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India Parenting
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Indian Culture  Discussion Forum
Customs and Traditions:Making Children aware of Indian Culture
Name: Editor
Does your child love, respect and follow our Indian culture? How to make children understand the importance of Indian culture? Which are the important aspects of Indian culture which children must know?
Name: Aisha
Subject:  Indian culture is very nice
I love and respect Indian culture. Even outsiders like it so much and they respect it so much. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every Indian to protect and preserve Indian culture by teaching our children to protect and follow Indian culture. The values which are taught by Indian culture cannot be seen in any other county of the world. It is very essential to preserve this rich culture of India.

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Name: Kavita
Subject:  Children and Culture

Basically children are taught about Indian Culture in schools. But parents are also responsible to teach children love Indian culture. At the same time, parents themselves should show love and respect towards Indian culture because at the end of the day children follow parents and behave like them. Therefore, children will imbibe this habit if parents follow Indian culture properly.

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Name: Rima
Subject:  Indian Culture
This is a very good article for helping children understand and start loving our Indian Culture. It is very important to make children understand the importance of Indian culture at an early age. As parents it is our responsibility to teach children preserve and protect India Culture. It is very good that your site is promoting such topics like preserving and protecting Indian Culture.
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Making Children aware of Indian Culture

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