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Name: Editor The arrival of a new baby changes the complexion of a woman's life. It
becomes increasingly difficult for her, more so if she is working, to get
back to her original schedule. She tries desperately to snatch time for
herself amidst night feeds and nappy changes. In such trying times, many women zero in on working from home. However, this alternative needs a certain mental grooming and preparation.


1. Never regret your decision: Being a 'homemaker' is the last thing to feel unhappy about. Therefore, if you face any obstructions, it is just a short-term phase with long-term gains.
2. Invest in the right direction: Before starting on any venture, regularise a pattern for yourself, your child, husband and family. If you are a graphic designer, a writer, or a programmer, invest in a computer. Hire help, for professional and personal work. You might have to sub-let some work initially. If possible, you might have to redesign your house and allot some office space to yourself.
3. Believe in yourself: Working from home demands a definite regimen. It means saying no afternoon naps and frequent evening outings. It also means timely supervision in the kitchen. Tell yourself you can do it, and prepare yourself before taking the plunge.

Are you a working mother too? How do you manage your time and house? Share with us!

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Name: Neha
Subject:  Working Mother
I am a working mother and initially i used to find it very difficult to handle both office and my child. But i always had my mil to take care of my child whenever i was away at work!
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Name: new
Subject:  wroking from home
hi there,
I was married at the age of 22 and after a year had my baby and then went back to india and had to stay for long until i finally joined my husband with my baby. As as stated i never had a career so far and now that my child is 3 yrs old, i have plans of thinking of a career so that i can have some self esteem and get some additional income for the family. I am just a commerce graduate with a diploma in computers with high speed typing skills. Do u have any ideas of home business that will suit me without any initial investment. I have no ideas of how the home business works. Can't i do some simple jobs just by sitting at the computer without a seperate office room etc etc. please advice me.
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Working from Home

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Working from Home

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Working from Home

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Just another Mom
Hi Namrata!!
I am really touched by your story...
I have a son 2 yrs old..and he is very naughty..After returning to home from office sometimes I feel very tired playing with him..But now after reading your story I think every little time I get to spend with my son is valuable...
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