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Breastfeeding:Tender coconut water
Name: omsri
Can we drink tender coconut water during breastfeeding? I feel very thirsty after feeding.
please let me know any other drinks i can take which helps milk supply.

Name: kavita
Subject:  agree with Aradhana
i am completely agree with Aradhana even not ony water but other liquids also like lassi, juise, lemon water. The more liquid you intake there are less chances for urinary infection, which is a major problem in ladies.
As Aradhana suggest for Satavari powder, ther is also Starvex, which you can take with milk and it helpful in milk supply + tightening of brest.

Enjoy the motherhood
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Name: Aradhana
Subject:  Water .. loads of it
Yes u can tender coconut water. Infact that was the first thing the docs asked me to have. Also, u should have loads of water. water is very imp during breastfeeding. There are many ppl who advice against it etc etc.. but believe me water is nececcary n imp to save frm dehydration during these times.
Other than that..have a good,healthy meal. High on calories n protiens to produce sufficient milk and be mentally at peace. Thats very imp to have a good supply of breastmilk n to succeed in breastfeeding.

If u want,u can have Shatavari powder in milk. Its basically asparagus n sugar n cardimum powder. Asparagus is prooven to be good for breastmilk supply.

Take care n Njoy.
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Name: omsri
Subject:  thank u
thank u for the suggestins
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Tender coconut water

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