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  Hair Care: head shaving
Name: swapnapriya
Date: 2005-09-18
hi all,
iam 22 year old girl,iam studying my post graduation.iam about to visit to tirupati next mother taken a vow to god that if we construct a new house me and my mother gets head shave.iam feeling too nervous to shave my head.iam very fear and shy to shave my head bending before barber and he shaves with a straight razor.when i used to see bald girls i used to laugh inner,now its time to me to shave my head,so please give me some courage to shave my head.and also share your experiences,shaving your heads in tirupati
Name: priya
Subject:  photo video
Date: 2011-05-06
my mother next take trip of tirupati iam 19 years iam studying college can u send me video women head shaving and phone female head shaving please
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Name: sheetal.r
Subject:  headshave
Date: 2011-05-17
hi priya this is sheetal i m from kolkata 21 yrs being south indian my parents bowed to shaved my head at i m in tirupati and tomorrow morning i will have to attend my mottai ceremony.just half an hour ago my mom oiled and massaged my hair and to my surprised she said that after your first tonsured you have to remain bald for 36 months as per guruji´ s consult. so my mom decided to shaved my head once in a week when we returned to kolkata i will have to attend college there to. please give any suggession so that i can denied the period of 36 long months with bald head......
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Name: priya
Subject:  photo
Date: 2011-05-06
please send me your before , during and after headshaving photo
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Name: yashaswi
Subject:  photo
Date: 2010-11-04
plz send me ur before and after photo
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Name: mousumi
Subject:  photo
Date: 2010-02-25
please send me your before , during and after headshaving photo
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Name: midhun
Subject:  head shave
Date: 2007-12-30
please send ur head shave video or photos that may help me to do
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Name: balu
Subject:  incragement for tonsure
Date: 2005-10-20
hello sangita iam balu iam staying in thirupati when u come to thirupathi pls give mesget to this mail iwill pick up and arreng room all things
i will give engrage ment to u
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Name: rahul
Subject:  headtonsure
Date: 2005-10-20
my name is sangita and i wish to take a vow for headtonsure but i am not able to draw courage please writie to me.i have waistlength hair


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Name: ram
Subject:  smoothiee
Date: 2005-11-20
Hi Sangita,
You could write to me at ramadu72 (yahoo dot com).
warm wishes
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Subject:  Out of the nightmare
Date: 2005-10-13
\";Men of charity gather wealth by committing sins, and then give it away in donations to charity\";
There is one way out. It is called the khalsa. It was made for you and for me. It was made by Guru ji Nanak, Angad Dev, Amar Das, Ram Das, and Arjun first, and then the first five baptised by Amrit, Hargobind, Har Rai, Har Krishan, Teg Bahadur and Gobind Singh. It was proved by martyrs blood that we might work the path. A path made for us, that we might never know Tirpathi. I thank the Guru ji Nanak every day , for what he has done for me. I pray he'll do the same for you. I especially pray for the barbers who work their. It's such an awful job in such a hellish place, I pray they will all became Sikhs so that they will, naturally, have to quite their stinking, abusive, jobs.
People are still abandoning Hinduism for Sikhi. One such case is Harjinder Kaur. Her e-mail is neeta26(at)hotmail(dot)com. For any one interested in Sikhi Gurdwara Tapoban Sahib is a fantasic site. They are based in Ontario. Something closer to home? I suggest any Hindu women who worries about this (I believe we all do) should find a locale Gurdwara and ask for help, and convert. Unlike what someone else was saying further down the page, Sri Venkateswara can't help you with this because thats one of the places the problem emanates from. On the other the Golden Temple and the Water of Life, can help you. Can take you away from this disaster, this nightmare. Please get out. I plead with you to do so.

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Name: prasad
Subject:  dont feel shy sister
Date: 2005-09-20
hi swapna, dont feel yaar, resently 10 days back my cosin anita tonsure in tirumal, because of fulfil of vow.but she was unlucky she tonsure alone, ur too lucky u r s mothers company with u, and also anita has long hair nearly by she s hip lenth. she was from hyderabad.u from and ur s hair lenth write me yaar, dont feel shy its cammon, anita shaved 4 months back ,present she was in bob cut..
dont worry be happy girl.

