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Child Psychologist

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Many parents shudder at the idea of showing their child to a child psychologist. What! My child is not crazy! Why does he need to see a psychologist? And then the old school of thought so prevalent in our society. Our parents, grandparents and great grandparents never saw psychologists, and they were fine, weren't they? This is just a silly fad!

Most people, by they time they become parents, forget what it was like to be a child. When you are a child, you often get taken for granted. Your opinions are discarded, and your wishes don't count. How often have you seen children crying because their parents took them shopping or to run some errands and then ignore the child's pleas to go back home? How often do you shut a child up by saying the words "Because I said so!" without providing a reasonable explanation? While all this certainly does not constitute bad parenting, it may provide insights into your child's behaviour. Childhood is a complicated time. A child's demands are high, and these demands tend to get overlooked often. Your child has to go 'urgently' to a friend's party, while you take your time coming home, wrapping up the present and dropping him off, with the result that your child starts crying and you laugh off your child's tears saying "Don't be silly, we will be there in some time." After all, in your mind, it is not important, but in your child's mind, this party was going to be the best party of her life, and it was the most important event ever for your child.

These are the years when your child is developing his personality, and the way you bring him up plays a crucial part in his personality development.


Most parents believe that all you really need to do is discipline your children and at the same time, show them that you love them, and that should be more than enough. However, it isn't. Your child may grow up to be polite, well mannered and intelligent, but he may still have some self-esteem issues. You will find that such a child only truly builds his personality once he leaves home to study in another city or country. If you are a strict disciplinarian, make it a point to be equally disciplined yourself when it comes to coping with your child's reasonable demands. If you make it a point to ensure your child finishes his homework before going to that party, also make it a point to be there on time to drop him off and pick him up.

There may be certain things you say and do as a well meaning parent, which causes your child to feel bad about himself through no fault of your own. 8 year old Aryan would flare up everytime his parents asked him to clean up his room, because this feeing was compounded with a feeling of guilt that he hadn't yet cleaned it up, a feeling of inadequacy for being unable to clean it up, and a feeling of anger directed towards the parents, who just didn't understand that he wanted to clean it up and has cleaned up a part of it, but the just do not appreciate that. You as a parent are totally justified in your demands, but your child is going through a range of emotions which he cannot discuss with you or with his friends, as not many young children discuss their parental problems with their friends. The best person to discuss this with would be a child psychologist. The psychologist serves as a medium between you and your child, and will be able to accurately convey your child's feelings to you, and you would be able to modify your behavior accordingly. In addition, children feel important when they are being listened to, and when their feelings and wants are been taken into consideration. Often a parent may be too busy or otherwise occupied to listen to their child, and while they may not realise it, their child may feel extremely hurt by what they perceive as a snub. Yes, they will forgive you and go on to play elsewhere, but when it happens a second, third and fourth time, it will certainly show up in their personality development. A child psychologist will be able to bring this to your attention.

How often should your child see a psychologist is entirely upto you, but a child should see one often enough, in order to develop a rapport. You could perhaps arrange for your child to visit the school psychologist once a week or once in two weeks, especially if you feel your child displays feelings of anger and aggression, is extremely shy or is weak in his studies. Do not under any circumstances convey to your child that it is a big deal to be seeing a psychologist. It is not, and many parents whose children regularly visit psychologists swear by them. According to Nita Sharma, whose both children see a psychologist once in two weeks, "Every child should see a psychologist. I don't believe that something should be 'wrong' with your child."
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Pooja.5 months ago
HI, my son following some issues like He doesn't want to study, or play any sports activity . He has a capability but lack of interest so suggest me any good psychologist nearby
Anju.5 months ago
I have a 6yrs daughter who is in 2nd grade. She is the only child hence has been reluctant to share things and had a habit of trying to misbehave with other kids.
of late she has become very stubborn n tries to get things done her way. i was wondering if counselling session would be of help to us n how can we know more about this .
Megha.5 months ago
I am from Bangalore and my son is 5 years old. Can you please suggest a few child psychologist and their details
Jitendra Parmar.7 months ago
I am from Ahmedabad. My daughter is 4 yrs old and I need contact details of child counselor in Ahmedabad.
.1 year ago
Hi I am Geetanjali Kalia (Child Psychologist). Yes,surely m still practicing at ludhiana itself. For any appointments you can reach me through email.My email id is
mrs. sharma.1 year ago
hi...actually my daughter is very arrogant type girl... some times she pretend that she is very intelligent and some type she is like very stubborn girl and fool type things doing..may be she is 7+ i really don't know how ca n manage her. am working women and second thing am single mother... am in very tension, hoe can i control her...pls help me and give some best tips abt her... thanks..
Alok.1 year ago
Hi Manu,
you are right in choice of the doctor. Dr Dherandra is really good. He words in delhi and in Noida, he is with Apollo Hospital. you can mail him at and his website is you can easily find his details on net.
Manu.1 year ago
I have come to know that Dr Dherandra Kumar, who is one of the best child psychologists in Delhi has started sitting in Noida. Can somebody give me his address, please?
PALS for Children.2 years ago
We at PALS provide Psychological-Academic- Learning Services at Rajouri Garden, Delhi. Child Psychology is not only about behavioural or emotional problems but also about instilling positive traits and to promote awareness aong children regarding various aspects. Our Director Ms. Deepali Batra (Child & Clinical Psychologist) is actively working in all these areas. For more details you can contact us on
nihal.3 years ago
i think its very difficult to understand a child..they have many thoughts in the mind which we cant understand
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