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Name: tinku
do anyone in you know bout the dr.batra's clinic. does the treatment provided by them really helps in eliminating hair fall ? if any of you have been there, taken the treatment or know the feedback of someone who's taken the treatment..please share in the forum...
thanking all for going through and hopefully considering the request..
Name: myntra
Subject:  RE:DR. BATRA'S CLINIC ??
Hello Tinku,
It is well known clinic all over the india you can consult to them because they do have many treatments to cure your problems so i wish you will solve your problem so easily and you will be satisfied by them.
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Name: No Name
Subject:  RE:DR. BATRA'S CLINIC ??
Hello Tinku,
Dr.Batra's is famous clinic which is seen almost at every place in India. But you need to know about the prices because it had given advertisement a lot.So better you need to verify about the clinic before you consulting the doctor.
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Name: tinu
Subject:  RE:DR. BATRA'S CLINIC ??
Hello Tinku,
Ii have seen many adds for dr.Batra clinic but i do not have know whether it has any success rates or not.But you have posted this past eleven years ago did you problem got solved or not.If yes what have you have done for it.
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Name: Chhaya
Subject:  Homeopathy Works
Though I was aware that my fondness for hair coloring and chemical treatments would ruin the texture of my hair, I had never imagined it would result in baldness. After examining my medical condition and conducting a hair pull test, the trichologists at Dr Batra’s clinic came to the conclusion that I was suffering from alopecia areata. It is not an ordinary hair loss condition and is related to immunity. In this case, the immune system attacks the body’s cells and causes the destruction of hair follicles. With the expertise of Dr. Shetty, who was monitoring my case, I was able to get maximum benefits of the medications. The uniquely formulated Dr Batra’s shampoo turned out to be gentle on the scalp, and effective in treating my condition. Apart from that, I was also instructed to follow a diet plan as suggested by the nutritionist at the clinic. The homeopathy medicines along with the diet plan helped stabilize the thinning of hair and reduced the pace of baldness. In this Dr Batra’s review, I have to say that I am happy with the services and treatment provided by them. If you are facing hair fall symptoms, do not ignore them and get a hair loss evaluation test done.
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Name: Rahul
Subject:  Dr Batra's Hair loss Treatment Review
I am Mr. Rahul Bharadwaj and here is my detailed review on Dr Batra’s hair loss treatment. I am of an Indian origin and had to shift to Dubai a few years ago after getting a new job. I had strong, shiny hair when I used to stay in India. In fact, healthy hair has been a hereditary gift for my family, and hair thinning or hair loss had never been a matter of concern for me. However, after the initial months of working in Dubai, my hair started becoming dry and frizzy. Slowly, the condition got severe, and I started experiencing hair problems. It gradually led to hair loss, and I could see my hair everywhere - on the cushion cover, t-shirt, towel, etc. I got alarmed and decided to talk to my father about the problem. He told me to relax and said he will find an effective solution to my hair loss problem. After consulting his friends in India, he advised me to visit Dr Batra’s clinic in Dubai. I have never believed in homeopathy as I always thought the medications take too long to show the effects and might not be helpful in treating my condition. However, I also knew that I never wanted to cure the hair loss problem by taking allopathic medications. So, I finally made up my mind to take an appointment at the nearest Dr Batra’s clinic.
One fine morning, I decided to call Dr Batra’s clinic before heading for work. The lady on the call was courteous and greeted me politely. She took a few basic details, which included my name, age, and job profile. I got an appointment for the following Saturday at 11 am. The best thing about taking the appointment at the clinic is that they finalize the time as per your convenience, which becomes difficult sometimes. Since I have my weekends off from work, I was glad that I did not have to compromise on my work schedule.
I reached 15 minutes beforehand as I had to find the location of the clinic, too. I was welcomed by a staff member, who had a pleasing smile on her face. She guided me to a waiting room and asked me to sit for a while. After a few minutes, she came up with a form that asked details about my family background, past illnesses, allergies, etc. In the meanwhile, I was offered a cup of steaming hot coffee. I was glad to have received such a service from a homeopathic clinic. The service and the staff was A grade and not less than a 5-star hotel. After completing the formalities, I was guided to the doctor’s cabin. I was happy to know that an Indian doctor named Dr. Sunil Dixit would be treating my hair loss problem.
The first session with the doctor was more of a discussion, where Dr.Dixit took detailed information about my past health disorders, my daily schedule, eating habits, addictions, etc. He also conducted the Folliscope test, which is painless and non-invasive. In fact, I got the results of the test within a few minutes. After studying the test reports, the doctor asked me to conduct a blood test. I was immediately led to another room, where a nurse conducted the blood test. Later, I headed to the reception, where the lady asked me to collect the blood test on Monday, after which the doctor would suggest the necessary medications.
