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First Aid For Electric Shock

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Children, especially toddlers, love sticking their little fingers anywhere and everywhere, especially into plug points and sockets. The human body is a good conductor of electricity, and contact with a live power source can cause significant burns, or may interfere with the heart's electrical system.

Everyone has received minor electric shocks sometime or the other, which are no cause for concern. But once in a while, a lose wire or a faulty household appliance can shock the life out of you - literally. Most of the
fatal electric shocks happen at home. 

Here's what you can do if it happens in your home. 

  • The victim usually gets stuck to the source of the electricity, and it is important that you first separate him from the electrical source.
  • Turn off the power supply switch and disconnect the plug. It's best to simply turn off the main power supply or pull out the fuse. Often, simply turning off the switch may not stop the flow of electricity.
  • In certain circumstances it may be quicker to simply pull the victim away from the electrical source.
  • Do NOT touch the victim with your bare hands, or the electric current will pass through you as well.
  • If you are barefoot, stand of some clothes or any hand non-conductive material like wood or paper. Make sure you are not standing on anything that is wet.
  • Throw a blanket over the victim and try to separate him from the source. Maje sure you don't touch him though. You could also use dry, nonconductive material such as a wooden broom handle or a chair to separate the victim from the live current. whatever is handy.
  • Once the victim has been separated, check to see if he is breathing. If breathing has stopped or seems slow, administer CPR immediately.
  • Let his head be slightly lower than the rest of the body, and raise his legs.
  • Cover the victim with a blanket.
  • Move the victim as little as possible. He may have suffered injuries to his spine and neck.
  • If the victim has a burn, remove the clothing from the burned area (unless it's stuck to the skin) and rinse it in cool, running water. Cover the burn with a dressing.
  • Don't apply ice or any other ointment or cotton dressing to the burn.
  • Call for emergency medical attention as soon as possible.

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Me.6 years ago
why do you get stuck to the outlet when you are having an electric shock?
John.6 years ago
how do you do first aid on a victim of electric shock?
christopher.6 years ago
i want to be a doter
jamie.6 years ago
what happens when you do electric shock bearfoot?
dan.6 years ago
i just got shocked and i was jirating and it was scary
claire.6 years ago
what is the first aid you proceder for electric shock
gbenjo.6 years ago
i just got electric shock in my house
Ricky.6 years ago
i was shocked once and was sent to hospitial
DALTON.6 years ago
it had good information
camille.6 years ago
i almost died then suddenly, after a few seconds, i have recovered and gain power
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