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You are here Home > Recipes > South Indian Cuisine > Soft & Fluffy Idlis Recipe

Starters and Snacks Recipe by Indiaparenting

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1 cup black gram dal (udad)
1cup boiled rice
1 cup raw rice
cup oil
salt to taste

Soak the udad dal and the boiled and raw rice separately in water for 3 hours. Then grind the udad dal to a fine paste. Next grind the rice together into a coarse paste. Now, use both your hands to mix both the pastes and add salt. Cover and keep overnight.

Next morning, mix the batter well. Make sure that you grease the idli moulds before pouring the batter. Fill the moulds about and then steam them for about 20 minutes. After awhile, open the idli cooker and demould the hot, steaming idlis with the help of a blunt knife.

Feedback on recipe
Name: Jayashree
City:   Mineapolis USA
Comments:   Hi, I stay in USA and here I get rices like long grain rice and parboiled rice so how do I do idlies in that. Tell me the ratio to make soft and fluffy idlies in these rice varieties.

Name: neelam
City:   California, US
Comments:   i wanted to ask you many things. Actually u haven't mentioned anything about baking soda. Does the batter ferment well without baking soda in winter. Moreover i have a stainless steel idli mould which doesn't fit well into my cooker. So can i use the same mould to cook the idlis in microwave?

Name: munira
City:   canada
Comments:   what is boiled rice? is it cooked rice or what? does any raw rice do or I will need some special kind.

Name: vibha
City:   chicago
Comments:   Friends i don't know if boiled rice means parboiled or cooked rice but i also live in the USA so here is what i do may be it might help u guys. I take 1-cup of urad dal and i start from 3,4, or 5 cups of long grain rice i mean in 1:3or 1:4 or 1:5 ratio for dal and rice soak them seperately for few hrs atleast 3 to 4 hrs grind them seperately,i grind dal very very fine(add a handful of cooked rice or poha soaked in water while you grind the dal) and rice a bit coarse mix them in a large bowl leaving space for fermentation add salt and a tea spoon sugar which helps the batter to ferment.Now mix both well and preheat your oven to 200 F and switch off the oven now place the batter inside the oven a let it ferment overnight,make sure to see tht oven remains warm before yo go to bed some times the oven gets cold. next morning see the batter fermented due to some reason if it did not work out pls re-heat the oven again and try for few more hrs(it happens specially in winter,i know its hard but cant help if u want idly's)when the batter is ready mould them to does't matter if the mould is steel,aluminium or any other.This batter makes 50-60 idlys. Tip:when u get bored of eating idlys use the same batter to make dosas actually with this batter u can make both. hope this helps

Name: vibha
City:   chicago
Comments:   i know its the whole recipe,it just don't look like a comment :)

Name: Pratibha
City:   Kentucky US,
Comments:   Hi, in this recipe , boiled rice is parboiled rice only. It make ur idlis real soft.

Name: Rose
City:   Exton,PA ,USA
Comments:   For soft idlis soak urud dal and boiled rice in the ratio(1:4) add little methi seed while soaking.After soaking for about 4 hours grind adding salt and add a pinch of yeast to ferment it.In 12 hours the batter will be ready to make fluffy idlis.

Name: kavitha giri
City:   cleveland,ohio
Comments:   Hi guys, here is my recipe, in which u get good idli's.My friends are all using this recipe only. THINGS NEEDED; a)Urud dhal=1cup and a handful of it. b)Long grain rice=5and 1/4 cups c)Parboiled rice(Uncle ben's-name of the brand,u get in all american shops)=3/4th cup. d)Fenugreek seeds(venthayam)=A pinch(counting maybe 20-25) METHOD: 1)SOAK URUD DHAL FOR 5 HOURS WITH FENUGREEK SEEDS. 2)SOAK LONG GRAIN RICE AND PARBOILED RICE FOR THE SAME TIME(5HRS). 3)THEN GRIND URUD DHAL FIRST AND KEEP SEPARATELY. 4)GRIND THE RICE AND MIX WITH THE GROUNDED URUD DHAL PASTE. 5)MIX WELL WITH ADING SALT TO IT. 6)IF U GRIND IT EVENING THEN IT WILL FERMENT OVERNIGHT AND THE BATTER WILL BE READY FOR THE NEXT DAY MORNIND BREAKFAST. This recipe gives good idli and u can make dosa too in this batter.Enjoy it and give me feedback.bye.

