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In continuation to our previous article on ageing well, here are some tips and tricks on what you can do to take years off your appearance.

Everyone wants to look younger than they really are, unless they are in their teens! In continuation to our previous article on ageing well, here are some tips and tricks on what you can do to take years off your appearance.


Blunt cuts make you look younger and perkier, but go in for a blunt cut only if you do not have frizzy hair, or your hair will look messy. However, if you are in control of your frizzes, go for it! Blunt cuts look best if you have straight hair.

Smooth, well maintained hair makes you look younger than messy, rough or dull hair. Make sure you snip off all split ends and trim hair regularly, so your hair is in good condition.

Hair Colour

Needless to say, conceal all strands of grey. Even if your face is smooth, wrinkle free and ageless, those grey strands are an immediate giveaway.

At times, blonde highlights in your hair make you look older than you really air, especially if you let the highlights dry out your hair, or if you go too light. Burnished, red highlights can make your hair look healthier and shinier than blonde highlights. You can go brown or a few shades lighter than your original hair.

If you are fair complexioned, you could try colouring your hair jet black. The contrast between black hair and light skin can look rather striking, and black hair makes you look younger than light hair.


Taking a few pounds off always makes you look younger. However, if you lose too much weight, you may start looking pulled down, drawn and tired, and consequently older. Being too thin or overweight can make you look older. You should aim to be within the right weight bracket for your height, or maybe the bracket below that. Thus, if your height is 5 foot 5 inches and you are a woman, you should weigh between 55 to 60 kg. However, even if you weigh anywhere between 50 to 54 kg, that should be fine. Don�t go any lower than that.

Toning Up

It doesn't matter if you are thin, if you are not toned. Even if you are skinny but have loose thighs, upper arm flab, your body will start showing your age.

Tone your arms
tighten your tummy
and trim your thighs


Exercise regularly. This gives you a healthy glow. In addition, if your face has a tendency to bloat, or if you are prone to puffiness below the eyes, regular exercise should help reduce that, making your face look fresher than ever! Combine regular exercise with frequent intake of water. Drink at least ten to twelve glasses of water everyday to flush out the toxins. Swimming is great exercise, and in addition to giving you a cardiovascular workout, it tones almost every part of your body. If you swim, you really don't need any other exercise.

Compact Powder

Avoid caking on compact powder. Often, women apply far too much compact powder with the result that their faces look pasty. Compact powder dries the face, causing fine lines to stand out more. Even if you have no lines, if you apply too much powder, it may appear as if you do. If you do apply compact powder, make sure it is not lighter than your skin colour, and that you apply moisturizer as well. Your best bet would be to apply a dusting of compact powder only on those areas that tend to shine, such as your nose, forehead and chin.


Moisturise daily, and don't forget your neck and hands.

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Name: Raj
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   It very good article
Name: Likitha
City:   Singapore
Comments:   Really very good Article, can give us some more tips if possible for Great look
Name: lovleen singh
City:   Cleveland
Comments:   hey gals, well anyone can look young with proper dressing. if u wear pants, skirts u look younger, and then again if u wear salwar kameez rather than sarees, u'll definitely look younger. Upward hairstyles make u look older, hence loose hair or pulled down hair will make u look young.dark and bright colours will not only make u look younger but also slimmer.
Name: Juhi
City:   Singapore
Comments:   A very good article .Looking young is not only external appearance but a state of mind too.Do try out craziest of activities and add a dash of fun in your life to look and feel young as well.
Name: Helene
City:   kampala,Uganda
Comments:   Hi ladies.If you really want to look good always take a shower before going to bed and then massage your body with extra virgin olive oil.It really makes the skin look like that of models in magazines.
Name: lubna
City:   Florida(USA)
Comments:   Real good artical .nice tips on health . Thanks
Name: lalita
City:   US
Comments:   a good web sites.
Name: manish
City:   Mangalore
Comments:   After swimming my body gets tanned is there any solution for that.
Name: bharat
City:   delhi
Comments:   i wanna know the same thing as manish wanna know
Name: reej
City:   Ocean
Comments:   hi, this is an awesome article...the thigh and arm exercises really help..but can u put some more upNULL thanx..
Name: sonnet
City:   bangalore
Comments:   very good article. i am happy to know this site
Name: Pretty
City:   Suva . Fiji Islands
Comments:   Hi,very good tips.
Name: mr singh
City:   Toronto, canada
Comments:   this is very good article i tried and i look very younger than actual i am 30 and a 16 year old girl wanna be with me ? can u believe that ?
Name: Sabyasachi Roy
City:   K
Comments:   i am 43 years old man. i want to be look 33 years old. i don´t know is my wish ridiculous or not. but i need that very badly. i am 5´5". brownish complexion.what type of all over change can make me look younger?in my dress sense or body building or personality or hair style or whatever i ready to do. i am ruff looking and looking non healthy.i have bread and want to keep that.Please Please Please help me hurry..
Name: Ankit
Name: ahmed
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   is very good site but please hellp me pounds powers skin and beauty markets not avabile so pl all shops and type of poudds in aranges sity and villages urs anggange i hope me ok
Name: pluka
City:   kansas
Comments:   lifesaver
Name: sheetal n sheedpara
City:   mumbai
Comments:   its good articals send me more articals on my email id
Name: shelly
City:   delhi
Comments:   good article,i m 24 but after my pregnancy i think i m not looking good as i was before my skin is not so good as it was before
Name: Kumbher A Razzaq
City:   Mirpurkhas Sindhudesh
Comments:   very useful tips

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