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Travel During Pregnancy
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Travel During Pregnancy >>>
 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have just discovered that I am pregnant, and I have been told by my doctor that I should not travel by 2 and 3 wheelers, i.e. scooters and auto rickshaws. I do not have a car. Can this lead to a miscarriage?

Deepika (Mumbai, India)

A: Avoid traveling by 2 - 3 wheeler for a couple of months if you can. If you have to travel then avoid a bumpy ride. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: I am two months pregnant. I live in Jammu but would like to travel to my parent's place in Bangalore. When is the best time to undertake this long journey?

Ramona (Jammu, India)

A: You can travel to Bangalore in the 5th/6th month. Try to break the journey if possible. Go by train and do not lift any heavy bags etc. Take someone with you. Pack some emergency medication in case of any problem.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: I am 6 months pregnant. I stay in Patna and would like to travel to Bombay for my delivery. When is it safe for me to make this journey?

Varuna (Patna, India)

A: As long as the pregnancy is progressing normally, you can follow the guidelines below: Air - not allowed after 28-30 weeks (some doctors do not permit air travel at any stage of pregnancy) Rail - if your doctor permits, till 36 weeks Road - rough road to be avoided

Dr. Mansukhani

Q: Till which month of pregnancy can the expectant mother travel by train?

Ravi (Banglore, India)

A: Air - not allowed after 30 weeks (some doctors do not permit air travel at any stage of pregnancy) Rail - if your doctor permits, till 36 weeks Road - rough roads are to be avoided

Q: I am 28 weeks pregnant. I have to go to my mother's place for my delivery. I just wanted to know till which week I could I fly safely. The duration of my flight will not be more than 1 hour.

Arati (Bhopal, India)

A: You should not travel by air after 28 weeks of pregnancy, but from your query it appears that you are already 28 weeks, so you will have to make it soon as the airlines ask for a medical certificate and do not generally allow travel after 28 weeks.

Dr. Asha

Q: I am not yet pregnant but am trying to conceive. If I conceive this month, I would like to know if it is fine to travel in the 7th week?

Seeya (London, UK)

A: You have not mentioned where you are going and how do you plan to travel. If you are flying long distance by air then wait till you are 10 to 12 weeks before you travel, as pressure in the aircraft can cause abortions.

Q: Can I travel by air in my 7th or 8th month?

Manjula (Goa, India)

A: You will have to undertake the air journey latest by the 28th week, as airlines do not allow travel after that, and neither is it recommended.

Q: I am 4 months pregnant. Would it be safe for me to travel in the 6th month?

Rama (Dehra Dun, India)

A: It is safe to travel in the second trimester of pregnancy by air or by train. Essentially, you should travel by a mode of transport which gives you the least bumps and jerky movements provided you have a low risk pregnancy--that is a pregnancy with no complicating factors.

Dr. Sahni

Q: I have just entered the 7th month of pregnancy and I wish to go to my mother's place for my delivery. Is it safe for me to fly when I am in the ninth month?

Renu (New Delhi, India)

A: The airlines generally accepts pregnant women up to 28-30 weeks of pregnancy. Hence it may not be possible for you to fly. You can however travel by train. Also, do visit your obstetrician a day before travelling.

Dr. Mansukhani

Q: Can a pregnant (3 to 6 months) woman travel in an airplane for more than 12 hours? What is the safe way to travel?

Raksha (Cupertino, USA)

A: You can travel by air at this time, but it would be best if you break your journey for a while or do exercises recommended on-flight to allow better circulation. Airlines generally do not allow women who are 28-30 weeks pregnant. Consult your obstetrician a day before you travel.

Dr. Mansukhani

Q: My wife is three months pregnant. She started to bleed in the seventh week following which she was hospitalised for a week and given complete bed rest and medication. The bleeding has stopped. Can my wife travel on a two-wheeler after completing her third month?

Rajiv (Ahmedabad, India)

A: It is best avoided. If she must, please take due precautions to avoid bumps.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: How safe is it to go for a light trek (climb a hill) during the 4th or 5th month of pregnancy?

Vandita (Mumbai, India)

A: You can do it if you have been doing these kinds of activities before you got pregnant. Do only those things which you are accustomed to before you got pregnant. Do not start any new, strenuous activity.

Q: I am two months pregnant, and stay in the London. I have to go to India in the coming week. Please let me know if there is any risk and what precautions should I take while travelling.

Archana (London, U.K)

A: Do not lift weights, drink a lot of liquids and take the necessary vaccinations. Do not forget to pack a mosquito repellent.

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