I visited the clinic on Monday and collected my blood test report. Dr.Dixit explained the problem of hair loss after studying my report. He said that the hair fall was majorly due to irregular eating habits, and lack of nutrition in the body. I was also told that he was suspicious that I might be suffering from anemia, and hence he had asked me to conduct the blood test. But the test was negative, and hence it was purely a lifestyle and dietary problem. He gave me the desired medications and chalked out a planned diet for me. Dr.Dixit asked me to follow his instructions strictly and meet him again after three weeks.
I feel glad to say that within two weeks of following the diet and medications prescribed by Dr.Dixit, I could see a significant reduction in my hair fall. I had three more sessions, and there was a gradual improvement in my hair fall condition. In fact, I feel proud to say that I have regained my healthy and strong hair. My original shiny texture is back, which I gladly show off to the onlookers. The hair loss treatment by Dr Batra’s has restored my confidence, and I look smart and handsome as I always did. I am thankful for my dad’s advice and Dr Batra’s to have helped me re-grow my hair naturally.
One more thing that I cannot miss mentioning is the wonderful service provided by the staff and doctor at Dr Batra’s clinic. Not only were they encouraging during my visit, but also extremely helpful whenever I called them on their helpline for any doubts. Besides, the clinic is spic and span and extremely hygienic. And the best part was the nominal fees that Dr Batra’s charged.
Hope my review of Dr. Batra’s homeopathic treatment proves to be helpful and encouraging for people suffering from a similar condition. It is important to know that hair fall isn’t a severe health problem, and can be treated effectively using homeopathic medications.
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Name: Aanya
Subject:  Great Results
Dr Batra’s hair loss treatment undoubtedly helped reduce my hair fall condition and improved the texture of hair follicles. But, apart from that, it also helped me build a strong immune system. Dr. Payal, from the Andheri branch, not only dealt with my physical ailment but also assisted me in getting rid of mental and emotional stress. Speaking to her was therapeutic in a way! Homeopathy heals you both internally and externally. The treatment is not restricted to just eliminating the problem. It restores equilibrium, boosts the body’s defense mechanism, and promotes good health. A technology called Low-level Laser Comb was used to establish healthier circulation in the scalp. Thus, it controls the loss of hair and augments hair growth. I was asked to consume the doses regularly without skipping doses. A diet plan was designed to assist my treatment. The experienced staff left no stone unturned in providing the best services. I didn’t realize how time flew by, and I completed one year of treatment at Dr Batra’s. In my opinion, hair loss is a condition that needs to be cured from within. Hence, one must always choose homeopathy as it heals your ailment, improves the quality of life, and helps you with feel positive.
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Name: NishK
Subject:  Dr Batra’s hair loss treatment review
I chose Dr Batra’s hair loss treatment because the clinic is widely famous and also provides advanced diagnosis techniques along with effective homeopathy medications. Three years ago, I suffered from male pattern baldness. My condition was miserable because there was a bald patch right at the top of my scalp. My office colleagues and friends could not resist the urge of teasing me for my baldness. It was embarrassing! I knew that the one way I could help myself was by taking professional treatment from an expert. The only name that came to my mind was Dr Batra’s! After diagnosing my condition, Dr. Rahul, who was handling my medical case, told me the reason for my disorder. He said that it was triggered due to the reaction of the hair follicles with the male hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is responsible for male sexual development. It caused shrinkage in hair follicles, leading to breakage of hair at the top of the scalp. A nutritionist, who was also monitoring my condition, suggested a diet plan that supported the re-growth of healthy hair. It included fruits, nuts, leafy vegetables, and pulses. I was also instructed to reduce the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. There has been a vast development in my condition as compared to what it had been years ago.
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Name: RituSen
Subject:  Dr Batra's Homeopathy Hair Loss Treatmen
Hair loss is a condition that may seem normal. However, when you start noticing hair falling off in bunches, it means there is an underlying cause behind it. Last year, I faced a similar problem when I noticed excessive strands of hair on my brush. Initially, I assumed it was because of a change in diet and weather, but then the condition began to worsen, and there were bald patches forming on my head. In fact, there was a time when my hairline started receding. Later, I read an advertisement for Dr. Batra’s homeopathy treatment in the newspaper. Dr. Nirukti and Dr. Mahesh, who were in charge of my treatment, used the folliscope device to diagnose my condition. After they conducted several evaluation tests, it was found that the condition occurred due to the consumption of certain antibiotics. The advanced technology in trichology along with a nutritional diet plan helped in restoring my hair growth. In this review of Dr. Batra’s, I would recommend all those suffering from hair loss to take the treatment at Dr. Batra's clinic.
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Name: Pooja
Subject:  Dr Batra Effective Traetment
It is every girl’s dream to have smooth and flawless skin. I have a dusky complexion and been suffering from acne problems since a year. I tried many salicylic acid ointments and face washes but didn’t get the desired results. Fortunately, I came across a review of Dr. Batra’s online and read that their treatment guarantees permanent cure from acne. So, without a second thought, I took an appointment. The duration of my course was six months; however, my acne was under control within two months. The scars also gradually began to disappear, and my skin started looking healthier. My confidence level has increased immensely. I hope this Dr. Batra’s review helps girls who are suffering from acne.
