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Conception - Irregular Periods
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have been having irregular periods for the past two months. I had been taking ashokarisht, ayurvedic medicine, but when I visited my gynaec, she suggested that I take "sysron" during my 4 menstrual days and after I started taking this, my periods were delayed by 15 days. She suggested I do an ultrasound to find out if I am pregnant. I am confused, and don't know if she is the right gynaec for me. We have been trying to conceive for the past four months, without success. Earlier, we practiced birth control by my husband ejaculating outside. Would this cause any problem?

Sushila (Lucknow, India)

A: Do not worry if your cycle gets irregular, it will correct itself. Also, ejaculating outside will not be harmful. If you are not comfortable with your gynaecologist, I suggest you visit another one.

Q: I have been getting my periods twice a month, for the last 5 months. I consulted a doctor and have been on a birth control pill (Orthonovum), to regulate my periods. But I want to get pregnant now. Is there any other way to regulate periods without taking birth control pills? Can I become pregnant? What are the chances?

Sivania (Reston, USA)

A: Unless your periods become regular, you will not be able to conceive as ovulation will not take place. First, correct the hormonal imbalance and then try to get pregnant.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: My sis-in-law in India has been taking Provera for her irregular menses. She also wants to get pregnant. Is it possible for a person to get pregnant while taking the pill? If she gets pregnant while she's taking the pill how will she know? For she has to take the next cycle of pills on day 16 of her periods

Suman (Shanghai, China)

A: If she is taking provera for regulating the period then chances of her falling pregnant are less during therapy. After finishing the course of provera she will have to see if her periods become regular and also whether she is ovulating or not to become pregnant.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: I have not had my periods since the last 2 months. The hcg pregnancy test shows a negative result. Does that mean I'm not pregnant? My periods are somewhat irregular. I've already seen a doctor regarding this problem and the doctor has confirmed that it is not a big deal.

Ashita (Albuquerque, USA)

A: If the beta hcg test is negative then you are not pregnant. It could be possible that your hormone cycle has been disturbed, which is quite a normal phenomenon and happens once in a while. It corrects itself soon. If things don't settle down in a while, see your doctor.

Q: My periods have been regular, but for the last few months they have become extremely irregular. Sometimes they are two months late. I am feeling uneasy because of this delay. I did a pregnancy test but it is negative. We want to plan for a baby, but now I don't know how to detect my ovulation period. What should I do?

Pooja (Dehradun, India)

A: You need to get a sonography to check if you have developed polycystic ovaries which means that due to a hormonal imbalance you may not be ovulating.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: My wife has always had irregular periods. She is usually 5 to 15 days late for her period. She is now three weeks late. She took a home pregnancy test but the results were negative. Why is she so late?

Brian (Groningen, Netherlands)

A: Your wife could be having a hormonal imbalance.. Kindly visit your doctor for further investigation as she may need medications if the problem continues.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: I am married since four years and suffer from irregular periods - sometimes as much as 6 months apart. I did do a hormonal profile, blood tests and a physical exam which indicated that there was nothing wrong. I am trying to conceive since last 3 years; but have not yet conceived and am keen on getting pregnant. I visited a gynaec who put me on Clomid for one cycle but urine tests indicated that I did not ovulate in the span she tested me for. Are there any tablets I can take to regularise my cycle as the treatment is quite costly? Do you have any advice for me?

Kareena (Groningen, Dubai)

A: You require a good ultrasound evaluation to check for any ovary problem (polycystic ovarian disease). If you do not show follicles, you require to repeat your FSH and LH levels on 3rd day and 16th day of menstrual cycle, thereafter you require specific treatment to hyper-stimulate your ovaries to form follicles (eggs).

Dr. Sahetya

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