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India Parenting
You are here: Home > Message Boards > Food Talk >  Vegetarian Food >Panjiri & ladoos during lactation
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Vegetarian Food:Panjiri & ladoos during lactation
Name: vandana sharma

I am expecting my baby to arrive in Dec. I live in US and somehow our parents can't come during delievery. Could any body help me with the recipes of GOND KE LADOO and Panjiri to be eaten after delievery. Anyother recipe would also be helpful.
Shall be greatful.

Name: Shubhra Mahapatra
Subject:  Gond Ka Ladoo
Dear vandana,
I am sending you the recipe of \" Gond ka ladoo\" , but you are needed some friends who can help you in making this.Or else you can make of your own this before your delivery date.It remains fresh for one or two months.

Gond Ka Ladoo

100 gms edible gum crystals,broken into small pieces 100 gms gud or sugar powdered, 100 gms ghee 50 gms almonds roughly powdered 50 gms dried dates (CHUHARA)roughly powdered little nutmeg powder 2 tblsp grated copra (dry coconut) 1 tbsp poppy seeds (khus khus)

First method:-
In very hot ghee fry the gum pieces till they fluff up like pop corn.Keep aside and in the same pan but witout ghee roast coconut, khus khus,almonds and dried dates.Mix all together.Add nutmeg and powdered sugar or melted gud/jaggery( It must be ek taar ki chashney) and make laddus.

Second Method:-
In this second method the gum is not fried but kept as it is.Finely grind the gum and pour very hot ghee over it so as to soak the gum powder completely.Let remain in a cool place for 3 to 4 days.Then mix with all the ingredients like above and add powdered sugar or ek taar ki chashney( you can test it by your two fingers) and make laddus.Make the size small as one small one goes a long way. See that you get good quality edible gum.As this is the most important part.Do not get any water in contact while making laddu
Best of luck
Shubhra Mahapatra
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Name: Vandana
Subject:  Thanks!
Hi Shubhra,
Thanks a lot for the recipe. Infact I am replying late because I left seeing the messages, thinking that nobody is going to reply. Today I saw them by chance.
Thanks a lot.
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Name: D
Subject:  Laddu
Dear Vandana,
Pls do not worry if no one is coming to help you. i know what i had felt when i ha dno one to help but my Husband and my 7 yrs old daughter. As i have been to many many naturopathy ashrams for long stays there i had ful confidence in the laddus and other things for the women health.
Let me know whichpart of US do you live in? Secondly do you have good Indian stores there. i will send you information accordingly..Also do you have friends to help you prepare the laddus etc?
I would love to help you.
Also let me know if you have any branch of Chinmaya Mission there.
Awaiting for your reply
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Name: Vandana
Subject:  panjiri!
Hi D,
Thanks for your reply. We live in California, Redlands. We have Indian stores here. Could you please write down the recipe. That would be a great help.
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Panjiri & ladoos during lactation

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