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India Parenting
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Diet and Exercise:Indian food items to avoid during pregnancy
Name: gowri manoharan
Is there a list of indian food items to avoid during pregnancy?
Like, ginger, ripe mango, etc?

Name: lakshika
Subject:  ..
hey what are the things to be avoided while pregnancy???like roaming and all that
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Name: suga
Subject:  dates
is dates really harmful while planning for pregancy or already pregnant, what do they cause, i am so worried as i eat 2-3 dates everyday, please reply.
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Name: Ladies
Subject:  Re
Hey u can avoid taking more dates since it is helpful for constipation problem.
Take foods rich in folic acid the will help u to help a lot in childs growth.

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Name: sufiyaa
Subject:  to eat

FOOD NOT to eat: dates, pappaya, astefoda(spelling?), cut down the mango, and stuff that are considered warm fruits. warm stuff will lead to dialating (so u' ll want to have them at the end if u really want)

To eat : absolute recommendation is FLAX SEED for omega ....thats the best you could do for the baby as far as i is excellent for brain development and eyesight and so on. also drink lots of water and juice but please have pure fruit juice (better yet eat them as fruits) bought juices contain unnecessary amount of sodium (if u read it) .. and even if it says PURE juice in the bottle somewhere along the box it' ll say it is concentrated.. dont fall for it... it doesnt help with anything.. as for vitamin C.. it is an added vitamin in almost all kind of drinks ...its just the flavour and i dont see any reason to miss it... but u need other nutriends.. so i say FRUIT is the way to go
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Name: st
Subject:  wht to eat
congrats first of all. what ever you eat or drink keep in mind tht it is going to yur baby also. too much acidic foods could be the reason of nausea. and remember that in your first trimester doctor may not giv you heavy dosage of any medicine. like if yu gt sored throat thn you have to bear. drink water 8 to 10 glasses it wil help. drink warm milk. take good rest.
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Name: tm
Subject:  hai!!
nausea during preganancy is unescapable thing.but luckiliy come moms dont have it.still it will get better fromur 4th month.i had it very severe till the first week of my 4th month.
all u have to do is,even if u throwup keep eating small frequent healthy meals.drink plenty of juice if u can t drink doc recommended(de caffienated) SPIRIT.but apart from tht guava fruit helped me get water i was eating lots of grapes and melon(they have high water content in it)just see to tht u dont get cold cos of them.
dont worry with the pills it will get better soon.and in no time u will be eating everything u feel like..
this too shall pass..
just be relaxed,exerciseand keep ur body fully hydrated.
all the best and congrats
tm !!
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Name: tm
Subject:  hai!!
the two items u have listed is very important during pregnancy.ginger to aoid gas whihc will be a big task thruout the pregnancy and ripe mangoes r nothing harmful.
only thing u shud always remember is eat in less quantities but very frequent meals will do good.ur digestion process will be easy tht way.gaseous items,fried items,junks like chips,chocolates creamy cakes,coffee(once ina day wont do harm) can be avoided during pregnancy.
as long as u feel ok with a food u can eat anything.
hydrate urself whole day with ,ots of fluids,drink plenty of fruits rich in vit-c like oranges.
grapes r very good for the baby.
during ur ninth month u can start having almonda and nuts regularly as the baby will gain healthy weight at tht time..
all the best
tm !!
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Name: Raga
Subject:  to gowri - try this for nausea
Hi Gowri,

Congrats on your pregnancy. Try taking salt biscuit early morning before you get out of your bed. Just a quickly brush your teeth and get back into bed and keep salt biscuits next to your bed. Eat 2-3 biscuits and lie down for abt 15-20 min before you hit the day.

Also within next 1/2 to 1 hour eat your breakfast. and keep taking small quantities of food at regular intervals of time. Ginger tea is a good remedy too for nausea.

This prevents formation of acidity in your stomach. The key is to eat somethng before you get the hunger pangs.

Good Luck. Do Try this and let me know if this works for you.
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Name: gowri manoharan
Subject:  thanks for ur idea?
hii tm,
thank u very much for ur guidence,and iam in 10 weeks of pregnancy, and having severe nausea for 3 weeks, it is controlled by pills also,i am not even able to havev water....

and sumtime i am tempted to have ginger tea, pani poori water...
which reliefs me from nausea...

i am confused atthis time,
what to have ...

is thr any tips to come across this....


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Indian food items to avoid during pregnancy

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