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You are here : home > Raising Children > Behavioral Problems > Reasons Why Kids May Start Disrespecting Parents

Reasons Why Kids May Start Disrespecting Parents

Reasons Why Kids May Start Disrespecting Parents
When a child disrespects his or her parents, the first thing that comes in mind is the surrounding and the style of bringing him or her up. There are many factors that work behind children behaving unacceptably. Read on to learn about the reasons why kids disrespect parents.
If your child disrespects you, a combination of feelings and emotions may erupt in your mind. You would definitely be hurt, shocked and embarrassed. Often parents start thinking that may be something has gone wrong while bringing up their child. They start to doubt their parenting skills. It is quite natural to feel such a way.

Why Kids May Start Disrespecting Parents?

Here are 10 reasons why kids may start disrespecting parents.

1. Fake Promises

Usually parents make fake promises to avoid argument during current time. Kids do not forget what they have been promised for and if parents forget or ignore this, children start distrusting and disrespecting their parents.

2. Inappropriate Surrounding

It can be anything from in-house environment or the environment in which your child is spending most of her time. If you see any kind of change in your child’s behaviour, you should analyse her surroundings and the people with whom she spends time like baby sitter, guests in your home, environment in school, playground and many more.

3. Indiscipline

Parents usually misunderstand the word discipline and avoid doing that assuming that things will get automatically right once the child matures. You need to teach your child what is expected from him or her at home, in school, among guests and friends. Simple etiquettes make lot of improvements in forming overall personality.

4. Being Overfriendly with Children

Nowadays, parents feel proud by telling their children that they are their friends. The main reason is that they want their kids to open up and share everything that goes on in their lives and in their mind. But this leads to a slight misunderstanding and kids take parents for granted which ultimately leads to showing disrespect. It is good to be friends with children but parents must know where to draw the line.

5. Fulfilling Unreasonable Demands

Parents of the present world have less time and more money to shower on their kids. So, most of the parents try to provide everything their children want or need.
When kids get accustomed to get whatever they want, they do not learn to adjust or compromise with anything in their lives. When this happens, they lose respect for their parents and talk back or misbehave when they do not get whatever they want. They also start disrespecting the things which they get effortlessly on demand.

6. Kids Seeking Attention

Some kids misbehave or show disrespect to their parents because they want special attention. Sometimes children think that they are not heard or treated properly and this ultimately leads to disrespectful behaviour.

7. Parent’s Disrespectful Attitude

Sometimes parents forget that their kids are watching them closely. Kids normally behave the same way they see their parents doing. So, if you want your child to respect others, be a role model.

8. Desire to Become More Independent

When kids enter teenage or tween age, they want to act and live independently. Even though parents offer some space and freedom, they do not like limitations and restrictions. This leads to disrespecting their parents.

9. Lack of Quality Time

With both the parents working and the busy lifestyle of today’s world, has led to make kids miss quality time spending with their parents. Eventually kids lose respect for their parents and this affects the bonding as well.

10. Mood Swing

When kids are growing there are many changes going on in and outside of them. They might at times seem to be rude, but maybe they do not meant it.
On one hand it is right to analyse your child’s behaviour and find out the cause behind his or her demonstration of disrespect towards you. However, on the other hand you should stay calm and try to bend disputes between you and your child before they go beyond your control.

What are the causes behind disrespectful behaviour in children? How to deal with a disrespectful child? What are the ways to prevent disrespectful behaviour in children? Discuss here.

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Hemali.7 years ago
Children learn everything from their parents. So being well behaved in front of them can help to inculcate good behaviour in them and get rid of disrespectful behaviour.
Barkha.7 years ago
It is essential to behave in front of children, if we yell at them they are definitely going to yell back at us.
Naina.7 years ago
Most of the children behave in disrespectful manner because parents do the same with them. Therefore, it is essential for parents to speak to children in a respectful manner to earn respect from them.
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