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  Unexplained Infertility: good ivf clinics in india
Name: neha
Date: 2005-06-09
hello everybody,
we want to go for ivf treatment in india. but don,t know abt any of the good clinics.can anyone tell me about their experiences and name of doctors which u have tried.i am very confused.please help.
Name: Ramya
Subject:  Need Egg Donor
Date: 2014-06-04
Dear Friends,

My cousin is in muscat, married and got settled with her husband. They had been trying to conceive for the past 4 years. The problem is my cousin eggs were of low quality and unable to produce the baby.

They are tamilians and native of chennai, so they want to go for an Egg Donor who has decent family background, educated and fair looking from TamilNadu.

Looking forward for your help.
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Name: Suma
Subject:  Egg DDonor
Date: 2014-06-06
Hi friend, you can approach the fertility centres, reg the egg donation programme. you can get the best matches if you go from doctors suggestion in the clinic.
All the best
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Name: deepak
Subject:  same experience for IVF clinic
Date: 2014-06-03
Hey Nayama,
I am happy for your successful treatment. I like to know that what you have felt for Srushti, that same feelings I felt for Morpheus IVF clinic. They have many branches so nobody have to pay more money traveling even I didn' t. Doctor' s are very good & understands patient feelings about treatment by the psychology.
Thanks Morpheus IVF.
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Name: Nayama
Subject:  My treatment in India
Date: 2014-06-02
Hi all, I am from US. I enquired about my treatment with some of the top centres in India and in particular at Chennai, because i am a tamilian, language may not be the barrier if i am in Chennai.

I got very quick and genuine responses from the coordinators and also got to talk with the doctor about my treatment before i arrived.

Currently undergoing treatment at Srushti and all ppl at srushti are very kind and genuine. dr sss spends good time and i feel like being at home.

i even got a chance to inspect their lab and they have good infrastructure which is at par with centres in the US.

Looking forward for the better results.
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Name: sugu
Subject:  srusti hospital
Date: 2014-07-24
Hi nayama,

let me know abt ur treatment in srushti and ur success...
am planning to take treatment there

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Name: Deepak
Subject:  I told you
Date: 2014-04-14
Hey jenny,
I know about Hinduja' s. Best way to take treatment from Morpheus IVF infertility center, India.
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Name: Jenny
Subject:  Worst IVF in Mumbai is Hinduja IVF
Date: 2014-04-11
The IVF treatment at Hinduja Hospital is a disaster. I would request, please never even think of trying such as absurd IVF Hospital.
I have been through IVF 2 time at Hinduja. First one went good but unfortunately could not conceive. Hence tryed second time and generated 13 eggs.
But the embryos were not good hence did not transferred it. Dr Kusum Zaveri suggested that the quality of the eggs are not that good hence to look for some egg donor.
This put me in a dalaima. If my eggs quality are bad ? then how can during my first IVF, I got good eggs and developed 3 good embryos. So I and my hubby decided to
carry on the treatment at Lilavati. But the worst experience was when I visited Hinduja hospital to get the refund for my refund as
we did not transferred the embryos. Here comes the nightmare of my life when all the doctors and nurse are pushing me to try again and not to take a refund.
I insisted on the same, telling that how can you claim that me egg quality are bad and to look for a egg donor when the embryos were good first time.
Finally Dr Veena said that some times it does happen and it is not under their control. That gave me a shock of my like.
How can they treat a patience with False and wrong misleading suggestions. I know the havoc situation that I have went through.
This gave me the confidence and also strength my decision to take a refund to carry on my treatment at Lilavati. But I never expected what will be next,
I was expecting a refund of Rs40,00 to 45,000 according to the treatment that was done and as Dr Kusum Zaveri had said.
but they came up with such weird deductions and said they would refund only Rs25,000. They charged Rs 20,000 just because I asked for a refund.
That too they asked me to come after 15 days as they will keep a check ready and call to confirm before coming, and to get a ID proof for the check.
When I called after a week they said to call next week but still did not get my money back.

It this the way they treat patience who cannot conceive ?
Why to say false statements and break the patience moral ?
What did they deducted extra Rs20,000 ?
Why are they issuing check after 15 days when they take cash and not check ?
Why to waste others time ? seems they don' t value others time.
Why to play with emotions ? seems they are not aware of the situation that we go through ?

Please do not visit them as Waste of time, Waste of Money, you suffer mentally and emotionally, giving misleading advises.

And just to tell you still did not get the refund and I am not sure when.

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Name: Deepak
Subject:  IVF clinic & branches india
Date: 2014-03-28
Hello Neha,
If you are still looking for best IVF clinic in India, then I suggest Morpheus IVF fertility clinic, India, they have many branches in India. you can check branch addresses on their website: morpheusivf . They have german fertility specialists have successful experience.
Take care.
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Name: Priyanka Sehgal
Subject:  Best Fertility and IVF Centre
Date: 2013-02-06

I would consider Southend IVF, opened by Dr Sonia Malik She has taken all the good aspects of fertility treatments thanks to her experience and started her own project which has excellent patient care.

