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Timing Your Concepton - Ovulaton
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am 26 years old and have been married since 3 years. Now we both want a baby. I am unable to predict ovulation period. Please help me as this is leading me to depression.

Sapna (London, U.K)

A: We can certainly help you if you mail us your cycle length and last menstural periods and also let us know wheather your cycles are regular or not usually ovulation occours on the 14th day of a 28 day cycle-----so maximum chances of conception are if you have intercourse on day 12/13./14 of the cycle

Dr. Sahni

Q: We haven't been able to have regular intercourse as yet. It is far too painful for me. Is my vaginal opening too small? Also, how can we calculate the fertility period? My periods are normal.

Mona (Goa, India)

A: Try using KY gel for lubrication and then try. The fertile period is generally on the 14th day of the cycle if the cycle is of 28 to 30 days.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: Can fertilization occur during any of the 5 days of period?

Diana (Detroit, USA)

A: Fertilization occurs around the 14th day of the period in a 28 day cycle.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: I have been trying to get pregnant without much success. We had sex on the day I ovulated (used the ovulation kit). My periods are sometimes irregular.

Samina (Kuwait, Middle East)

A: Try for at least 4 - 5 cycles before you seek help. Also, have sex for 2 - 3 days from the day of ovulation.

Q: I have been trying to get pregnant – but it seems impossible! My husband and I really want a baby now. How can we go about making a baby?

Kelly (Chicago, USA)

A: Have sex on the 14th day of your period, which is when you are most fertile. If you do not fall pregnant after trying this for three months, see your doctor.

Q: I have been married for a year and a half. During this period we used the natural method of birth control – in which we had sex during the safe period. Now I want to get pregnant, but am worried for some reason… will I be able to conceive? When should I have sex?

Paresh (Delhi, India)

A: Do not worry. Try two weeks after your period. This is when you are fertile and most likely to conceive.

Q: I have been married for the last one and a half years. I am 30 plus. I have been trying to conceive but without any success. My doctor says there is nothing wrong with both of us. My periods are regular. I have a cycle of 28 days. How do I know when I am ovulating? How should I improve my chances of getting pregnant? Please help me.

Leela (Mumbai, India)

A: There is no reason for you to worry. If the doctor says there is nothing wrong with you, relax. There is a good article on this website which will inform you about the best time to conceive and since your cycle is regular you can even check the ovulation calculator in this website. In a 28 day cycle ovulation takes place on the 14th and 15th day after the last period.

Dr. Neetha

Q: I have been married for a year. We recently decided to start planning for a baby. I have heard that there should be no intercourse three days before the fertile period. Is this true? How frequently should we have intercourse? When is the fertile period?

Umi (Ujain, India)

A: Your fertile period will be around 2 weeks after you start your period and will last for 2 - 3 days. If you have intercourse during this time then chances of conceiving are high. Yes, you can have intercourse three days before the fertile period. This will not hamper your chances of getting pregnant in any way.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: I am 27 years old and have always had irregular periods. I was on the pill for 6 years to maintain my periods. My hormone levels are fine and I have been ruled out for endometriosis and polycystic ovary disease. My husband and I now want to start a family. I have been off of the pill for 5 months and have only gotten my period 3 times. I have been given the progesterone pills to take to get my period if I go longer than 3 months without it, though I have not yet taken them. My question is that I do feel like I am ovulating. My mucous is changing and is sticky at times. Is it possible to ovulate without a regular period? Also, not having regular periods, how do I know when to have sex? Please help. I want a baby more than anything in life!

Sandra (Reston, USA)

A: Use the ovulation detector kit to see if you are actually ovulating and then have sex for 2 or 3 days after ovulation – as this will be the most fertile period. If this does not work, see your gynaecologist who may give you medications to induce ovulation. Follow this up with a sonography to determine the exact day of ovulation.

Q: First of all let me thank you for your prompt reply to the question I posed last week. I did not expect such a quick reply. It is just so UNLIKE INDIA! I received a reply within 3 days, which is exceptional by any standards. The effort put in by the whole IndiaParenting team is commendable. My question this time is: Which are the best days during 28 day cycle for conceiving and which are the safe days? Thanks again for giving Indian viewers such a beautiful site.

Joseph (Reston, India)

A: The most fertile period of a woman with a regular 28 day cycle is between day 10 (rarely 9) and day 18. The human ovum is susceptible to fertilisation for 24 hours after ovulation. The sperm ejaculated into the vagina can live up to 5 days but can fertilize an ovum only for about 3 days. In a 28-day cycle the unsafe period is from day 7 to 21. The chance of conception is minimum (10/100 women a year) when coitus is avoided during these days. The first day of menses can be marked on a calendar for 6 months. By subtracting 18 days from the shortest cycle and 11 days from the longest cycle, we get the first and last day of the fertile period. Thus coitus should be avoided during this period to avoid conception. Please feel to clarify further doubts.

Dr. Sahni

Q: I have been married for 2.7 years. Now we both are planning for a baby. But my periods are always 2-3 days after the date.

Anisha (Reston, USA)

A: Your periods are quite regular occurring at approximately 33 days apart, so I figure that your ovulation occurs somewhere at say the 19th day of the cycle (because in any cycle the post ovulation duration is more or less fixed to 14 days irrespective of the cycle length). I advise you to have intercourse on day 17/18/19 of the cycle---these are the days of maximum chance of conception. The 'risk' period in which you are also likely to conceive is if you have regular intercourse from day 9 to day 17 of the cycle.

Dr. Sahni

Q: I have a 27 day cycle. When will ovulation start for me?

Minal (Bangalore, India)

A: In a 28 day cycle with regular periods, ovulation is on the 14-15th day after the last period. Hence in a 27 day cycle it should be the 13 day after the last period.

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