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Getting Pregnant:Infertility problem
Name: Samiira About 10% of Indian women have PCOD/PCOS. I suppose your gynecologist is treating you. There are good websites and online support groups for PCOD. You must understand your condition really well and dispel any myths and notions you have about it.

Lots of women get pregnant despite PCOD without fertility treatments. Because PCOD does not mean you become infertile, but yes, since you have ovarian cysts, ovulation is compromised. Nothing that a good gynecologist can' t fix.

A side effect of PCOD is depression. You may feel low and this may cause you to worry and be sad. Remember that when any secreting gland does not function well, or there is hormonal imbalance [glands such as the ovaries, thyroid, pancreas...] there is a chance you may have mood swings and some depression and anxiety.

Join a good yoga class. Get involved in more than just your work/education, get a hobby or revive an old hobby. Surround yourself with positive people.

As for marriage. Its up to you if you want to tell your prospective husband about your condition. I would not hide it. You would hate it if he hid his health conditions from you. Some people [especially in India] literally behave as if they have been cheated and then they tell their whole family about it.... you know how Indian men are!! Insecure and in need of control.

So like I said its up to you but I would not want a man who could not help me handle my health issues.

Also, usually you are advised to NOT delay pregnancy if you have PCOD, so don' t be scared and worried.

I hope you will read this and I also hope you will reply to me and tell me what you think.

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Infertility problem

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Infertility problem

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Infertility problem

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