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Name: mirza
Subject:  hi
even i am suffering from acne from last 1 and half year tried a lot. actually i have excessive body heat so that is why my skin was never free from any pimple since teenage but i want to solve this problem. last year my skin was red fully due to pimples. what treatment dr. batra gave to you? can you explain it in detail.
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Name: Nimish
Subject:  Hair treatment
If you are looking for hair transplant then Dr. Sanjay parashar would be the best for you.
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Name: JitS
Subject:  Good experience at Dr Batras
I had a very good experience at Dr Batra' s for my hair transplant, I went there on my dad' s advise. my dad was treated for Psoriasis at dr batra' s the treatment took long but was very satisfactory. Even my hair transplant was painless and turned out beautiful.
I am very happy and satisfied, thumbs up to Dr Batra' s
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Name: Hair Transplant Delhi
Subject:  Hair Transplant Delhi
Hair Transplant Delhi is one of the best options for hair transplant. I will recommend you to visit this place once. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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Name: jimmyjjohn
Subject:  Thanks
Has anyone ever had one. I' m loosing a lot on top but my sided and back are tick as can be. I had really nice hair but It' s starting to go. Any one have a hair transplant or anything? Hair Transplant in Pakistan
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Name: Kumar1234
HI everybody....I did my hair transplant on feb last week 2013.....and now it JULY .......i am very upset with the result....They took a strip from behind my head and planted on the top,,,,,first of all during the procedure was painfull...i was literally crying during the procedure...and when i ask the doctor or nurses about to stop the pain...they said sir its normal......and i remained in that pain through out the procedure.....the doctor had asked me not to call ..just message him if i have any i messaged him after 1 month...first time he replied .......then after few months....he didnt respond at all......i can see my planted area....some hair are growing but some remain the same....they are not growing at head look like kind of ugly......i am sad....and i am angry.....i followed their all medic and post procedure till now.....but some hair are not growing at all.....they are same like the day it was implanted.......first of all i got email from BATRAS and an AD that no hidden cost......clearly that mail shows that how much cost they will charge for grafting......but when i went to clinic...their they have different rates.....

i went along with this .....i spend so much of money on this......and for what ....ugly results.....i remember that eyes were wet when doctor was taking that strip out of my was paining....i feel so sad...

during consultation when i asked what i want they said they can do it.....i was happy that finally my baldness days are over.....but during the day of procedure the doctor said .....we cannot do this ...we cannot do that....

i was nervous and i didnt say anything that time.....thinking that doctor knows better than me.....but why you guys say things during consultation...u know fake things....

now i am stuck with the ugly head and a strip mark on my back of my head which is permanent...
u guys dont get care about your patients at all.....u care about only money.... i wish someone sue you for this...:(
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Name: hell rider
Subject:  f u d!!!
hell man!!! i have hold my call for appointment today on reading such reviews!!hell donno whats going out there totally confused.:-( !!! i gues now its better to be RAJNII fan and " follower" !damn!!docs doin such things ..u will go the hell way!!
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Name: Ram
Subject:  Real cheaters Batra
they (Batra)are real cheaters.only intended to make money.When they first assured me that my dandruff will be cured in 6 months, i believed them, it was not cured in 1 year also.Dont be cheated.
I felt its far better for Batra team to go for Robbery, than cheating patients like this
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Name: sam
Subject:  hair loss treatment at dr batra
Hi, I underwent treatment for my male pattern hairloss for almost 2 years but it was a total waste of money. their treatment or medicines are totally no use. The reason for my hair loss was due to male harmone (DHT) and I went to a skin specialist and he suggested a medicine for this. I felt good result after having medicine suggested by my skin doctor. he scolded for spending a lot of money for batra. hence, please dont go to dr batra for hair loss. they will not admit that their medicines are no use for hair loss but we should be smart enough to take right treatment.
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Name: Sandeep kumar
Subject:  Hair loss
Hi ,
I also have been using Dr. Batra services from jan 2011, but there was no improvement , hair loss is as it is.. they keep on changing the medicine, but here loss is not getting stopped, Even though I have taken all the precuation and all other supplments along with medicine, but the result is blood same.... No improvement , I have almost spent 23000/- but I dont know what they will do... I am very much effected with their pathetic performance of medicine... They boast so much but the end result is nothin ... as my Branch is Kukatpally , and id is 474920.. they are a big boaster... i dont know...whether they can do anything or not
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Name: Swati
Subject:  reality of Dr. Batra
i hv undergone treatment by Dr Batra for 1 yr. & trust me i feel betrayed.. plz dnt go to batra at all.. they r running a business & taking adv of people sentiments & emotions. they will take all fee in d satrting of treatment(10k for 1 yr) n after dat u hv no choice other thn to continue wid d treatment... dnt dump ur money... hair fall will nt stop.. every tym u ll visit them.. they will keep on changing medicine which would give no results.. ur hair fall will not stop & u will end up loosing more hair & money as well...
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