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Feeding:loose motion
Name: worried
my 11 month old is frequently having loose-motion for the last 2 months. it is the same time he cut his first tooth too. Earlier he had very regular bowels, once a day. nowadays, he passes motion after almost every meal. His weight is also very low, 7.1 Kgs at 11 months! otherwise, he is very playful and there seems no reason to worry about.
His diet is: Raagi kanji in breakfast, dal+roti+curd in lunch, cow-milk in afternoon (introduced cow-milk at 8 months, accepted well), soup/juice in eve, porridge or khichdi in dinner. and BM on demand and during nights. He is not sleeping through night yet. can you please suggest some home remedy for loose motion? and, also inputs on his diet?
Also, are apples good cure for constipation (sorbitol in apple juice) or they are good cure for loose motion? please help.
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Name: aks
Subject:  hi
apples for loose juice for constipation.
try giving banana, rice, apple, toast..BRAT. Give saunf ka paani when he has loose motions...boil a li' l saunf in water n sieve it n let it cool. Give this.
I have read on this board some ppl give arrowraot ...i dnt know.
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Name: Aradhana
Subject:  Arrowroot
Arrowroot powder, just mix with water n boil till it is semi solid or to suit ur childs desired consistency. Very helpful.
Also he culd be passing loose stoold due to teething.
One thing i noticed with my daughter was that Raagi, too much of it , causes loose stools. when she was suffering from LM, as soon as i stopped LM , stools started to get firmer. donno the reason ..
take care :)
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& Answers to Topic :
loose motion

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& Answers to Topic :
loose motion

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& Answers to Topic :
loose motion

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