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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am three months pregnant. Quite often my panties are a little stained (light brown). What does this indicate? Please advise.

Seema (Indore, India )

A: Get your doctor to do an internal check to see from where this light brown discharge is coming, so he or she can treat it accordingly. Light spotting happens sometimes, and it may not be anything serious. But it's best to get it checked.

Q: I am five months pregnant. I have been noticing brownish black and red spots along with white discharge. My doctor has recommended GESTIN. The sonography is normal. Is this an indication of a miscarriage?

Neha (New Delhi, India)

A: Repeat the sonography after a few days if symptoms persist. If the sonography is normal, do not worry. Take plenty of rest.

Dr. Purnima

Q: My 24 year old wife is expecting our second baby. The first baby was born through caesarean. She miscarried the second time. She is now around three months pregnant and has had some light spotting. She is on bed rest. How serious is this?

Jayesh (Mumbai, India )

A: You will need to get blood tests like serum beta HCG, TORCH, Thyroid, anticardiolipin factor, blood sugar etc. to find out the cause of bleeding. Don't ignore it.

Q: I am around 2 months pregnant. Recently I had an incredible pain in my lower abdomen. My respiration rate and heartbeat shot up. It has not happened since. I had some bloody, brown discharge the next morning, but no more after that. Somehow I do not feel as pregnant. I am due for a second scan after around 5 months. However, I would like to get one done before that. When should I go for another scan?

Eve (Los Angeles, U.S.A.)

A: You will need to get in touch with your doctor to check if all is okay. You can have a scan at 14 - 16 weeks to check if your baby is fine.

Q: I had an MTP two years ago. I have conceived again and am eight weeks pregnant. I have been spotting despite the doctor giving me medicines to strengthen my uterus. Should I abort the child? I could then take steps to strengthen my uterus, and try again after two years. I am 30. Should I do this?

Kamla (Ratnagiri, India )

A: Does your doctor say that your baby is okay in spite of the bleeding? If so, continue the pregnancy. Terminating this pregnancy does not ensure that your next one will be normal. Keep taking uterus strengthening medication.

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