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Home Care:fruit flies and ants
Name: hema hi,
i have a small kitchen and have to keep food items there whole day. so, there are always small red ants. how can i prevent them from coming? i can not apply magic-chalk as i put food items nearby.
also, how can i keep fruit flies away?
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Name: simi
Subject:  pest control and netted covers
hi hema,

for the fruit flies, try to keep the fruits in a plastic basket or a utensil which has facility for air to pass through it and which can be covered by a netted lid or cloth.

for the small red ants, don' t use magic chalk or any such kind of material if you have small kids at home. it can be very dangerous as they may unknowingly put their hand over area. i had a similar problem with cockroaches and ants in my kitchen and one of my friends suggested to get pest control done. i tried godrej hicare as i had heard a lot about them and haven' t had a problem ever since. you can find their numbers in yellow pages or godrejhicare webpage.
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Name: Tina
Subject:  to smk - cost
Hi smk,

If you are india, it should cost you around Rs. 1,500 to 3,000 to get pset control done for termite + cockroaches (and other insects). These they use odourless and colourless products and you don´ t have to go out of your house also. The process does not take much time and you can see cockroaches and all dying for couple of days.

I think it is child friendly also (as they cannot see it... so they do not try to touch the chemicals), but it is always better to keep a watch for a few days.
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Name: smk
Subject:  pest control
can u please tell me how much does it cost to get pest control done?
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Name: hema
Subject:  thanks
hi simi,
thanks a lot for yr suggestions. i´ ll try to find their number. thanks again. :)
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fruit flies and ants

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fruit flies and ants

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fruit flies and ants

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