My experience with my previous Fertility doctors was that they told me I had implantation failure and suggested lots of expensive tests that my Consultant at home did not think were necessary. I am now nearly 12 weeks pregnant. I had three cycles at my last infertility center, the last with a very poor response from the donor. They refused to admit to this and insisted it was a problem with me. I' m so glad I listened to my fabulous Southend consultant who didn' t agree, as I was close to giving up!!

We had a consultation with Dr Sonia Malik and were VERY impressed. Well worth a visit!

Good luck!
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Name: Lisa
Subject:  IVF in New Delhi
Date: 2012-11-15
Hello to everyone,I had a hard time too finding the right clinic to go to! Then after a lot of time and soul searching I went with Dr.Anoop Gupta in New Delhi. It was the best choice I ever made. I have a 7mth old daughter now and I am soo blessed! when I first went to the clinic, it was packed with people and I was the only black American in the clinic at that time and it took hours just to be seen. you must have patients when you go. I stayed in India about a month and a half and they were very nice to me and they made me feel at home the staff help me so much and they were there to truly help me. After a couple of weeks I started seeing women from everywhere there! From Africa, US like me, England, Australia, and I couldn' t believe it! I am going to be going back next year too and I hope I helped everyone out with my long answer.
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Name: Madhumita Mitra
Subject:  good ivf clinics in india
Date: 2012-11-12
I would name Southend Infertility Clinic -Delhi as one of the most reliable destinations to get consulation and treatment (if required). They provide patient friendly, affordable IVF treatments and pre-treatment consultations for complete medical advice for couples having trouble conceiving. They have some of the most advanced treatments and facilities you can expect to receive, and the highest quality treatment from their caring professionals.
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Name: Sneha
Subject:  Best Ivf clinic in india
Date: 2012-02-20
Hello friends, I am planning to get my Ivf done soon. Pls let me know the best Ivf centers in India, specially in hydra bad. Ur suggestion would really help me out to take right decision.
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Name: rani
Subject:  about IVF clinics
Date: 2012-08-07
hi sneha,
we want to go for ivf treatment in hyd. but don,t know abt any of the good clinics.If u know the information abt clinics let me know which is the best in AP.please help.
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Name: amita
Subject:  want to know about ivf
Date: 2011-04-25
hello everyone, wanted to know gud ivf clinic in delhi or bangalore. i had undergone treatment in mumbai under DR Firuza Parikh but unfortunately my iui failed. i had a lil bad experience with her, although have heared a lot about her. did anyone of u get success in IVF anywhere?? plz help me out as i am planning for IVF.
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Name: Tammy
Subject:  IVF Clinics in Delhi
Date: 2011-02-17
Hi, I would like to know if anyone has been to Dr K Parpyani, MD of LIFE SMILE BIOSCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED (International Surgeries) in Delhi? If so can you please let me know is this a good place to have and IVF done?
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Name: Rv
Subject:  Srushti Fertility Research Centre is a good one
Date: 2010-11-19
Dear Neha,

Hope you are doing great. I know its late to reply to this message. May be you found a good Dr and God has already gifted you a beautiful child. I am replying to your Question, so that our fellow ladies can get help.

I am based in Chennai and I have consulted many doctors so far. I would recommend Dr Samundi Sankari at Srushti Fertility center a very good expert in IVf and fertility management.

I heard from so many people and she is one down to earth person. Even 100' s of her patients would tell the same thing. Gem of a person and highly skilled. She was even awarded in US for her expertise.

Anyone looking for a good fertility center in India, I would recommend Srushti.

All the best.
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Name: Minakshi
Subject:  Agreed
Date: 2012-06-09
Yes, she is a very good doctor, kind and talented. Her staff are somewhat irresponsible - you have to be constantly after them to get things done - bit unfortunate
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Name: Deepa
Subject:  IVF Clinic in Delhi
Date: 2010-02-11
If you are looking for ivf treatment then visit to Dr. Kaberi Banerjee, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist having specialization in IVF services and Human Reproduction.
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Name: sweety
Subject:  abt dr firuza
Date: 2009-02-13
hey frens even i wann akno abt dr firuza my IVF at virk hospital under dr virk and gautam allahbadia has failed recently... it really give lot of depression.. as if nothing' s left in liofe.. i wanna kno more abt dr firuza.. and her success rate n all.. plzzz
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Name: sweety
Subject:  ivf clinic in bhopal
Date: 2009-02-11
doesa nybody abt good ivf clinic in bhopal.. plz help me out!!
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