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Normal Delivery:Doctors in Hyd
Name: Tulipz
Based on the posts here and info gathered from other sources, I' ve made a list of gynics in Hyd. Please share your experiences with each and help me choose the best. I' m looking for a friendly doctor with good patience, who supports normal deliveries. I want a hospital that has the best facilities and offers an epidural.

1. Dr Evita Fernandez- Fernandez Hospitals
2. Dr Kasturi - Fernandez Hospitals
3. Dr Shashikala - Vivekananda Hospitals.
4. Dr Hemalatha - Parvathi Nursing Home, Secbad
5. Dr Pranitha Reddy - Rainbow Hospitals

Please feel free to refer other doctors too.

Thanks a lot :)
Name: Vijaya
Subject:  Dont Prefer Dr. Kasturi
Please do not prefer this hospital. Their main target is normal deliver count and money. I' ve spent around 1L in this hospital. Inspite of that my kid is suffering with brain disorder due to doctor negligence. Dr.Name is Kasturi. Plz Plz think twice. Take care of your kid.
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Name: Shachi
Subject:  gynae in hyd
Dr. Manjula of Care hospital .I got my delivery done there. She is a good doctor .
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Name: Srikky
Subject:  Gynecologist
Hi Sachi,
Could you pls provide further details about Mr.Manjula devi..Pls
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Name: jhanshi
Subject:  doctor
Dr. Kalpana Alexander
Maatrika hospital
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Name: Vishwasri
Subject:  I want to have a boy ..Pls. help me
Pls. help me..I want to have a boy in anyway. my husband family have five girls i want a boy is there any way that this can happen I was told to try the chineese calendar does that help?What is the website for the chinese calender to determine whether your having a boy or a girl? i heard about this, but don' t know hat website to trust. I' m very curious to find out.
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Name: sneha
Subject:  to vishashari
are u lady????hwat do u tink is the benefit in ting is maybe they can lit the pyre according to hindu customs.ALL THE OTHER THINGS WAT ALL A MALE DOES SO DOES FEMALE.dont u know ladies whoa all are workin.defenitely they re all someone´ s daughters.
u know wat iam preg with my child parents and many people says gals are we females are better at taking care. actually in old age our parents require more care n love than money.
the indian ratio for male to female 1000:927 taht mans tehre is a lack of almost 73 females .this ratio is bound to inc.imagine an india were all males are unmmarried,coz there are no females.
actually chinese calendar is for fun there is no scientific proof. my cousin who is preg now ,according to chinese calendar its gal.she scanned and found it as boy.ummm.
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Name: gauri
Subject:  hi
go to google search and type chinese calender you will get hte list
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Name: rati
Subject:  Have some shame
In which world are u living ???????.Does education teach us this thing only what will a male child give to u ?security in old age -that means u want to have babies for ur own selfish interest .Anyways forums like this are for helping each other not for gender selections & promotions .I request all the other members to disregard such mails .Shame on u
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Name: Sahithya
Subject:  Reply to Tulipz -2
Hi Tulipz,
Yes i had an epidural delivery with Dr.Hemalatha.She generally will ask you to remind her at around 36 weeks when she will arrange a consultation with her anaesthetist.
Dr.Ranjiv was the anesthetist who gave me the epidural and he is excellent.He gives a small injection in the back and the pain is near gone, towards the end he reduced the medicine so that i would help in pushing the baby and that was it. Im definately going for an epidural for my next baby also.

Even those 3 hours without the injection were horrible - Apparantly they cant give you the medicine till you are ready and thus innitially i had to bear the pain for a while.

Best of luck
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Name: tulipz
Subject:  To Sahithya
Thanks a lot for the info. I´ m meeting Dr Hemalatha today. Will keep you updated on this.
Software consultant-Blore-hyd rings some bells...Do u work for Infy? Please give me your mail id so that I can keep in touch.

Thanks again,

With Good Wishes,
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Name: Sahithya
Subject:  Reply to Tulipz
Hi Tulipz,
I was in the same boat as you in 2006 when i was also new to hyderabad, having relocated from Bangalore when i was pregnant and was eagerly trying to find out a good gyneac for my delivery.
As both me and my husband are software consultants we enquired from among our friends and we were by and large recomended Dr.Hemalatha( Parvathi Nursing Home- Secunderabad).I had my daughter with her and to tell you the truth i enjoyed each and every moment of it.
She has a phenominal track record of conducting the most number of normal delivery and she practically sits with you till you deliver normally.She is very compasionate and understanding and really bonds with you. She makes you feel at home in her hospital.

The following are a few points which would help you choose a doctor for your delivery:

1. Choose a doctor who will be available 24X7 in the hospital- preferably who resides within the hospital premisis( Quite a few of them do reside in the hospital premisis ).It makes you feal very reassured that for an emergency you will at all times be able to get your doctor and not just her assistant or her junior doctor( My doctor lives within the hospital campus and she has a connection that gets her directly into the labour room complex from her house - which really reassured me during my labour)

2. Make sure that the doctor who you consult will be available for the delivery herself - in the night time or even at odd hours. Most of the doctors now believe in a group practise- like in Fernandez and Rainbow and in these hospitals as i am told the consultant you see for your monthly check ups may not be the one who will deliver you in case you go into labour at odd hours. Im sure the consultant on duty is well experienced but you will surely feel much better if you deliver with your own doctor who you have seen and interacted over the months and have developed a special relationship with. This is one of the reasons that i didnt go to Fernadez hospital- infact my first visit after my pregnancy was confirmed was with Dr.Evita Fernandiz at Fernandiz Hospital and i met a friend who was seeing her throughout her pregnancy and had gone in labour in the night and delivered with someone else.
That way i was rest assured that Dr.Hemalatha would be the one who would deliver me and thus i chose her. Insite of her having a number of assistant gynaecologists on duty she makes it a point to deliver each and every patient by herself- and im sure she can do that only if she resides within the premisis.

3. Choose your doctor and hospital by the track record of the doctor- im sure if you enquire with friends or relatives they will tell you who is the best. Any amount of advertisement by a hospital or a doctor in the media just shows that they are commercial in nature and they are doing it for money. I was shocked to hear the add about rainbow hospital on FM radio when i was driving regarding how good a hospital it was for pregnancy and delivery.
Do not choose a hospital and doctor who advertises on radio and tv.
Relatives and friends will direct you to the best person.

4. Choose a hospital that gives epidural anaesthesia. It is a wonder drug that helped so much when i was in labour- and mind you i was in labour for a good 14 hours.

5. Choose a patient friendly hospital that is clean and modern.

We had a wonderful experience with Dr.Hemalatha and i strongly recomend her to all my friends and collegues and also to you.Just meet her and visit her hospital and im sure the rest will talk for herself.

I hope i have helped you a little bit in trying to find a good doctor,

Best of luck,

Sahithya Rao

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Name: Tulipz
Subject:  Thanks for the reply
Hi Sahithya,
Thanks a lot for the reply. I´ m going to meet Dr Hemalatha this week. From your post I understand that she offers epidurals. How was ur experience with an epidural?

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