?wt if a girl gets orgasm?is it gonna kill d chances of pregnancy???
Name: honeyyyy
Country: India

i felt semen has come out of my vagina, after the intercourse. is there any problem? on this stage how can i get pregnent?
Name: amit thakral
Country: India

can u tell me after a complete mensurational cycle, when there is a least possiblity of pregnancy and the maximum possiblityof getting pregnant...?
Name: Richa
Country: India

what if we have irregular mensis? is that safe?
Name: jass
Country: India

what maximum size of ovum needs for fertilization??
Name: ira
Country: India

if we touch a boy regularly & think about him in exess , will it lead to pregnancy
Name: BAPU
Country: India

is this page is required
Name: pry
Country: India

tell about how to get pregnant
Name: ryr
Country: India

tell something about pregnancy
Name: ryr
Country: India

tell something about pregnancy
Name: ryr
Country: India

tell something about pregnancy
Name: haai
Country: India

tell something abt gettng pregnant?
Name: haai
Country: India

most suitable methods for pregnancy?
Name: haai
Country: India

correct position for intercourse

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