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Name: Editor Reiki is based on the premise that energy is the fundamental nature of existence and that the human body, its thoughts and emotions, can all be expressed in terms of energy oscillating at different frequencies. Reiki is a form of energy medicine, which uses a simple hands-on healing technique.
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Name: reiki24x7
Subject:  Explaining reiki in my own words
Explaining reiki in few lines is difficult, still i give it a try.

You have an energy body surrounding u called Aura. Its a system that brings positive energy inside and throws the negative outside. It also stores ur thoughts, feeling, emotions, etc. And this is responsible for ur attitude towards life. If the balance of any of the above things disturb in Aura, it ultimately comes to ur physical body as a disease. And many other diseases comes in the aura first and then comes to ur body.

Now reiki is a method by which u can BALANCE YOUR AURA, just by laying ur hands on ur body. As simple as that. I mean really, Say u r stressed out after a days work(or have some headache). You can switch on the TV for ur favorite program just sit comfortably and lay ur hands on ur head. Reiki will flow and heal u !!!

So u dont need detailed knowledge about the diseases and all. U just lay ur hands and then reiki and ur aura(/body) will HANDLE the rest of the things.

So if u become a 1st degree reiki channel. all u need to do is do reiki regularly for say 30 minutes and u will get positive energy and happiness in life.

Last but not the least. Once u learn reiki, u can heal others in the same way as u heal urself.
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