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Diet and Exercise:Constipation in Pregnanacy
Name: Tanvi
I am tanvi, i am in 15 weeks of my twin pregnancy and i am having severe constipation from last one week.
Pls advise me how to overcome from this problem

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Name: bindu
Subject:  constipation
Hi Tanvi,
Congrats to you .
This is what i do and it has helped me alot .
Morning at around 11 i have coconut water and it helps.U can also have beetroot, palak.
Am also sending u this article for constipation, go thru it :-
• Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day start off your morning with warm water if you don' t find it nauseating.

• Drink fruit juices, especially prune juice. Eat dried fruits, prunes, figs and apricots in particular

• Abdominal massage is not advisable and a definite no-no during pregnancy

• Avoid empty calorie foods such as jelly, cakes, ice-cream minimize caffeine and fizzy beverages

• Start your mornings in a relaxed manner preferably with a warm beverage or water whichever you are comfortable with

• Get plenty of exercises walking and swimming are safe and appropriate during pregnancy unless advised otherwise by your doctor

• Get enough fiber from food especially fruits and vegetables, cereals (oats and bran. Bran and water go hand in hand ensure you drink sufficient water else the bran will aggravate your constipation. Remember the more fiber you ingest the more fluids you will need

• Eat fresh and lightly cooked foods vegetables and fruits, high fiber cereals. Avoid processed and pre-cooked, instant meals as much as possible

• Don' t take any laxatives without your doctor' s okay some laxatives may cause painful contractions of the bowel that may have repercussions on the uterus.

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Name: siya
Subject:  constipation
you may want get test for your TSH harmone. bacause this cause constipation too. and this is very necessary be in range for baby growth.
you can eat 5-6 daily ( munakka) look like rasin ( kishmish). and you can get it in any grocery store. ( parchoon ki dukan)
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& Answers to Topic :
Constipation in Pregnanacy

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& Answers to Topic :
Constipation in Pregnanacy

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You ever wanted in one place.
No need to go anywhere else.
& Answers to Topic :
Constipation in Pregnanacy

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