Name: Tarladalal
City:   Bankok
Comments:   I thought it was so waste that nobody can even eat it including our java.

Name: Ashwadi
City:   Dubai
Comments:   Hello everyone. I live in dubai and would like to know the recipe for soft nad fluffy idli. i have idli rice , U rad dal, Methi seedswith me. What do u mean by par boilred rice ?

Name: sandra
City:   kalgoorlie-w.a
Comments:   Here in Kalgoorlie , we don´ t get raw rice but we do get long grain rice, basmati rice and parboiled rice.I love my idlies and dosas. Could any of these grains I´ ve mentioned help to make good idlies and dosas?If so ,please let me know about the proportions too.Thank you.

Name: Deepa
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   Hi,Can anyone tell me abt how to prepare Idly batter using Idly Rawa and black gram in a wet grinder?

Name: C G Gopinathan
City:   Mumbai - India
Comments:   Many of you guys & ladies are confused about Rice usage.1. Raw rice is Long Grain Rice2.Boiled Rice is Par Bioled Rice, the color will be little dull.3. Udad Dal u get every store in U S. The secret lies in Grinding Dal with Soaked Fenugreek, first. Then, in the same bowl, grind rice with Salt. After this mix both the batter in a bowl and leave it for 6 hours if day or 10 hours if night. Then use the fermented batter to have " Lovely Fluffy Idlies" . Enjoy and let me have your comments!!!

Name: Susmitha
City:   DubaiN.R.I
Comments:   Thanks > C G Gopinathan Yourfeed back really husband and kids loved the soft & idli´ s. Do u know the recipe for kerala chickenfish biryani?

Name: RAJI
City:   DUBAI
Comments:   Hi Raw rice white rice are the one directy obtained from paddy. boiloed rice is prepared from the same paddy but the paddy itself is socked overnight then it is semi bioled and made them to dry in the shade then the husk is removed. these two rices are different in their colour, taste, and cooking time even in their glycemic index(effeciency to convert in to energy) for making idly boiled rice only be used dont use microwave for stainless steel vessles. insted we can use kadai with cover. but it will take little longer time to cook

Name: RAJI
City:   DUBAI
Comments:   Hi Raw rice white rice are the one directy obtained from paddy. boiloed rice is prepared from the same paddy but the paddy itself is socked overnight then it is semi bioled and made them to dry in the shade then the husk is removed. these two rices are different in their colour, taste, and cooking time even in their glycemic index(effeciency to convert in to energy) for making idly boiled rice only be used dont use microwave for stainless steel vessles. insted we can use kadai with cover. but it will take little longer time to cook

Name: A Koltun
City:   San Francisco
Comments:   I tried making dosas using urad dal and brown basmati rice, for a variation on flavor. I ground the two together after soaking them and the dosas had an excellent flavor. What I found very interesting is that the batter once made, will ferment by itself, with no need to add a starter. The one thing you have to do is allow enough time for fermentation to occur. If your weather is warm to hot, 12 hours is good and 24 hours will give you a nicely tangy product. It may take longer in cold weather.

Name: Revathi
City:   london
Comments:   Gopinath, what a wonderful community it is out here! I just have 2 questions for IDLI batter: 1. are parboiled, ponni and idli rice all the same? 2. when recipes say " boiled" rice should I actually boil the rice? 3. Does pohabeaten rice help

Name: Rohan
City:   Toronto
Comments:   All semi boiled rice is called as Par boiled rice. Idli rice is one among par boiled rice. Idli rice is more ideal, the next best is par boiled rice for Idli´ s. I have done lot of research on it and I make very soft idlis. My wife recently honoured me with doctrate for my research on idli´ s.

Name: Sangeetha Narayanan
City:   Boca Raton FL
Comments:   Hello kavitha giri , I would like to try your recipe. But before that I would like to know about the ural dhal. Do you mean we will have to use the whole urad dhal or the split ones? Thanks, Sangeetha

Name: Tejaswini Ganesh
City:   Chennai Tamil Nadu
Comments:   Hi soak two and a half cup of par boiled rice and in another vessel soak three fourth cup of whole urad dal, 2tsps of poha and quarter spoon of methi seeds. After 5 hrs grind rice into a coarse paste take it aside. Grind dal ito a fine paste. Mix together well using hands. add salt. Ferment for 810 hrs overnight. next mrng add ltl cooking soda and steam idlis for 10 mins. it really makes fluffy soft idlis!

