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Unexplained Infertility:Precautions Before and After IVF / ICSI Cycle
Name: Monica Sahani
Hi All,

Can someone please guide me What all precuations needs to be taken before and after IVF-ICSI Cycle, Since we both r staying alone in bangalore, I am little worrried as i have no one who can be with me at this time. I would appreciate if Someone can Share real experience.



Name: haseen malik
Subject:  ivf centre in delhi/NCR
hi monica how are u,

i too had so many questions like u in my mind before my wife got her ivf treatment done from Adiva, a delhi based ivf centre. once u be in touch with a good ivf doctor, u get all ur questions answered. it wud be good if u wud share your concerns with a good ivf doctors....

best of luck!
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Name: Sowmya
Subject:  Regarding IVF best treatment in Belgaum
My IVF result is positive & now my 15th week is on.

Some tips which we should keep in mind:

We should be very careful before start of IVF or any other infertility treatment.Though we can eat normal food, we should avoid chocolates, pineapple, watermelon, mango, papaya, suvarnagadde, potato, pepper, ginger, thill which produces lot of heat.Our treatment starts with injections which produces heat in our body.So we should start to avoid these food items before 2 months before the IVF or any other infertility treatment.

We should almost avoid all types of outside food.It is safe to prepare food at home & eat.Should drink lot of water & natural fruit juice.Should eat food in proper time & it should be in proper quantity.It is suggested to eat raw vegetables.

Mental preparation is also very very important.You should have high feeling for baby & one should always think positively.Should listen to good music & should read good books.

Try to avoid stressfull work.Be calm always.Be happy with your spouse.

Dont ware high healds chappals or shoes.

Once the start of treatment one should have strong belief that I AM ALSO ABLE TO BECOME MOTHER.

These are the some of my personal experience.

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Name: sindhu
Subject:  congrats
my question is how did you really succeed? means how many embryos did you get. please explain in ou from deep i am mailing you from bangalore
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Name: Penny
Subject:  Ur An angel!!
Wow!! This is more advice my ivf doctor ever gave me!! U truelly are an angel dear friend.

Thank you. Am planning to go to Dr. Sadhana desai in two months time.
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Name: maria
Subject:  congrats
congratulations ......would like to know i your treatment was with the kasbekar metgund clinic in belgaum i it was kindly conirm wanting to start my tratment there please help
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Name: Dear All
Subject:  Regarding IVF best treatment in Belgaum
This is my own experience for IVF treatment in Belgaum.The hospital is Kasbekar Metgud Clinic - CARE - Centre for Assisted Reproduction & Endoscopy -Shivaji Nagar, Belgaum - 590016.

I am married since 5 yrs, but I had two times tubal pregnancy in my right tube.My right tube was ruptured.But my left tube was normal.All other things being normal i was not able to conceive normally.So myself & my husband decided for IVF treatment.

The cost of IVF was very expencive & it was not affordable.But one day suddenly we saw in TV program about Metgud Hospital, Belgaum.The hospital was offering IUI, IVF, ICSI & DEP.All with reasonable rates & with high success rates.

Hatsoff to Dr.Vanitha B. Metgud who has very very patience & she is very good from heart & treats patients as her own children.She is highly qualified(Consult Obst. & Gynecologist, IVF Specialist(Australia), Dip. in Gynec Endoscopy(Germany), Sonologist).And all her staff members are very cooperative, responsible & friendly.

My treatment of IVF started from the second day of my period in march with all injections & tablets.It was not at all painfull.I am waiting for my IVF result on 5th April 2010.I hope everything will be positive.

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Name: Deepra
Subject:  Hope is Life
Hi dear, hope you are doing well.. just wanted to check and be satisfied about ivf. hope you got positive result...
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Name: maria
Subject:  infertility
thankyou for the inofrmation , looking out for a doctor for ivf after about 5 failed iuis in goa lots of heart aches and tears and pain, had a very sad experience with dr malpani spent about 5 minutes after waiting for about a hour paying 1000rs was indiffrent preoccupied made me nervous uncomfortable and very helpless, as i live in goa and belgaum is very close and i have a fixed budget would feel ever gratefull if you keep me posted on this site about your progress, iwish you all the very best may you be blessed to be a mother very soon
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Name: wondering lady
Subject:  ivf
Can you please give more infor and the cost.Ihave not had ivf bebore this is new to me.I will pray for you.Did your hubby go ?I might be going by myself did you have to get any shots?
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Name: manju
Subject:  dont worry

Even we stay alone ,i have undergone ivf in bacc and waiting for results next week.Dont eat anything spicey.Drink lot of water ,and juice.Dont lift anything heavey,you can do cooking .Avoide tender coconut.Drink Herbal life nutritional milk shake with good life milk daily morning.Since you take lot of hormone injections throughout ivf process you will feel frustruted and strained Herbal life helps you.Dont sleep/bed rest much because this can restrict blood flow ,for embryo growth blood flow is important.I am following the same hope this information helps.
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Name: swetha m
Subject:  what was the result
what was the result of your ivf in bacc. because i am also under the treatment. why did you say to avoid tender coconut.
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Name: wondering lady
Subject:  ivf
How was it? How did you feel afterwards?I might be comming without other half thats why so many questions.Tell me about your doc.can you please talk a little bit so i will know what to think about it.thanks alot
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Name: easy
Subject:  hi
not sure if it is delayed msg for gynaec adviced 18 days of rest for me and also to avoid heavy activities like lifting weight etc..and psot 18 day u can check with home pregnancy test kit.
also avoid brinjal or any hot food
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Precautions Before and After IVF / ICSI Cycle

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