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You are here: Home > Message Boards > Parents of Babies >  Breastfeeding >Breastfeeding my husband.. my story
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Breastfeeding:Breastfeeding my husband.. my story
Name: Prabha
It all started when i had just delivered my baby. I had engorged breasts early morning three days after my delivery. It was really painful and my breasts were swollen and hard like rock. I was crying out of pain. Both me and my husband tried to manually express the milk out but it was of little help. I was yet to buy a breast reliever then. And it was too early in the morning to visit the doctor' s clinic. finally my husband had to suck out the milk himself from my breasts. It was of great relief. And it continued for the next few weeks. He would normally feed on at bedtime after the baby falls asleep. And repeat the same before going out for work and after coming back. And would sometime also fall asleep by my side while nursing. I would always ensure proper hygiene and wash my breasts properly after every time my husband puts his mouth and before feeding my baby. I never had an engorgement again after that except on one occasion when my husband was out the the town for three days, when my baby was around 12 weeks old. My baby is almost seven months now and I am yet to get back my periods. My husband is still performing his job loyally and to his full satisfaction and mine. I have started giving semi-solid food to my baby now but plan to breastfeed him till he become two years old. Both me and my husband are enjoying the new bond. It feels really nice to nourish both of them with my milk. We have resumed our sex-life 8 weeks after my delivery which was a C-section. And the milk always adds spice to our sex life. Though we have never discussed, I would love to continue to feed my husband even after weaning my baby and as long as I can.
Name: Ashish
Subject:  Reply

It is best part that you feed both. But if your husband is away from Job & when your breasts gets full of milk than i suggest that Purchase a COW Ghee and roll over round & round on Breasts as well as Nipples and wash them.

This is will help easily to feed both.
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Name: meena
Subject:  hi
yes it is totally fine if she is feeding both and taking care of hygiene too. if she is unable to feed her husband she can use breast pump so she can easily collect milk in bottle for her chiild as it is very hard to do manually.
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Name: pretty
Subject:  Thanks to Prabha & Kapu
It is really good to know the real problems associated with baby delivery and after which changes happens in our body and the related painful moments. As I am newly married, it is all good advice, suggestions for me to keep in mind. Please, keep sharing such useful information on problems faced and how did you come out from it. Thanks again.
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Name: kapu
Subject:  i see no harm in this
hi Prabha,
There is nothing wrong in doing so. I have a 3 yrs old kid, we booth are working couple. When my kid was 3-months old, she had to join office after maternity leave so we left our kid to his Nani' s house for a week. The same night my wife was having severe pain in her breast due to milk. Initially we tried to express milk manually but it did not help. She asked me to suck and drink it, she got immediate relief. we continued this for 7-8 days till we got settled and my kid was back. We have much more intimate relation than before, she calls me her second baby, I love to suck, tease and lick her soft nipples and before going for action. My kid is 3 yrs old now, I also miss the sweet taste of intimacy I got from my darling.
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Name: Blue
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Name: mom4u
I am 29 yr old lady & i have a 8 yr daughter. past 2-3 months i have started RE-LACTATING after 7 yrs. THAT MEANS I HAVE MILK IN MY BREST SO, I CAN BREST FEED A CHILD. I am in BANGALORE city & I want to feed any infant kid if the biological mother is unable to feed her infant, i am willing to feed the infant child without any hesitation. I am very hygienic & medically fit to breast feed, so if any 1 wants to contact me they can contact me ASAP.
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Name: Veer Raja
Subject:  @ mom4u
hi dear mom,

I know u have suggested in ur message u feed young one. I am very much interested if u are willing to feed adult. what ever your view are there request you to communicate to me.

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Name: pretty
Subject:  i don´ t believe this.
did u meet one doctor & asked the reasons on the changes happened on your body, if so? I cann´ t believe this. You may be having some infections in your body. pls, check up
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Name: hi
Subject:  where r u in
india dou prefer abf
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Name: nnn
Good Idea..which area at bangalore..some people are searching I will prefer them if u confirm the area..
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Name: nnn
Subject:  gud decision
you took good decision..and gave suggestion also who is in this situtation....
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Breastfeeding my husband.. my story

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