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Newborn Care Topics..

You are here : home > Newborn Care > Bowel and Bladder Movements > Straining, Noisiness and Passing Wind

Straining, Noisiness and Passing Wind

Straining, Noisiness and Passing Wind

Parent's concern for their babies is common. Parents have so many doubts lingering in their minds. Here we have tried to clear all the doubts. Read on to know more about bowel movements.

My baby strains during bowel movements

Some breastfed babies have to push and strain to get their movements out, although the movement comes out soft. It is not certain why this happens. Various theories have been propounded in this regard. Some think that the soft stool of the baby does not exert enough pressure on the anus. Others theorize that the muscles of the anus may not be strong enough or coordinated enough to eliminate the stool easily. Some speculate that babies who lie down while passing stools get no help from gravity.

How can I help relieve the baby's straining?

This difficulty should ease up naturally when solids are added to the baby's diet. In the meantime, you can try to help your baby by moving her legs in a bicycling motion when she is lying down to alleviate her discomfort.

My baby's bowel movements are very noisy

If your baby's bowel movements come with a lot of force and are accompanied by a barrage of embarrassing noises, do not be concerned. This is the result of gas being forcefully expelled from the immature digestive system. In a month or two, your baby's digestive system would have worked out the kinks and things should quieten down.

What are the causes behind straining?

Here are shared some probable causes why your baby may be straining while passing stool. Reading the causes suggested here shall make it easier for you to find an appropriate solution.


Your baby shall be rarely constipated when she is breastfed. Breastmilk can be digested by them easily. Good bacteria in the breastmilk help the large intestine of your baby to break down the food and make it easier for her to digest the fats, proteins and carbohydrates in milk. This helps to keep the stools soft and the bowel movement remains regular.

Dehydration can be a cause behind constipation. Feeding more milk in this case can be a good solution. You also need to remember that your baby's needs are increasing with age, so you must ensure she is getting the amount she requires.


Constipation is common among babies who are bottle-fed. Often the formula solution is difficult for the baby to digest and thus you may find your baby straining while passing her stools. In such cases you may be advised to make the solution lighter by adding more water or may be change to another brand. Changing to a different brand often solves the problem. If this is not taken care of, you shall find the stools getting harder and changing colour to green.

Bowel movement in new born

Bowel movement in young children tends to vary and it may vary from what you know as "normal". In very rare cases you can notice a gap of a week between 2 bowel movements. If she appears too bothered by the infrequent bowel movements, she may be given laxative or other solutions by your doctor. It is thus essential that you bring up matters like difficulty in passing stool, straining, and noisiness to your doctor.

Bowel movement in babies more than 4 months

The consistency and frequency in bowel movement shall change when your baby makes a transition from liquid to solids. When she relies on solids, her stools shall appear more like the ordinary ones and you shall get a familiar smell. If your baby was passing stools too often, it might change to once in two or three days when she first takes solids.

It is normal for babies to suffer from constipation at this point of time. Her intestines are getting used to food with new consistency and composition. It is important she takes more fibrous foods and vegetables now.

More tips on easing your baby’s straining

Well, there are a couple of more things you can try at home to make it less painful for her. Here are some tips:
  • Massaging the Tummy: Circling in an outward motion with some oil or cream can keep the skin lubricated and keep her bowel movements normal. You can continue massaging her as long she feels comfortable and relaxed.
  • Bathing: Giving her a bath shall also help. You can massage her stomach while bathing. Applying petroleum jelly as prescribed by your doctor on the anus can help.
These are some actions you can take at home. However, if the problem persists, you need to take her to the doctor for a check-up.

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Nikita.3 years ago
Feed your baby properly.It is necessary to give him water in adequate amount .This will prevent forming of gas ,constipation.You can also download this app called Parentlane *****.com .They give super amazing advices & tips on parenting and baby growth! I am also a regular user of this app.
Jagruti.9 years ago
my baby had suffered from diarrhoea when he began teething. i was really worried, but it usually happens when the baby begins teething. its important to consult the doctor immediately.
hema.9 years ago
my baby passes stool after every feed and cries during nappy change
nora shaw
nora shaw.9 years ago
just about every bowel movement whether its soft or hard the babies cry .
Seema.9 years ago
it's quite common for children especially younger babies to lift their legs high up in the air, or pull their legs up tight to their chests while soiling their diapers. my children have all done this and even though they aren't at all straining to pass a bowel movement, it's simply a natural comfortable way for baby to go to the bathroom.
Suma.9 years ago
my son has a standard system of bowel movement. after every feed, i burp him & let him sleep. after he wakes up he relieves himself compeltly. and yes, there is the sound accompanied most of the time. i think it is when i have been hungry for a long time & then fed him. the gas is from my breastfeed, i think. but, he doesnot cry everytime. but he growns and makes small noises. this alerts me and i change him immediatley. but, he is so impatient for his next feed, that he starts crying usually half way through his nappy change !
Mary.9 years ago
in regards to this article, my daughter does this, too! what i have found helpful is holding her face out with my arm around her belly...or having her sit hunched over on my lap...these are great ways for babies to relieve themselves.
Mary.9 years ago
my daughter does exactly what this article is about! i was so worried that she had something abnormally wrong with regards to the gravity thing, i hold her face out with my arm around her tummy and that is how she relieves herself. another way i have found helpful is making her sit hunched over on my lap.
al.9 years ago
my baby screams shakes turns bright red clenches his fist and crosses his ankles this happens every time he empties his bowels my doctor doesn't see this has a problem i on the other hand do!
hema.9 years ago
my baby is just a month old and has been passing liquidy bowels after every nappy so happens that if she has passed urine then she has passed the liquidy form also and it happens with every nappy change. i just hope it is normalas it happens for atleast 7 to 8 times in the day.
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