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You are here: Home > Message Boards > Expecting Parents >  Medication Effect on Foetus >Is Naturogest safe during pregnancy?
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Medication Effect on Foetus:Is Naturogest safe during pregnancy?
Name: Deepa Ganesh

I have a question on taking Naturogest during pregnancy. The case is.. My sister missed her first baby(2003) while delivering because of complications. She had menstrual problem before that and took medication. She got conceived again in 2005 and she had High BP (150/90) and Diabetis (200). she was given Naturogest with Folic acid tablet. Also, took medication for BP and Sugar to have it under control. Around 7-8 weeks of pregnancy, she started having bleeding and finally miscarriage. Doctor didn't explain the reason for this. My sister doubted Naturogest as things happened worse after taking this. She had nausea, dizziness, tired and felt very weak after taking Naturogest.

She is conceived now and may be 4-5 weeks. She got conceived WITHOUT medication. She is also having Sugar but having it under control thru diet. She consulted Doctor last week on pregnancy and everything is normal. This time also, Doctor prescribed Naturogest and Folic acid tablets. Doctor did NOT do any test for Progesterone deficieny. After taking Naturogest, she started having problems like nausea, dizziness, tiredness and feeling very weak. She needs lot of rest after taking Naturogest. She took only one tablet so far. My Sister got scared of this and started worrying whether it might be a repeat of her second pregnancy. She called the Doctor three days back and said abt the symptoms after taking Naturogest. Doctor replied that it may be because of high dose of Naturogest and prescribed 't.gestin' to replace it. She asked Doctor on the need to take Naturogest Or T.Gestin. Doctor replied that these tablets help Or support baby's growth.

She is now afraid to take this medicine T.Gestin also. Question is. Is it really needed to take Naturogest Or T.Gestin during pregnancy? What will happen if not taken? Is there any supplement for these in form of Herbs, Veggies? What is the use of Naturogest & T.Gestin? Is there any case of Naturogest leading to miscarriage? Please advise. Thanks.
Name: geeta sharma
Subject:  loose motions in pregnancy
my 4th month is going on and i am having loose motions 3rd time if i take medicine of loose motion then i have constipation but i am loosing wt. as well whereas sonography says everything is normal i am on insulin, fragmin korian 5000I.U. injections please advice me how to take the medicine so that in don' t have any constipation of loose motions and till what time korian injections r to be taken i am also taking shellcal 500gms, fefolz, colsprinalong with these medicines, naturogest

thanks & regards
geeta sharma
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Name: Dd
Subject:  hi
when i was getting IUI done my doctor made me take gestin & it was ok for me though i did not conceive. my father being an aurvadic doctor had said no problem with gestin.
he has helped many women (even my sister) having a normal delevery by making them take an aurvedic medicine called ' garbhpalrus' thruout the pregenancy had recomended to me if i get positive results.
so if u want talk to some good aurvedic doctoe, but tell them full histroy so makes it easy for them to prescribe.
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Name: aparna
Subject:  naturo gest
Dear deepa, i will tell you my experience. I have complications in conceiving and now i have conceived through IUI process. My doctor also had recommended me using Naturo gest from the time i started my IUI treatment and continued it till 3rd month. And i was using 2 tablets one before going to sleep in the night and one early mornings before 1 hour of waking up. I had to put them in Vagina and i had no complications. Yes folic acid and Naturo gest are really good in the first trimester for the baby to grow and sustain. Now tell this to your sister and let her ask her doc if she can take them not orally but insert in vagina before going to sleep so that she will not feel dizzy or tired. Its the same tablet which can be either used orally or in vagina.

And ask her to be peaceful, do pranayama and listen to om chanting daily preferrably while in bed and be positive. It will definitely help her.
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Is Naturogest safe during pregnancy?

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