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India Parenting
You are here: Home > Message Boards > Parents of Babies >  Breastfeeding >for sleeping my baby requires my nipples
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Breastfeeding:for sleeping my baby requires my nipples as long a
Name: Preeti Chauahn
for sleeping baby has to put my breast nipples in his mouth, and it is almost impossible to take them out, If in case I succeed he wakes up and the procedure starts again.Can anyone suggest an alternative.
Name: ommuthu
Subject:  hi sis
Dear sis,
pls note while baby started sleeping u just take out the breast & give him soothers. And dont stop mother milk for 4yrs. bec mother milk good food & medicine to baby. if u r ging to work stop it & breast feed at night til 1.1/2 yrs to 2 otherwise u can use pump machines.then aft 2 he know every thing rite. so use electric breast pumping machine. buy double pumping type machine, so u could pump at both breast at same time.And U can buy all the things u need at mothercare shop in india.i have give the website address & u could locate the shop near by u: mothercare site.then u could use this pump machines twice or trice a day. also u can pump for 15mins for 1 time, useing mesthod use continously for 7mins & take out then gently message for 1mins & use for 15mins ok. u could use every where. then dont go for cheeper one bec the quality will be less. buy the brands like medela,amenda, phiips, Simplisse Double Electric Breastfeeding Companion. buy with hands free fitting. ok if u have any qus? pls let me know.

takecare sis.
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Name: gita
Subject:  breastfeeding for sleeping my baby requires my nip
It seems like your baby needs comfort, and the closeness of your skin maybe reminds him of breastfeeding. If your fingers are clean you can usually slip your finger into childs mouth just as he has fallen asleep, and pull your nipple out, and then slowly pull your finger out of his mouth. You need to change his bedtime routine, but it is important to know how old he is, and if you are still breastfeedin just keep going for as long as you can, I am british and I breastfed for almost 2 yrs, the baby naturally weans off as he discovers other foods.
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Name: Riva
Subject:  breastfeeding
Hey Preeti,

You can consult to your gynecologist, doctor will tells you best alternative. Meanwhile, you can start feeding your baby bottle milk (after consulting to the doc), this will help your baby in getting same feel as of breast milk. Other than this try to console your baby by singing lullabies, songs, poems etc. This will helps in diverting mind. Other than this, i always keep my eye on Facebook Pages like BabeezWorld. I would also advice you to do that, this will help in getting latest babies related news, facts, tips etc
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Name: Nivedita Yalagach
Subject:  putting to sleep
If your baby is more than 6 months then you can probably try giving him bottle feed. Or try singing him lullabies.
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for sleeping my baby requires my nipples as long a

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