Name: deepa
City:   baltimore
Comments:   Hi, can anyone please tell me how to use parboiled basmati rice?Can i make briyani with par boiled basmati rice?

Name: ab
City:   ab
Comments:   boiled, parboiled, raw are all DIFFERENT! using each of these gives different qualities in the idly. (unfortunately most of you are wrong and equate boiled and parboiled) depending on this, sometimes idly turns out to be sticky, or dosa doesnt turn red, etc. same with using yeast vs methi vs eno vs yogurt for fermentation. it gives different kind of culture in the batter which makes the taste different. now using poha, methi, yeast, changing proportions are all tricks to get the idly right, given we all have different ingredients. so people! when you post, please don´ t give generic advice and statements about what is what. let us know what you exactly used, and if it worked well for you. and what didnt work.

Name: Krishnakumar
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   Try " Chennai Chef" Idli & Dosa Batter for authentic Soft Idli & Dosa.

Name: joe thomas
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   very unfortunate to use your recomendation i got to dump due to insects presence

Name: V.bhuvaneswari
City:   dindigul tamil nadu
Comments:   your recipe is good. My sister adds fenugreek for idli batter also. But I don´ t since fenugreek added batter will be really good for dosa only, as per my knowledge. Is it is necessary or must for idly batter also to get soft idlis? My proportion is 1 cup of boiled rice and 14 cup of urud dal. 1:14. Advise please.

Name: v.bhuvaneswari
City:   dindigul tamil nadu
Comments:   Name: V.bhuvaneswari City: dindigul tamil nadu Comments: your recipe is good. My sister adds fenugreek for idli batter also. But I don´ t since fenugreek added batter will be really good for dosa only, as per my knowledge. Is it is necessary or must for idly batter also to get soft idlis? My proportion is 1 cup of boiled rice and quarter cup of urud dal. 1:quarter cup Advise please.

Name: Raja
City:   mumbai
Comments:   hi, this seems a very good platform , why don´ t we use this for a group with other (nice ONLY) talks too...

Name: deepthi nelson
City:   bangalore
Comments:   hi, i have tried everything possible to make idlis softer, but its not working ...the batter does not ferment at all...pls help..

Name: A Rao
City:   NJ USA
Comments:   Can someone please give me the ratio to make Idlies with Uncle Ben´ s Paraboiled rice? I also have the long grain rice..looking forward to your response. Thanks

Name: hemant
City:   dubai
Comments:   visit Hypermarket and get Ready to eat Idli make Atta ...Put it In water for 78 hrs and next day make good idlis......

Name: Revathi J
City:   T.Nagar Chennai
Comments:   In my opinion the quality of rice(it changes from species to species and also the age of rice) is solely responsible for the quality of iddly.One has to be lucky.Or in other words one has to mix the God´ s Providence along with the mixture.More philosophical than practical and scientific!!?? Yeh!.Well I am making iddlies every week for the past 35 years.So beginners don´ t lose heart.!!

Name: Ratna
City:   dubai
Comments:   Thanks for the info; Mr.Gopisaab

Name: shabana
City:   jeddah
Comments:   in idli batter and for dosa for fermentation or to make it soft add raw coconut it in freezer use when required

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Name: Archana
City:   RichmondVA
Comments:   hi is one simple tip to make soft idly´ s.while grinding dhal and rice should grind separately and when grinding dhal we should grind for longer time by adding little water in the middle,we can barely see dhal will come out like creamy...thats the consistency...uradh dhal wil makes the idly softier...

Name: ashokambalam
City:   Chennai
Comments:   Nice, to see so many fans for Idly, Don´ t you guys get the ready to use wet flour batter for making Idly dosa.

Name: ariff
City:   bangalore
Comments:   in these recipe which idli is softer pl inform me

Name: shilpa
City:   hyd
Comments:   thanks to u all,u all have given a nice clarification about idlis

Name: swathi bhargavi
City:   uk
Comments:   is pre fluffed rice and boiled rice same? please suggest

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