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Name: swapnapriya
Subject:  dont blame
Date: 2005-09-20
u dont know the problem of young girls
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Name: pleasestopthis
Subject:  make it a good site
Date: 2005-09-20
Hi SwapnaPriya,
I dont know whether you are a girl or guy.From which part of india (Karnataka/Tamilnadu/AndhraPradesh).But if you are a girl i can understand your pain/agony.But my suggestion(it applies to your future also) People are not good they can take advantage of you if you make your self public.Dont give anybody anychance to fool you. Be Strong Be Bold. In Everybody's life there comes one stage where they work really hard to make their dream come true. They dont want to take any chances. In that they always look towards supreme soul(GOD) for solace/support. They vow that if their wish comes true they would offer any thing that's very very dearer to them.And they include entire family in that joy. Family is important for anybody. There is nothing above that to be happy. Think in that direction you won't feel any thing sad or wrong or fear or shame Think like that you will get the answer. But you have to think on your own not to be influenced by others. My sincere suggestion to all people is offering some precious/valuable thing to god is very personal,religious and sacred. Dont make mockery of it..
* If you are not interested in that,, Please let your mother know about that.. LORD Venkateswara always listens.LORD Venkateswara is always with us.Fulfil that vow by other means by doing a parayan of Saibaba charitra etc., By making it public you are making your self weak and timid. BE STRONG.That much i can say..Forgive me if i am wrong.
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Name: Anjali Sh
Subject:  I too did it!! Go ahead
Date: 2005-09-19
hi swapna. well i too was 24 year old when i had a head shave .... i too went ubder same tension as u r goin .... but i tell u just go ahead ...

well i had headshave at tirumala last year ..... actually i went to tirumala when i wasnt getting marraige proposals... so i vowed that i would shave my head after i get married

so we went last year when i gave birth to my son ... so i told my husband about and this so we decided to go and get our headshave.

actually i had hair lengh below my waist and jet black and thick...i never had short haircut since i come from very traditional family .... a haircut a complete no no .... i parents had shaved my head when i was 1 year old...

actually i never wanted to cut my haircut and headshave a completly no no.

since tensions were high at home when i wasnt getting marraige proposals i took a vow ... i never thought of the future.

when days started nearing i started getting nervous and even my husband to sensed it.

when we went to tirumala they day before the headshave i applied oil to my hair for the last time and then braided it.

next day we went to new complex that has been built at tirumala... so went to the complex and took three coupons ..for my husband my baby and for myself.

i told my husband to go first and i would go last .... finally when both of them shaved thier heads it was my turn... i sat down cross legged ... the barber told me to untie the braids since thet were heavily oiled..... then he put little water omn my head and stright with razer he started shaving my hair ... slowly my locks started tumbling down and started collecting on my lap ... after he shaved my hair completly my husband told him to shave my bald head again ... and finally it was over... i got u seeing and oiled locks omn the floor...

after the head shave i have never grown my hair below bob cut because thats wht suits me and discovered i headshave

u to do it
dont worry
seeing every other woman doing gave me confidence

tell me your story afte ru do it

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Name: sunanda
Subject:  info
Date: 2008-06-05
dear anjali,
i´ m interested in going bald soon . how much time is required for hair to grow back to bob size? also pls send me your pics before and after your tonsure.
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Name: sunanda
Subject:  req
Date: 2008-06-04
can u pls send me a pic of urs bald
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Name: ram
Subject:  Interesting
Date: 2005-11-20
Hi Angali,
The experience of tonsuring your head at Tirumala after your marriage and child birth was interesting and will help Swapan I guess. I am frequest visitor to Tirumala and am seeing more and more women / girls get tonsured and grow short hair. This is used as a transition plan to short hair I guess.. Would e great if you can share any photos of the same
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Name: sangita
Subject:  headtonsure
Date: 2005-10-20
dear anjali,

i want to goto tirumala for tonsure but need your help for shaving my waistlength hair.please write

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Name: Shocked
Subject:  Grow up insane people
Date: 2005-09-19
Hello, Wake up!! where are you. If one can build house by shaving head in thirupari, evaryone could have built a house. R u trying to bribe the god? You are a 22yr old girl and well educated. You should advice your mom. If you have some problem with your hair and have to shave it off, then it's ok. R u going to walk around with no hair!! Grow up people! grow up.
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Name: Ram Singh
Subject:  Headshaving - Swapnpriya
Date: 2006-03-30
Mr.( or is it Mrs.?) Shocked and Mr (or is it Mrs?) Jasmin Hassan, I advise you to grow up. What is wrong in a grown up girl walking around bald? If she so desires let her do so. You two stop interfering in her rights. Okay?
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