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Unexplained Infertility:Good place for IVF in Bangalore
Name: KS Hi,
Can anyone tell me if they know of any good fertility specialist in Bangalore. I live in USA and my fertility specialist has asked me to go for IVF. Since it is very expensive in USA, i want to give it a try in india. I also need to know for how long i need to go there. If you know about anyone who has done this, please write to me.
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Name: sapna
Subject:  IVF Clinics in Bangalore
Hi, Other than BACC and Gunasheela, are there any other reputed IVF clinics in Bangalore? Can anyone please tell me?

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Name: bharthi
Subject:  ivf centers in bang
i wanted to know whether there are any other ivf centers other than gunasheela or kamini roa, because i have already been to gunasheela there they dont take any personal care and r very rude. so pls pls do tell me other than this. thank u
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Name: Deepa
Subject:  Whr u got ur IVF done?
Hi Sakthi,
I hv been trying for a baby since last 5 yrs. now need to get IVF done but v much confused whr we shud get it done.
Can I know how u got ur babies. Was it n aturally or thru IVF?
whr did u got IVF done?
Best place to get it done in Bangalore.
or may be in Chennai.
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Name: sakthi
Subject:  Comment about Dr. Kamala Selvaraj, Chennai
I live abroad. I have been trying for a baby for 8 years. I have done all kinds of treatments. I went to G.G. Hospital to meet Dr. Kamala selvaraj. I waited to meet her from 7.30am to 3.00pm. I paid 10,000 rupees for consultation and blood tests. Then finally when i met her she didnt even read my records and said i cannot have a baby and told the nurse to schedule me for laprascopy. she didnt even read that i did laprascopy few months before and no problem found. When i tried to ask her question she didnt even answer me and she was very rude. According to my experience i will definitely NOT recomend. Few other people we met in the hospital also have similar experiences. Anyway with gods grace i recently had twin babies. Good luck to you.
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Name: Swati
Subject:  Prashant Hospital
Hi friends.
I have been under treatment for Unexplained infertility. I am now going to Dr. Geetha HariPriya of Prashant Hospital in Chennai.
I conceived in my 4th cycle with her treatment (naturally), but unfortunately has an ectopic pregnancy, so miscarried it. Am now again going to her. Am very happy with her treatment. I have heard lot of IVF success stories in the hospital. Though the place is crowded, results seem to be good. Just wanted to recommend this place to people who dont know. You need to have lots of patience as the waiting time is huge. But for this, it is a good place.
All the best.
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Name: Jeya
Subject:  IVF
Thanks for your comment so which doctor you will suggest in Chennai? How long you stayed? How much you spend? please advice.
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Name: GC
Subject:  Abt IVF
Hi! Sakthi
Can you let me kno if not Dr Kamala selvaraj then whoelse is reliable in chennai.
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Name: bharthi
Subject:  can u let me how u got it done and where.
hi shakthi,
can u tell me ur story where u got it done. because i also had my laproscopic done and all other test done. so i dont want to get it done again as mine is unexplained infertility. so please tell me ur story
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Name: GS
Subject:  Where did you do IVF
Hi Sakthi,
We are planning to go to Chennai for IVF. After reading your comments, me and my wife are having second thoughts about going to G.G.Hospital. If not G.G, where did you go? Can you recommend us one?
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Name: H
Subject:  IVF
Hi KS,

Though there are facilities avialble in Bangalore to do IVF, I would strongly suggest you going to Dr.Kamala Selvaraj at Madras(Chennai). The hospital is called G.G. Hospital in Numgambakkam. Though the hospital does not look jazzy, they are very systematic and professional in their approach and are not money minded.
I live in Bangalore and after consulting many here and also doing IVFs here in Bangalore later we decided to go to Dr.Kamala Selvaraj and now I do not regret the decision (Though it calls for travelling between Bangalore and Chennai)Further it is bit cheaper there too.
To do an IVF the wife needs to stay for a more than a week or so and the husban can be there for a 2/3 days. This is per cycle of IVF. If you are lucky you would succeed the first time.
If you are going there for the first time (with all your previous test reports) then to do all the tests you may need to spend 2/3 days, the first time.

Best of Luck and my best wishes for you to be a parent soon.

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Name: selvi
Subject:  GG hospital
can you please write me how much you spent for this IVF treatment.I am also from abroad and I also didnot get good impression on GG hospital and Kamala .
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Name: Revathy
Subject:  Kamala Selvaraj Email Id

Pls give me Dr. Kamala Selvaraj email id, as we want to go for treatment with her.

Pls help me.

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Name: vnsd
Subject:  request for information
Hello H,

I read your email and thank you for the information you've put in there. It really helps. Please let me know if we need to take the tests again such as laproscopy, HSG, etc. even if we have already taken them. How many attempts of IVF did you try, if it's ok to ask. Please, please let me know. Any information in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,
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Name: Reetu
Subject:  Info required
Hi H,

I live in banglore. Next month I will doing first IVF cycle in Gunasheela IVF Centre, Bangalore. Do you have any experience with them? It will very helpful if you can share your experience with any Bangalore infertility center. We visited BACC (Dr, Kamini Rao) inferitility center. We were really frustrated with their behavior. They are very much money minded. They dont care patients feeling and emototion. Doctors and hospital staff is also very rude.

It will be helpful if you can suggest any good place in Bangalore for IVF.

Thanks in advance
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Name: GS
Subject:  Need more details of GG Hospital from H
Hi H,
Hope you read this message. We live in Singapore and so far we have tried 1 IVF and 1 FET without success. We are planning to have the last FET by next month. If that is not successful, we will be going to Dr.Kamala Selvaraj of GG Hospital. Can you share about your experiences in detail. How many IVF's overall you did before it was successful. In GG, do they repeat all the tests again? Our case is unexplained infertility. Me and my wife are becoming very desparate about this..
Appreciate your reply. Thanks !
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Name: KS
Subject:  IVF
Hi H,
Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question. I will definately consider it.
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Good place for IVF in Bangalore

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Good place for IVF in Bangalore

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Good place for IVF in Bangalore

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