A Clean Breast - by Editor

A Clean Breast

Are your breasts too big Or too small Here are some simple tips to sort out all your cleavage issues.

Are your breasts too big Or too small Whatever your peeve, there�s a solution, and no it doesn't involve surgery or exercise or anything else that seems to be too much of a chore. Wearing the right clothes can make a world of difference to your figure, so the next time you go shopping, keep these pointers in mind so you know what to look for.

Big Breasts

Don't wear turtle-necked or round-necked (high) tops. They tend to widen the gap between your neck and breasts, so it looks as though your breasts are low and large. Tight turtle-neck sweaters do the same. Instead, opt for tops with V-necks or with low round necks. These tops make your breasts look a little smaller.

Stay away from shirts or tops with pockets on the chest. They will enhance your breasts, making them look bigger.

Go in for sports bras. They tend to flatten breasts and also reduce the bounce, so if you are really large you may find these a comfortable option. Minimiser bras are also available in markets abroad, so if you have a relative flying down from the States, make sure you add this to your list!

Don't wear crop tops that cut off at the stomach. These make breasts look bigger. Make sure that your tops reach upto your jeans, or just a little above.

Shiny tops enhance your upper half, so stay away from the glitter and the gleam!

While prints do enhance your top, they tend to draw attention away from your bustline itself, as people will tend to focus on the print. So go in for printed clothes, though make sure the print is not too loud. Pretty paisley prints work great.

Basic tight halter-tops with built in bras tend to make you look a little flatter if you wear them under a shirt or a jacket. As these halters have a built-in bra, you needn't wear another one.

Stay away from tight t-shirts, they only enhance the shape of your breasts. If you do like tight tops, go in for those with low necks, and with vertical stripes. No horizontal stripes for you.

Go for wrap-over tops. They take attention away from the breasts, and conceal their largeness without taking away from the shape. Wear a tube under a chiffon printed wrap-over top, and you're all set!

Small Breasts

It's easier to make small breasts look large, than it is to make large breasts look small. Here are just some of the ways you can pump up the cleavage.

Invest in push up bras. They really do work wonders for your cleavage.

Buy only padded bras. Not only do these enhance your breasts, but these bras tend to sit much nicer under t-shirts. They give a smooth effect over your breasts, and you won't see any of those annoying bra lines or patterns under the tee.

Corset tops are a blessing for women with small breasts, as they can make you look sexier than anything else can! Alternatively, you could also consider investing in corseted underwear. Pick up something that just clinches in your waist, as this will have the effect of enhancing your breasts. In addition, the corset sits tight just under your breasts, and pushes them up, making you look bigger. So invest in one.

One of the easiest things you can do is to purchase a couple of cup-pads. Simply tuck them inside your bra everyday to give your shape a nice finish.

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Name: Likitha Kollur
City:   St Fransisco
Comments:   These tips are really good works like anything thanks
Name: vanita narang
City:   mumbai
Comments:   your suggestions and comment are very good but i want to ask u that this is the way for just temporary reducing or increasing can u give me some suggestion to apply some ointment and to increase for permanent
Name: shradha u raikar
City:   banglore
Comments:   this compilements are very good but it help full in future
Name: preethi
City:   Dubai
Comments:   Do you have any remedies for a small breasts to look/become bigNULL (other than the artificial means i.e like padded bra's)
Name: preeti
City:   India
Comments:   Your suggestions are very good, but i want to ask u that is there any way to increase for permanent rather than the temporary way.
Name: saba
City:   Lahore
Comments:   I have very large but firm breasts, I tried some of the former suggestions in ur section, they were really helpful, but I like people staring at my breasts, thats y they are there... isn't it? Thanks any way!
Name: swati
City:   cuttack
Comments:   i have big breasts and they have started to hang.can this be solved by wearing push ups or if u know about any lotions to keep my breasts firm then please let me know.also suggest me that in india where from i can get the bras by post.
Name: priya
City:   london
Comments:   do you have any remedies to make small breasts look bigger.
Name: reena
City:   singapore
Comments:   i have sagging breast.please suggest me how to make firm n attractive.
Name: Eve
City:   austin
Comments:   Real classy. come on chick, get a life.
Name: Jaya
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I am 15 yrs.old and I have small breasts. Can u please suggest me some exercise and diet which can increase my breasts size NULL Waiting for your reply.
Name: shilpi
City:   singapore
Comments:   isnt there some way you can monitor this section in such a way that all comments written here could be censored so that some person who is sick in the head will not write nonsense like what is written a few comments above mine.
Name: rhea
City:   mumbai
Comments:   hey, great article!good language too.
Name: No Lewd Comments, Plz
City:   Sydney
Comments:   SOMEBODY NEEDS TO MODERATE THESE COMMENTS!!!! Ha aha Ha... really funny, so I guess reading these articles is what you do during your free time. Got no friends, ehNULL I wonder why....
Name: Fookta
City:   bombay
Comments:   I wish I had big breast i'm flat only got olives
Name: Deodarant
City:   Up yours
Comments:   Ya'll neeeda wear some deodarant. Need not say no more!
Name: Soundharya
City:   London
Comments:   Where does Breast size fit in a parenting website NULLNULLNULLNULL
Name: Weird people
City:   NY
Comments:   Some of you are typing some disgusting things.. if you dont have something nice or NORMAL to say, dont say it at all!
Name: anmnesha
City:   mumbai
Comments:   heyy rthata all gud but can u suggest som permanent ways to increse the size,i mean some natural remedies
Name: shweta
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hello, I am married and I have very small breast or I can sat its falt.I and my hubby are not enjoying with this .I want it to increase to big onces.Is there any medicine for this or is there any way NULLplease suggest me quikcly Thank you very much

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