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Name: Myra
Date: 2003-07-07
If you have dark skin or dark spots and want to whiten your skin fast you should use Rosance X18 gel cream and Soap. My three friends and I was very dark in complexion and we wanted to do something about it! We was getting sick and tired of men always admiring white and very light women and not us. We had run into another friend and we had notice how her dark skin became so light almost white in color. We asked her what she was using and she said Rosance gel cream & soap. So we went to order it from the same online company who sell it cheaper than any other website. At first we notice that our skin became red and started peeling and about 2 week later our skin started becoming so light. Now here it is two months later and now our skin is so white and it look beautiful. We always have men come up to us and notice us now! We feel so complete and we can hold our head up now. To order Rosance gel cream and soap at wholesale price go to their website at evenglow.50g PS: There is nothing wrong with changing ones appearance for the better if that what you wish to do! We did this to beautify ourselves it had nothing to do with not liking our ethnic background. Even though we look white now we know each and everyday who we are so please don't get offended!
Name: Disummer5565
Subject:  Skin Tightening
Date: 2013-11-25
I am looking for a skin tightening solution for the loose and sagging skin that I am experiencing with this after baby body! Any suggestions??
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Name: santoshi
Subject:  oil free products
Date: 2012-11-28
keep wet wipes with you.. wash your face more often...use OIL free products..
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Name: rithika
Subject:  oily skin
Date: 2012-11-19
hey in winter my skin becomes more oily can any1 suggest me how to control that oil???its very embarrassing for me wen i go out cuz it looks shiny near the nose area
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Name: Rahul
Subject:  Best Skin whitening Soaps
Date: 2010-12-17
Hu Myra
Skin Whitening soaps are effective not because they just make your skin whiter but because they help in peeling and exfoliation which make your skin younger and more radiant. I found this info in an article

Best Herbal skin whitening soaps
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Subject:  cream
Date: 2010-09-13
please tel me from where i can buy this cream in mumbai India
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Name: zaara
Subject:  website name
Date: 2010-03-29
plz tell me from where i can buy rosance*18 soap.
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Name: maya
Subject:  website name
Date: 2010-02-17
wer did you buy' d it ! can you give me website name !! any way congrats for the skin lightening !
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Name: rahul
Subject:  skin whiting pills
Date: 2008-05-28
hi der, i have seen a skin whiting pills in internet its called swiss whiting pills...cud u pls tell me does it really wrk
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Name: anushree
Subject:  question
Date: 2008-03-31
dear Madam,

I want to know that from where you have order this cream Rosance X18 gel Cream, i got the name but i am unable to get the add from i will get the cream kindly help me out
pls reply soon

thanking you

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Name: Nissa
Subject:  New to group
Date: 2005-03-12
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the group but have been reading some board messages for a while....whatever happend to Tina from England and Marcela from Europe?
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Name: Delta
Subject:  Safe whitening ranges..
Date: 2003-08-22
However much I disagree with the notion of lightening one's skin, I don't think there is anything wrong with evening out one's complexion to make it look healthier, as long as it does not waver on the ridiculous.

I live in the UK and I am priviledged to be able to live in a country which has outlawed hydroquonine (a dangerous skin bleaching agent found in the asian mainstream market)If you now travel to the majority of Europe, hydroquonine skin bleaching creams have been banned, but apparently not in India.

Therefore, this leads one to investigate safer, albeit more effective ways of skin lightening.

From secondary experience (I don't need them, I'm pale enough!) it seems that the ingredients liquorice, burberry and mulberry as well as Japanese mushrooms have skin lightening benefits. Also vitamin C used in skin serums is effective against the battle of stubborn dark spots. If you don't want to spend hard earned cash on expensive creams, you can also find that things like cucumber, fresh grounded turmeric paste and mashed grapes play an effective role too.

Personally, I feel it's worth to invest in one's beauty regime and I would recommend the Kanebo skin lightening range which works exceptionally well, especially \";Kanebo Freshel C Whitening Lotion.\";

Decleor is a world renowned and prestigious beauty brand with around 25 years of beauty experience, which offers its skin whitening range of cleanser, toner and moisturiser, as well as a serum called the \";Decleor 10-day revitalising serum\"; which contains freshly constituted vitamin C and natural plant extracts. After 10 days your face really does glow!

A friend of mine had really stubborn pigmentation spots and wanted to totally eradicate them so she invested in the French \";Gatineau\"; beauty range. I don't know whether this brand is acknowledged in India but, it has been around for 60 years and she had amazing results with it! Apparently, these patented products use the technology of light rays to heal and normalise the skin WITHOUT causing skin damage. They contain no sort of skin bleaching ingredient but work by means of light captors and there is no other cream like it! You should notice results in two weeks but, maximum results can be obtained after one month when the skin cycle has renewed itself. Check out \";Gatineau beauty\"; on google.

On a final note, It is possible to lighten one's skin WITHOUT causing skin damage but you must also remember to buy products which are from prestigious beauty brands and not back-alleyway charlatans who try their utmost best to dupe the Indian market in greed of cash.I urge you to caution yourselves. My thoughts and blessings are with you.

Good luck.
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Name: jayanthi
Subject:  regarding skin whiteing
Date: 2005-05-17
where shall i get this "Kanebo Freshel C Whitening Lotion." in chennai in india. is it safe to use

taking wine 1 tsp daily at night changes skin color

is it safe to use Rosance X18 gel cream and Soap which make skin red , then peels the skin and makes skin whiter. does it cause any skin cancer.

i heard that carrot + curd mix drink daily changes skin color.

i also heard that pomegranate + pineapple
juice drink changes skin color.

plz mail to my mailid. pzl some one relply me i am very dark with oily skin.
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Name: Tisha
Subject:  Complexion complex
Date: 2003-07-25
I think it's sad that people feel they are more attractive or beautiful just on the basis of their skin color. I have to say it's very sad indeed.

I have been very observant and I've noticed that there is not correlation with complexion and beauty.

There are several indicators of beauty, one is intellegence, then personality, good self esteem...etc.

Men are very attracted to women with a good self-image.

What is going to happen when you run out of cream? What happens if you have skin damage?

Try another alternative like taking care of your skin, body, hair...that is much safer.

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Name: noureen
Subject:  what
Date: 2003-07-21
skin becomes red & starts peeling?
better be very careful girls!
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Name: jada
Subject:  skin whitening
Date: 2003-07-12
actually in regards to your comment there is alot wrong with changing ones skin shows signs of insecurity and low self esteem.also just so u know there are consequences for using this cream.that is you are more likely to get skin cancer in the near future, and when you do decide to STOP using this cream your natural skin colour will return and even DARKER than it was originally.
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